About Me

Hello Friends,

My name is Rohan Laddha and from Rajasthan, India. I am the owner of this blog. Currently, I’m pursuing my B.Tech degree (4th Year) in Computer Science and Engineering from CIT Kokrajhar.

I am a tech and blogging enthusiast. I have started my blog in May 2017 and have written various attractive articles for newbies in blogging. I love to help people by sharing my ideas on this blog. Beside blogging my hobby is listening to music, watching movies and football.


My Journey

Well at first I was blogging for fun. But now I want to move my blogging into my passion and profession. At the initial point, I found it a little bit difficult. But after doing research a lot and by hard work now I find it easy.

This blog is specially dedicated to all the newbies who want to start their own blog like me. I mostly focus to learn Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Blogging, WordPress, Webhosting etc.

I am getting awesome responses from my blog readers which motivates me a lot. If you have any queries please feel free to  Contact Me. If you really like my Blog then do Just Subscribe it. Visit our blog Home Page and you will find my subscription box in the right sidebar.


Note:- I will update this page frequently with some latest news in blogging. If you are looking for some good blogging and SEO tools, affiliate marketing techniques etc. then please visit this page frequently.

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