10 Simple Tricks Makes a Great Social Media Graphic


Basic great social media graphic design tips

So how do you do it? Marketing through social media graphic design. In social content recognition, the maximum number of people is important to reach you and to get traffic back to your website. What is really important is that you need the right social media graphics to prove their accuracy in appealing strongly to your potential customers. Social media must be considered along with certain criteria and suggestions for graphic design. We have put ten simple design tips such as social media for tracking graphics that are sure to talk about your brand.

What Makes a Great Social Media Graphic? 10 Simple Tricks

Different images for different Social Media Platforms

Each social media resolution shaping the social media platform requirements of graphic design has a different set of resolutions. This is why Facebook does not work well with the size it may be on Twitter. So, you need to update the size of each social media channel. You can do it, and check out to get an idea about the size.

Include your Logo

The presence of a recognizable logo is set on the graphics and easy for people to enjoy. This helps in building brand engagement. Let’s say that today you will see an interesting post and you will see a big “M” there, which was posted by McDonald’s you know in the familiar style, you will immediately recognize the graphics. Whenever you get a chance, include your logo and explicit engagement of your brand Cuen in the graphic.

Set a Goal

You went from being a target to each image. Do you want to generate traffic or more, or if you want to gain participation, increase fans? Setting some goals will help you align the graphic accordingly. However, don’t confuse too many goals, or you can disable them. Always aim and try to react to complete it. Works in a graphic can have a lot of goals that confuse your social media followers and Backfire.

A Quintessential Blend of Shapes and Images

There are tools that allow you to play with text, shapes, and layers. You can move the character perfectly to fit every shape, thus creating a good visual effect. Alternatively, you can set around the objects in the picture for your text, instead of writing them on the text.

Avoid too many Texts

We know you like stories. But this does not mean that it will allow you to create the word image glance. No matter is limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or any other social media platforms, one or two liners create graphics for themselves. Many text viewers can suffer. Social media graphics tend to convey a message through true color, size, and one / two text vessels.

Maintain Consistency

If you are posting the same text that is in the graphics, be sure to support graphics and tweets similar to your tweets. This is important because most people choose to click on the text or image. To avoid his bounce rate, I tell him that they are blocked by clicking on him.

Be Creative

A series of visual content, so you don’t have to feed your fans with images daily. It can be a little trait. So what to solve with this? Be creative and create a variety! There are different types of graphics that you can share on social media. Here are a few suggestions.


Undoubtedly, typography is an art. And that depends on how skilled your art is in terms of the level of engagement of your brand. The right font to be aligned with the image becomes a difficult task, but if done correctly, it can bring your graphic to life.

Ideally, the fonts serif for Sans Serif, the best choice for objective printing and web. But if you choose a font, you should ensure that it imparts its message and fully reflects your brand.

Charts Screenshots with arrows to illustrate a point

A color combination that suits eyes.

Here are a few pro-tips for you:

 A maximum of three limits themselves to using typography.

Use a font size that fits in nicely with the way we publish you.

Keep in mind, that graphic posting will be done through you. The font should fit in well.

Use the kernel in the title; It enhances any graphics.

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10 Simple Tricks Makes a Great Social Media Graphic
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