Step-By-Step Guide To Build Your Own Professional Looking Email IDs For Free

Step-By-Step Guide To Build Your Own Professional Looking Email IDs For Free

There is no doubt that we all want to have our own professional Email Ids with our existing domain name rather than having Google mail or any other Email service. The awesomeness that we get from our professional Email is amazing. It’s pretty cool right. You are probably aware that you can build professional-looking email Ids free.

So, in this tutorial, I’m going to give a step-by-step demonstration about how to set up a professional email with the existing domain name. Instead of having, you can have a professional-looking email id like or This looks more professional than your traditional Gmail id.

Before going to set up this email account you must have a website/domain. I have my web hosting in HostGator. Since I have already a domain, I’m using it in this tutorial as an example.

Here is an example, I’m using my own HostGator Cpanel and it will be almost the same for the other hosting also. So here the guide on how to create your own email domain free using Google G-Suite.

So, let’s get started…

Step1: Login to your hosting website(I’m using HostGator) and under the domain registration you probably can see the domain registration section.

Step2: Login to your c Panel (Control Panel) and scroll down to see the email section.

Step3: Click on Email Accounts. Add a New Account. In the Email section, you can give any name that you want to create a professional account. e.g. admin, contact, support, query, etc. The domain field is already filled. You no need to change anything. Enter the remaining fields and in the Mailbox section, choose Unlimited. Now, click “Create Account”.

Now you can see that your new Email Account is created successfully.

Step4: Next, go to your particular Email account and on the right side, you can see the “More” option. Click on it and then click on “Access Webmail”.

Step5: Choose a default Webmail Application. Here I am choosing “horde” as a default application.

Step6: Now you will be taken to this page and you can see your inbox first.

Step7: Click on “New Message”. Here you will be able to send and receive new Emails.

Alright… We have completed our first part of configuring the email account.

Now we will configure our professional email with our existing Gmail account.

The benefit of doing this is once you connect your professional email id with the existing Gmail id, you no need to check two different inboxes for new email. Everything can be handled with the existing Gmail account.

Step8: To connect the new professional email with your existing Gmail account, then first you need to do is forward all incoming emails to your existing Gmail account. To do that go to your cPanel.

Step9: In the Email section, click on “Forwarders”. Click on “Add Forwarder”

mail forwarder

Step10: In the “Address to forwarding” field, type your name. Such as “admin”, “contact”, “support” etc

Step11: In the “Forward to Email Address” field type your existing Gmail Account. Then click on “Add Forwarder”

add forwarders

You will see a confirmation message.

Step12: an email confirmation message

Now all the emails sent to your professional email id will be forwarded to your existing Gmail account.

Step13: We have to enable again our existing Gmail account to send emails from our professional Email account. To do that click on the Email accounts of your “cPanel” and then click on “Setup Mail Client”.

Step14: Scroll down to the manual settings and see the “Secure SSL/TLS Settings”. The information is shown in the outgoing server.

Step15: Log in to your existing Gmail account. We need to enter these things in Gmail account settings. Go to Gmail settings.

Step16: Go to the “Account and Import” menu.

Step17: Click “Add another Email address” by own.

Step18: Now enter the name that you want to send messages followed by your professional email address. Click “Next Step”.

Now go to your cPanel and copy the outgoing server.

Step19: Replace the SMTP server of your Gmail with your professional Email outgoing server. Choose Port address as “465”. Username: (in your case). Provide the password which you have entered in your Email account in cPanel.

Click “Add Account”.

Now Gmail will ask you for a confirmation code.

Step20: For that go to your Gmail inbox and copy the confirmation code and paste it into the confirmation box. Then click on “Verify”.

Now when you compose a new email from your existing Gmail account, it will show like this. You can choose any of the email address that you want to send your emails

That’s it. We have completed the setup. Now you can send mails to anyone by choosing any of the above email Ids. So this is the guide of professional-looking email Ids free.

I hope you’ll like this article and beneficial for newbie bloggers.

Leave a comment below – I would love to hear your thoughts!

Step-By-Step Guide To Build Your Own Professional Looking Email IDs For Free
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