Blesta Vs WHMCS – Which one is Better?

Blesta Vs WHMCS

When it comes to getting software for a complete solution that provides the automation system, client support system, billing tools, and many more that can help their customers in every possible way, it is hard to find out which one is better: Blesta VS WHMCS? So in this post, we are going to have a word on every aspect of both billing and invoicing software and how they are different from each other in some ways or have better features or tools. Let’s start by knowing with a short introduction to both software.

Introduction Of Blesta And WHMCS 2022

At the beginning of this article, we need to understand what is all about these software applications and where these applications are required. The introduction of Blesta and WHMCS software applications is given below.

What is Blesta?

It is billing software that assists in client management and billing while supporting software 

For hosting providers, freelancers, and other recurring service industries. Blesta is well-written, object-oriented code, source documents code, and an open-source tool for client management and billing work. It can easily manage Knowhost and other hostings.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a powerful web hosting client management platform where the primary source provides tools to help clients in a smooth manner. It is the best complete solution for web host managers that collect payments and create user accounts for the clients to manage their services. 

Factors To Compare WHMCS Vs Blesta 

These are the main or major factors that are important to compare Blesta Vs WHMCS software given below.

  • Comparison Of Features Of Blesta and WHMCS
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of WHMCS & Blesta
  • Better Key features of Blesta and WHMCS 
  • Pricing Plan Comparison Of WHMCS and Blesta.

Comparison Of Blesta Vs WHMCS Features 

At the time of getting an answer which one is best? To choose the best one between WHMCS VS Blesta we have to compare every deep feature of both billing and invoice software. Let’s begin with reading all the important features at once. All the advanced features of both applications before taking any strong decision in the favour of either of them.

Features Of Blesta 

It is one of the billing platforms for hosting providers to get the work done of business accounting. Blesta is well written, open,developer-friendly and a growing platform of hosting providers worldwide. It seems amazing with an intuitively designed interface that provides a positive user experience for customers and stakes alive. 

Blesta has various specifications for the better workflow of your business such as – client details, account actions, credits, widget boxes,  customised the client profile, and simple & complete pages are designed by using many tools of Blesta. 

It also provides some different features for payment gateways,multi-currency, automatic suspension, prorata billing, coupons, taxes, credits, and many more. 

By using this platform you can create an unlimited number of orders from different products/packages with a support system that includes a clean, intuitive ticket system and knowledge base. 

When we talk about other tools we can say that Blesta has other tools too like – strong security tools, widgets, search, themes, templates, multi-language, powerful ACL, complete separation, unique hostnames, etc for the billing platforms to hosting providers.

Key features of Blesta

  • Send and generate invoices automatically 
  • Extend the functionality of the platform
  • Suspend and approve accounts 
  • Multiple hosting businesses using one dashboard 
  • Different customization style
  • Supporting system to deal with tickets
  • Multiple billing methods  

Features Of WHMCS

It simplifies and automates daily tasks & operations with web hosting automation effortlessly. WHMCS takes care of automating things to save precious time. It sends the invoices, and collects payments, and taxes with the integration of all leading web hosting control panels for automatic management. 

It supports tools that provide you with a client portal with ticketing, knowledgebase, and many more for a better workflow of the business. It is a secure, dependable & scalable solution that is designed for all sizes of businesses. It has a modular, extensible, and well-documented API for making WHMCS easy. 

WHMCS has 40K+ customers in 200 countries with more than 10 years of business by using 500+ integrations and apps for the easiest of business work. It is a top-notch platform helping thousands of web hosting companies.

Key features of WHMCS 

  • Creates themes on the dashboard 
  • Send invoices and bills to customers 
  • Makes our personal program of affiliates 
  • Expand the capabilities of the platform
  • Track the company’s performance 
  • Transfer, register, and renew domain names for each customer.

Short Comparison Table Between Blesta Vs WHMCS 

Features are a significant aspect while discussing  Blesta VS WHMCS. By comparing the features we can make the right decision for work to select the right and suitable software application for business workflow.

S.NOFeatures Blesta WHMCS
1.Open sourceYESNO
2.Linux WindowsYESNO 
3.API & AdapterYESYES
4.Invoice & PaymentsYESYES
5.Product provisioningYESYES
6.Client areaYESYES
8.Reports & StatsYESYES

Comparison Between Blesta And WHMCS On The Basis Of Advantages And Disadvantages 

Comparison between blesta & WHMCS

Advantages and Disadvantages We need to consider so that we can find out how both applications have some positives and negatives for making the right decision to work smoothly and without any trouble.

 Pros Of Blesta 

  • Great software 
  • Simple to use 
  • Lifetime licence 
  • Full of bugs

Cons of Blesta 

  • Bad customer service
  • Server setup issue
  • Overruled index setting

Pros. Of WHMCS 

  • Strong security system
  • Industry-leading partners
  • An efficient platform for accounting
  • Great tool for hosting billing 

Cons. Of WHMCS

  • Customer service is not as good 
  • No free trial
  • A little bit confusing for beginners

Difference Between Prices of Blesta And WHMCS 

While comparing WHMCS VS Blesta the pricing options must be considered so that we can get to know who gives the better pricing plans and is budget-friendly as well.

Pricing Structure Of WHMCS

  • Basically, it has two plans of pricing such as – 
  • Branded plan – $15.95/ mo ( up to 250 clients)
  • No branding plan – $ 24.95/mo ( up to 1000 clients )

Pricing Plans for Blesta 

  • It has mainly two pricing plans like  –
  • Monthly branded – $12.95 per month
  • Monthly unbranded – $ 14.95 per month

Blesta Vs WHMCS – Which One Is Better?

After comparing almost all the factors, we can say that it is hard to say the better one because both software is powerful and give the best competition. If we talk about the features, pricing, and others too, we can say that on the basis of them it is easy to see that Blesta is more comfortable on budget and provides the wonderful features on a low budget.

All in all, it is a little bit difficult to pick either of them and it completely depends on the requirements of the work or business landscape. You can choose any of the software applications on the basis of your business style.

Final Verdict – WHMCS VS Blesta 

By considering all the factors of both applications we have reached the point where we can say that it is very challenging to select any software application because both applications have tremendous functions for a better workflow of the business landscape. It depends on you which application is suitable for and fulfils all the requirements of your business needs. Both software is used by millions of people around this planet and are best in their fields so you should select any of them on the basis of your work needs and suitability of budget as well. 

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Who Provides Better Security Protocols WHMCS Or Blesta?

In terms of security, Blesta offers strong security tools and protocols in comparison to WHMCS.

Which One Is More Fast And Reliable Blesta Or WHMCS?

Both are reliable and fast. It is tough to find any one of them because both applications are trustworthy and work faster for business accounting and management.

Do Both Software Provide A Free Trial?

Blesta offers a 30 days free trial with a money-back guarantee but on the other hand, you will have to make some efforts to get the free availability of WHMCS because it has only been built with free trial functionality.

Blesta Vs WHMCS – Which one is Better?
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