7 Things You Need To Do Before Publishing Your WordPress Post


Are you ready to start your WordPress site? New sites offering thousands each day appear on the web. This is why you want to make sure that everyone else shines to start their website. In this article, we have prepared an easy list of things you need before starting a WordPress website.

Before getting started, it is important that you choose the right web hosting for your project. While most of the sites you may need successful WordPress, hosting is fine with basic WordPress hosting, in some cases. We want both of you to make a guide read above that you are highly recommending you for the best solution out of this we cannot stress enough. For this article, we will assume that you have installed WordPress and everything was ready.

Let me tell you that when you launch your WordPress site, before that you must take a look at the things that are necessary.

In this article we have told about 7 Things You Need to Do Before Publishing Your WordPress Post

7 Things You Need to Do Before Publishing Your WordPress Post

1 Install a WordPress backup Solution

You should always install a WordPress backup solution on your website. Backup as an insurance policy on its website. Should something go wrong there, you can always fix it. There are many excellent free and paid backup WordPress plugins that you can create your site in minutes.

You want to make sure that backups are performed automatically according to the scheduled time and saved cloud storage services like Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Google Drive. We should use Backup Buddy, it’s quick and easy to set up. It can be stored in many places on your back. Restoring it is also the easiest. Also, check where are WordPress posts and pages stored?

2 Secure WordPress Admin Area

As the most popular system in the world of content management, WordPress is often a popular target of hackers. Many WordPress sites have been runners. See the list of 13 essential tips and hack security of your WordPress admin area. For all of us sites, we have set up a firewall Sucuri which makes it super safe for your site and helps in avoiding attacks. This is definitely the way to ing without facing any danger of them over the years, but it is always being designed to better express my rego if your site is business.

Private security guard in his physical business location as Sucuri.

3 Setup Email for Your WordPress Site

Failure to send or receive e-mail from your WordPress site is one of the most common WordPress errors. You can provide some notification emails, but some of them could not be found. This is because most of the mail servers for mail spoofing believe that if the sender’s email address does not match the original domain or server.

4 Check Your Site for 404 Errors

A new website, 404 errors can create a poor user experience. All your website needs are to ensure that the pages are loading properly and that there are no missing links. You can find sites you have included in Google Webmaster Tools; your 404-error page was not found in the crawl report. For a new website, it is possible that your site is not included in Google Webmaster Tools or Webmaster Tools. In this case, you work with to browse your site manually and make sure that everything is needed. If you have a lot of content, then you can go back through the most important pages, such as contacts, registrations or pages, etc.

You can e-mail alerts set up 404 errors on your WordPress site. This way you can easily monitor and correct them.

5 eCommerce Websites

Will examine the e-commerce website user experience aspects of their websites more thoroughly. You should try to find yourself to keep the user’s shoes and products, they even try to add to the cart to perform the test because there is no flaw to ensure that everything is fine and works. If you sell digital goods, make sure they are delivered quickly. For physical items, you will check your system for the smooth completion of orders. Some other things you can do to test, shipping their receipts, invoices, cost calculations.

6 Check Images, Videos, Sliders

Images and videos of the modern web, making them more interactive. All ensure that images of your site are loading properly. See our guide on optimizing images for the web and how to make WordPress faster. You work according to the need to play videos on your website using a variety of devices and browsers to make sure they are intended. If you use the WordPress slider plugin, make sure that the slider works on all browsers and devices, making it your purpose

7 Check SEO settings

Most sites of search engines are the top sources of independent traffic. After optimizing your site for search engines, the launch can help increase your traffic exponentially. We use the Yoast SEO plugin on our website. This software is a comprehensive site optimization for WordPress. Install the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast SEO to take a look at our tutorial on how to maximize the potential of your site and how to set up it.

That’s all, we hope that this article will help you when making your list of things before you start your WordPress site. If you want to see the list of 40 useful tools to manage and develop your WordPress blog.

7 Things You Need To Do Before Publishing Your WordPress Post
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