Best Free VPN For Linux 2022 | Find Your Top 5 Best Free VPN For Linux

Best Free VPN For Linux

Linux operating system is known for its best security and performance functions. However, security is a wider term and no operating system can provide full protection against cyber threats. Still, Linux users find it difficult to bypass geo-restriction, censorship and protect themselves online from hackers. 

And if you are thinking that you need to purchase a VPN to protect yourself, then you’re partially right. Yes, you need a VPN but don’t need to spend money we will provide you best free VPN for Linux

Did Free VPN For Linux Are Good?

All free Linux VPN is not good, even they don’t charge any amount but it costs you more than money. Most of the time Free VPN earns money through selling their user’s internet activity. Also, some free VPN put a lot of restrictions make it a trouble to use. 

We try to provide a list of the safe & best free VPN for Linux with essential and premium features and lesser restrictions. We can’t remove restrictions but we can provide the best deals for VPNs to use them without limitation at a negligible price.  

5 Best Free VPN Linux- Quick Overview 

Top Free VPN For Linux
  1. NordVPN– Enjoy the top-notch cybersecurity of the best VPN for Linux and leading market VPN for 30 days.
  2. Windscribe– The free Linux VPN- enjoy all the services free of cost and avoid government restrictions and hackers. 
  3. PureVPN–  Get an  instant 7 days trial of PureVPN and 
  4. ProtonVPN– Secure your device fully with multiple next-generation encryptions. 
  5. TunnelBear– Get plenty of servers in 20+ countries with the VPN Linux-freeFridayon. 

Factors On Which We Have Found These Best Free VPN For Linux

  • Server: We properly researched which safe and free VPN Linux is providing plenty of servers and how nicely it covers the globe. 
  • Simultaneous Connection: It is important as it helps to get access to another device with one subscription and our mostly VPNs cover more than 5 connections. 
  • Customer Support: In the research, we emphasized 24/7 live chat customer support as it is the best way to interact with users. 
  • Encryption: We only list that VPN that used military-grade encryption as they are perfect so you don’t have to compromise with your security. 
  • Works On: Yes, our article is revolved around VPN Linux free but we also cover other Operating systems.  

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Top 5 Free VPN For Linux 

These best VPN for Linux provide security to your data, safeguard privacy,  and ensure anonymity on the web. Also, VPN can help to unlock the geo-restricted content with enough good speed.

These free Linux VPNs can’t properly eliminate a paid but they can fulfill some basic requirements of cybersecurity. 

1 NordVPN 


Specifications of NordVPN

  • 5100+ servers in 60 countries.
  • Simultaneously connect upto 6 devices. 
  • 24/7 live chat customer assistance. 
  • 256-bit AES encryption. 
  • Available for Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and more. 

NordVPN is our first recommendation for the best free VPN for Linux it is filled with unique features and provides internet security. It is not a free VPN but you can use it for a 30 Days hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Enjoy fast speed & HD streaming and torrenting with all security protocols and military-grade encryption. It let you privately browse on the web plus block malicious website, viruses, and malware. This is also the best VPN for Jalshamoviez as it is a pirated site and contain malware and viruses.

It securely hides your IP and with this, you can unlock the geo-restricted content of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more. NordVPN is trustworthy and follows a no-log policy plus it is also transparent in its policy. 

This is will over in 30 days but you can get it with a saving of Upto 72% with our NordVPN Coupon Code.

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2 Windscribe 


Specifications of Windscribe 

  • It provides servers in 10 countries. 
  • Unlimited simultaneous connection.
  • No live chat support is available. 
  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Browser, Linux, and more

Windcribe is one of the powerful and popular free Linux VPN. It provides good server locations (including UK & US) and decent speed with strong encryption. 

It only provides 2GB of data per month which you can expand to 10GB by providing your Gmail to it. Even 10 GB of data is not enough for daily streaming but you can’t complain as it is free. 

It protects your browsing history from hackers on public wifi. And, Windscribe is pretty good if you need some basic security features, unlock geo-restrict content, and torrenting

3 PureVPN 


Specifications of PureVPN

  • 6,500+ servers in more than 78 countries. 
  • Connect upto 10 different devices. 
  • 24/7 live chat customer assistance is available. 
  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and 12+ more. 

You can try it for 31 days as it is officially a hassle-free 31 days money-back guarantee. Also, it provides 7 days of free trials, if you don’t want to provide payment credentials to PureVPN. 

It is the best free VPN for Linux for functionality in affordable that covers 10 devices of yours. Also, It is safe to use as does not keep any log or browsing records in its servers. It uses military-grade encryption and also provides a dedicated IP, for further more protection it includes a kill switch feature. 

For internet privacy, it provides various safety protocols and ensures private browsing. It gives provides a fast speed and also stops data throttling by ISP. You can access restricted sites plus you can unblock geo-restricted content on Netflix easily.  

It has great value in the affordable range but you can chase its lowest pricing this November. Get massive saving offers on PureVPN + 9 best VPN for Linux more on the eve of Black Friday. To grab these black Friday offers read our article best VPN black Friday deal. 

4 ProtonVPN 

Specifications of ProtonVPN

  • 23 servers in 3 countries.
  • Only 1 device connection is allowed. 
  • No live chat is supported. 
  • Use multiple next generations encryptions for protection.  
  • Support on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chromebook. 

The free Proton VPN Linux provides 23 servers that nicely cover Europe, America, and Asia. It has a few features in the free version but they are truly commendable for cyber security.        

It doesn’t put any restriction on data limit and provide medium speed server network. ProtonVPN does not log or share any activities of its users and it is protected by swiss privacy laws.  

It uses 3 types of different encryption for key exchange, network traffic, and message authentication with kill switch protection

You can expand the free features to premium at an affordable pricing of $4/month. You can get access to 1,430+ servers in 61 countries and unblock the geo-restricted or Netflix or more content. You’ll get other premium features like P2P torrenting, add blocking, and more. 

We suggest you first try the 7-day free trial and check it is appropriate for you or not. And, if you choose to upgrade, then our  ProtonVPN Promo code helps you to make affordable pricing negligible.

5 TunnelBear VPN


Specifications of TunnelBear

  • Plenty of servers in more than 20 countries.
  • Connect as many devices as you want. 
  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Works with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux. 

Get access to all the major country server access like the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, India,  Spain, the Netherlands, and more. It gives double-layer protection of encryption without slowing down your speed. But it only provides a 500 MB data limit for a whole month that is not even close to sufficient.  

If we kept aside the data restriction for a while then TunnelBear is the best free VPN for Linux on the list. However, you can increase your data limit to unlimited and also get more benefits with the pricing of $3.33/month. 

You can get an exclusive discount on TunnelBear this black Friday for more info read this best VPN black Friday deal. 

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Why do people choose VPN with Linux?

Yes, there is no doubt that Linux is good for speed, safety, and privacy, but its main function is not securing devices. That’s why it lacks sometimes security, but here a VPN helps you to give cybersecurity that’s why people choose VPN with Linux. 

VPN also provides some extra benefits that you can’t find in Linux that are:

  • Encryption on data received or sent. 
  • Secure ad private browsing and torrenting.  
  • Unblock sites, restrict content on various platforms. 
  • Worldwide IP address and more. 

How to choose a good VPN for Linux?    

First, you check that the selected VPN is how good compatible with your Linux version through its review on google or from its free trial. Then check the things mentioned below in VPN for Linux or whichever OS you have. 

  • It should follow a no-log policy. 
  • Check is it good to unblock bans, region-restricted content, websites, or more. 
  • It must have Strong encryption, kill switch feature, DNS protection, and security protocols. 
  • Support simultaneous connection, 24/7 live chat customer support. 
  • And if VPN is paid then its pricing should be equal to or below the average market price of VPN/month.  

Which is the best VPN for Linux? 

There are various VPN in the market but if you go with a paid one then NordVPN is a good choice for you. NordVPN works with the famous version of Linux like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Fedora, RHEL, and more. 

And if you choose a free VPN then ProtonVPN is good security and privacy and TunnelBear is good for worldwide plenty server & streaming. 

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We suggest you the best free VPN for Linux that doesn’t have a bad past but we can’t recommend your full safety with a free VPN. We recommend you to use paid VPN free trial if you want to use it for a specific period.

And, if you are concerned about security and privacy then must go with a paid VPN as they are mostly risk-free. 

People Also Ask Questions: 

How do I set up a VPN on Linux?

Follows these 5 simple steps to set up a VPN. 

  1. Type network in activities overviews and click on it. 
  2. You’ll find a +button on the bottom left to add a new VPN connection.
  3. Fill in all the VPN connection details, then press Add.  
  4. Finished some detail and set a password.
  5. Now your VPN is successfully set up in Linux.  

Does Ubuntu need VPN?

Ubuntu is good for keeping your data secure but it is not Friday today’s time that’s why you need a VPN. A VPN can enhance your cybersecurity as it provides private browsing, secure and free internet from censorship, snooping, and malware.

Best Free VPN For Linux 2022 | Find Your Top 5 Best Free VPN For Linux
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