Apex Legends Tips & Tricks to Become a Pro!

Apex Legends Tips & Tricks to Become a Pro

Did you know? Apex Legends has 10+ seasons now? That’s why everyone is looking to improve, and most times, it can be tricky. So, if you’re new to the game or just looking for ways to become a pro, you’ve come to the right place.

Effective tips and tricks below will help you become a pro in Apex Legends. Also, if you’d like to experience easy wins in your gameplay, The best version of Windows 10 for gaming is available now. Find out which game is best for your version of Windows 10.

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro

Here is how you can become a pro in Apex Legend. 

Do the Door Play

Playing off doors is a great tactic to win more gunfights and increase your survivability in Apex Legends. Many players will camp at the back door and secure that position while they heal. However, if multiple access points exist around the player, an enemy can attack from either side.

In cases where you might not be sure where the enemy may approach from, try standing in the center of the door.

This will help you move faster to either side and shut the door to prevent an enemy player from tagging you. You can wait for a healing item to load up to 50% or 75% before committing to a side.  We suggest taking a peek at the best Apex hacks. Meanwhile, read on for tips and tricks.

Implement Armor Swapping

Armor swapping is the easiest trick to pull off in Apex Legends. Just swap your armor off of death boxes or others on the ground. It helps increase your life and lengthen your survivability in the game. 

You can swap for any armor or drop your red EVO to get white armor if the scenario calls for it. However, if you’re in a sweatier ranked match or an end game with tons of enemy teams around, armor-dropping here will be your best trick. 

Pull armor from the death boxes and drop it on the floor. It allows you to swap armor more easily. The quick life boost can be extremely stunning to enemy players, as they’ll not expect you to return to that area with full armor.

Hip Fire – Tricky yet Important

When considering the hip firing tip, the more important factor is when to hip fire and which gun is the best for it. You should be doing hip firing quite often. But it can be deadly to hip-fire your weapons at close ranges, and it’s more reliable than ADS (aiming down sights). 

There are some guns to consider when picking the best for hip firing. The Flat Line is a hybrid weapon, vicious close-range hip fire. Other great contenders are the Eva (shotgun) and the Peacekeeper (shotgun). 

These two shotguns have no difference in pelt spread. So, whether you’re hip firing or aiming down sights, they work just fine, especially when you’re not moving.

Equip with Grenades

Grenades are drastically integral in Apex Legends. You should never forget them when purchasing and equipping your weapons inventory. Without grenades, you’re definitely going to lose too much ammo or take extra healing items. But if you have grenades, at least one, there might be no ideal weapon to get enemy players out of cover. 

With grenades, you can open fights with damage, apply pressure on knocked enemies, force movements to break doors, and prevent pushes. The benefits are nearly unlimited. From vertical frag grenades to termites, it’s important to have at least one grenade. 

Take Healing Items

Apart from shields, you should take some healing items, including syringes and med kits. Shields are ideal, but supporting them with these healing items can guarantee you long life in Apex Legends. 

Your shield disappears once an enemy taps you. For this reason, it’s good to have at least 3 to 4 syringes and two med kits. So, loot downed enemies and save your inventory space for batteries, ammo, cells, or grenades. 

Understand the game and take control

The difference between a pro and a casual Apex player is their understanding of the game; if you want to become a pro in Apex Legends. So, you must understand movements in the game, who the enemies are, and what they’re into.

You can learn the game thoroughly by practicing. That way, you can take charge of your game and make the most of it.


Becoming a pro in Apex Legends is not a day job. You need to understand the game to take control of it. Also, always do the door play, and remember to drop and swap shield for life increment. 

Furthermore, take healing items and bring grenades as well. You may need to push enemies or force movements in your game. More important, hip fire as frequently as possible. It’s tricky, yet its importance is unmatched.

Apex Legends Tips & Tricks to Become a Pro!
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