7 Common PPC Mistakes That Are Costing You


Top 7 Common PPC Mistakes that are costing too much

If you have big gaps in your Google Ads Campaign that are costing you money then don’t wonder about it. There are lots of hidden settings and buried that are taking your money at a very heavy level and keeping you from having the most profitable campaigns. Here top 7 common PPC Mistakes that are costing you are listed below.

1.     Setting and Forgetting

You can get your campaign set up with lots of efforts, from Keyword Research to ad copy, to landing pages, tracking, and more. It is not complete after your campaign starts up and running, you need a multi-stage optimization process. Here are 3 major areas to focus on after your campaign launch and run. First, Daily Monitoring, Campaign Performance Optimization, and Campaign Strategy and Scaling. First, you need to look at your campaign daily for any major issues including, large increases in CPC, low CTR, low converting campaigns, large increasing clicks, irrelevant search terms, Non-converting Keywords, and many more.

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2.     Not Using Negative Keywords

It is very important to understand the difference between Keyword and Search. Keywords are words or groups of words that you can target on your Google Ads. But, when peoples go to search then most of the time they do not type the same keywords that you are bidding for. Many users are using long-tail keywords means that they can take more than a word on their keyword to targeting it. Before you choose a keyword for your business then choose a perfect keyword that targets direct your website or meaning that you want to explain.

3.     Not using the Search Term Report

It is very common that peoples using long-tail phrases or sometimes irrelevant phrases to search for anything. Once you are inside your Google Ads account just go to campaigns then Keywords, and then Search Terms. The Search Term will show you the actual people’s search for that is targeting your ad to be displayed.  These hidden reports are shows all the things that peoples searching for that you are paying for. With the help of this report, you are able to know which Keyword is generating quality traffic or which is not.

4.     Sub-Optimal Bidding Strategies

This is a good chance to set up your campaign with automated bidding strategies. The problem is this lets Google Bid whatever it wants for the keywords you are targeting and it will. Follow these easy steps to check to see if your campaign is automated vs. manual.

  • Login to your Google Ads Account.
  • Click your campaign
  • Click setting in the left column
  • Find the Bidding Section

This process only takes 5 to 10 minutes to make this change inside your campaign and you can save many dollars.

5.     Using too many keywords per Ad Group

When you use too many keywords per Ad Group then your ads cannot be specific enough to get a good click-through rate. This is a very important thing because many peoples have done it. If you want better results and clicks then you need to specify one keyword that is perfect for your Ad. By doing this, you can match the intent of the searcher to the right ad, then take them to the correct landing page.

6.     Not using Landing Page

Many peoples are drive traffic to their site or their homepage but the problem is often that this page:

  • The user does not match the ad exactly as expected
  • Not laser-focused on a specific action
  • There are many deflections

This results in a very low conversion rate and high costs. Creating a landing page is no longer a difficult task and you don’t even need to know how to code or do a technical wizard. You have to make sure that each landing page matches the ad that is running, focused on the single action for the user to take, and simple in design.

7.     Consistency of Keyword, Ad, and Landing Page

If you don’t have consistency in your Keyword, Ad, and Landing Page then peoples will not click your ads. To check your campaign for consistency you need to note the Keyword intent match, your keyword includes your ad copy, and use of similar keywords and same keywords that use in the Ad Copy inside the landing page. This practice will help reduce CPC (cost per click), increase relevance, and increase CTR (click-through rates). You will wonder how it can make your campaign from failing to create a very profitable campaign. If you want save maximum & get free credit on your bing acount then use Bing ads $100 Coupon.

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7 Common PPC Mistakes That Are Costing You
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