10 Best CCleaner Alternatives 2024 – Boost Your PC Performance

Ccleaner alternatives

Ccleaner Software can easily Free up Space by removing duplicate or junk files, Clear Cache, etc. This process is helpful to improve the performance of the Device.

It also increases the speed of the device. Ccleaner has both Free and Paid Versions. But its Free Version lacks the protection of Malware. But CCleaner Alternatives are also available to give the best features at a minimum price. 

Now, choose the best Software from the list of both Paid and Free Ccleaner’s Alternative.

Why Quest icon in iOS StyleThe Reasons To Choose CCleaner Software

There are many reasons why you should choose and order the Ccleaner Software. Now, have a look at the quality Features which are offered by the Ccleaner Tool. 

  • Ccleaner automatic Update the Apps or Software
  • Deeply Scan and Clean your Device
  • It helps you to Browse Privately
  • Ccleaner Recovers Back up data that gets lost
  • Remove the Trackers from the Device or internet
  • Secure Online Activities
  • Improves the Performance of the PC
  • This software is helpful to Boost up the Internet Speed
  • It is useful for Driver Booster
  • This Software can easily delete Copied or Duplicate Files
  • It Clear Cache and Cookies from the device
  • Gives the priority to the Customer or Full Customer Support
  • These Features leads to Free up Space

If you are not satisfied with the above features which are offered by the Ccleaner. Then, you can also buy some other software to clean up your Device by removing Junk or Malicious Sites. Below we have discussed the Top 10 Ccleaner Alternatives. You can look at the benefits which are providing by all these Companies. After this, you can analyze which is best for you, Ccleaner or some other Software.

File:List-Icon.svg - WikipediaList Of Best 10 Ccleaner Alternatives 2024

We have brought the list of the top 10 Ccleaner Competitors. Read the full article and choose the best Software which is useful for you and worthy. This can helps you how you can use other Software instead of Ccleaner App.

  1. Avast Clean Up
  2. Bleachbit
  3. Clean Master
  4. Advanced SystemCare
  5. Avira
  6. AVG PC Tune-Up
  7. Glary Utilities
  8. Malwarebytes
  9. Restoro
  10. PrivaZer

Advanced SystemCare Free - Free PC Optimizer and Cleanup Tool Iobit Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is the best Software to Remove unwanted Files, Viruses, Clear Space, etc. Speed of the internet connection and Startup device increases up to 300% & 200%. Deeply Scan and Clean data that is untouched for a long time are also discussed in the IObit review. This is one of the best Competitors of Ccleaner.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advanced SystemCare. 

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsPros of Advanced SystemCare

  • Advanced SystemCare easily Clear Cache
  • Free up Space
  • Boost up the Speed
  • Improves Startup Performance of the Device
  • Fight with the Virus
  • Remove Unwanted or Copied data
  • Delete Junk Files
  • Protect Online Browsing
  • Secure E-mail and important data of the Device
  • It is a Battery Saver Software
  • Deep Cleaning of the Junk Files
  • Fully Scan the Apps
  • Fight against Malware, Spyware, etc

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsCons of Advanced SystemCare

  • It is unable to fight with the New Virus
  • You have to install Advanced Malware Fighter Free Product for more protection
  • Installation of lots of Softwares do not remain Space in RAM(Random Access Memory)

Supported Platforms

Advanced SystemCare is the Best Ccleaner Alternative for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

File:Bleachbit logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons Bleachbit

Bleachbit is a lightweight Software to Clean the Device and makes Space for more Apps. It is an Open Source Alternative to Ccleaner.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bleachbit

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsPros of Bleachbit

  • Do not need more Space in RAM
  • Clear Junk Files
  • Make Space in Hard Disk available
  • Clear Cache
  • Delete Cookies
  • Secure Online Work

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsCons of Bleachbit

  • Lack with the Data Backup

Supported Platforms

Bleachbit is a popular Ccleaner Alternative for Linux, Windows, Blackberry, and, Mac OS X, Mobile, Tablet, and PC.

Clean Master Antivirus Review 2021 - Truth Behind the HypeClean Master

Clean Master is one of the Popular App to remove unnecessary data from the device. It is used by many users because of its High-Speed Performance. Clean Master is like a Ccleaner’s Competitor 2024 because both contain many similar features.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Clean Master

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsPros of Clean Master

  • Remove Junk Files
  • Kill the Virus
  • Increase Speed of the Internet
  • Boost up the Device Speed
  • One-Click to Scan the Apps or Files
  • Stop Unwanted background Apps
  • Improves the Performance of the Games
  • Clean Search History
  • Remove Logs of the Searches
  • Saves Battery for a long time
  • Updates bring the Password security for the Apps
  • Helps to Driver Booster
  • Use of Clean Master is useful for Fast Charging of the Device

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsCons of Clean Master

  • Sometimes Speed of the Device gets Slow
  • People may Delete important data to make Space in RAM
  • Fast Charging can be harmful because the Device gets Overheated and may get Damaged

Supported Platforms of Clean Master

You can also install Clean Master Instead of Ccleaner for Android and Windows.

File:Avast Cleanup logo.png - Wikimedia CommonsAvast Cleanup

It is useful to Clean the Device and Remove Logs to get rid of Internet Risk. Avast Cleanup software comes in the Top list of Ccleaner’s Substitute.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Avast Cleanup

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsPros of Avast Cleanup

  • Automatic Updates Improves Performance
  • Sleep Mode stops working of some Files or Apps while running the device
  • Bloatware helps to remove Ads of the 3rd Parties 
  • Securely deletes up to 200 Files
  • Maintain Privacy of the work
  • Fix Bugs
  • Clear Browsing or Surfing activities

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsCons of Avast Cleanup

  • Do not fully Clear the Cookies
  • Sometimes important Data gets Deleted from while Cleaning

Supported Platforms of Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is one of the popular Substitutes of Ccleaner for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Avira IconAvira

PrivaZer is a known Software that is suitable for almost all Devices. It helps to Secure your data and Protect the Device which gets affected by the harmful storage. You can also get this CCleaner Alternative Free of Cost. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Avira 

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsPros of Avira

  • Scan the Device to Remove Malware
  • Easily Detect the Copied data
  • Remove Untouched Files 
  • Free Antivirus Facility
  • Online Privacy
  • Browse privately
  • Do not Store Logs
  • Automatic Updates
  • Password Manager is useful to Secure information from others
  • Advanced Alert notification of Errors
  • Free VPN of PrivaZer Protect from Cyber Threats

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsCons of Avira

  • Untouched Files can be important which gets Deleted
  • Working as both Antivirus and VPN Software can impact the performance of Device
  • Free VPN works with limitations (Up to 500MB/Month)

Supported Platforms of Avira

Privazer is the Best Ccleaner Alternatives for Android, Windows, PC, Laptop, Mac, iOS, and Mobile.

AVG PC TuneUp - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download AVG PC Tune-Up

AVG Tune-up is a mixture of lots of Tools to Secure your information at an affordable price. Get the amazing Features to Protect your information and work effectively without suffering. If you replace Ccleaner with this Tool then, it can be the better choice for you. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of AVG PC Tune-UP

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsPros of AVG PC Tune-Up

  • Clean Registry Automatically
  • Helps to increase the internet speed of the device
  • The Device works Effectively and Efficiently
  • Less drain of Battery of Devices
  • Clear data in just one-click
  • Automatic Update of Softwares to work better
  • Delete harmful data from Window or Android
  • Clean Hard Drive with Disk Space
  • Free up Space for installing useful Apps
  • Uninstall Unused Software
  • Helps to Cache Files and Track Cookies
  • Remove Bloatware

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsCons of AVG PC Tune-Up

  • The attraction of Unlimited Features within a Budget can be Risky for you
  • Lots of Features can confuse you how to use
  • Automatic Update of Apps can be unuseful if you have a Limited Internet Package

Supported Platforms of AVG Tune-Up

Now Installed and Secure information of AVG Tune-up which is the Ccleaner Competitor for iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Android.

Glary Utilities 2021 Free DownloadGlary Utilities

Glary Utilities is also the Ccleaner Alternatives Free and Open Source Tool to Clean the Device for Improving Performance.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Glary Utilities 

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsPros of Glary Utilities

  • Glary Software is an Anti-Malware Tool
  • Make Space in Hard Disk or RAM for more Apps and Data
  • Can install other software
  • Clear the Registry
  • Easily Erase History 
  • It is useful to receive Data Back-Up which gets lost due to some reasons 
  • No Logs after Cleaning the Apps
  • Deeply Clean the Software
  • Scan each File or Apps
  • Easy to use Tool
  • Protects PC from Viruses and Effect of Cyber Threats or Malware
  • Fix Bugs and Errors

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsCons of Glary Utilities

  • Glary Utilities is not so much useful for Browsing Security
  • Not suitable for the Beginner because Features are not deeply described
  • It only provides 3 Licenses to a single person. So, it is Disadvantageous for those who have more than PCs. 

Supported Platforms of Glary Utilities

Android and Windows are the only Platforms of Glary Utilities which is the Competitor of Ccleaner 2024.

Malwarebytes challenge write-up - Wavestone SecurityInsiderMalwarebytes

As the name suggests, Malwarebytes Tool is useful to protect information from Malware and Hackers. You can also use it Instead of Ccleaner to Scan and Remove the Malware and Spyware.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Malwarebytes 

pro-con-neural-network-thumbs Pros of Malwarebytes

  • Malwarebytes Softwares is Easy to Use
  • It fully Scans the Device and its Functions
  • Remove the Unused or Unwanted Apps
  • Helps to Kill the Malware
  • Provide Multiple License to a single user

pro-con-neural-network-thumbs Cons of Malwarebytes

  • Ads annoying while working
  • Malwarebytes does not fully work as Ccleaner to Clean the Apps

Supported Platforms of Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes can be installed in Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Restoro - TuneUp - Top 10 Software - trusted-software.com Restoro

Restoro is useful to Scan the Apps and Repair all Damaged Data and Files. These can be affected by the Viruses or storage of tones of Apps and Tools. Restoro is the most common Ccleaner’s Competitors for Removing Malware and Junk Files. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Restoro 

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsPros of Restoro

  • Optimize your data
  • Repair information that is affected by the Virus
  • Install other Tools to Remove Malware and Errors
  • Full Fledge Scan your Device
  • Identify Malicious Sites or E-mail
  • Restore and Replace DLL Files
  • Make Space by removing Junk Files
  • The use of Restore leads to the Effective Performance of PC
  • Restoro Tool Stop PC from Crashing and Freezing
  • Fix Error Messages
  • Repair & Rebuild Windows from Unnecessary Windows. 
  • 24/7 Phone, Chat, and E-mail Support

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsCons of Restoro

  • Customer Support does not fully Satisfy the Customers
  • Unable to Fix the 3rd Party Errors

Supported Platforms of Restoro

Restoro is the Pocket-Friendly Tool and the Ccleaner Alternative for PC and Windows.

Total Privacy Download | TechSpot PrivaZer

PrivaZer is a Cleaning Tool for your Device which is a Free Ccleaner Competitor

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Privazer 

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsPros of PrivaZer

  • Avira does not Charge Amount against its Service
  • Scan Browsing or History of the Activities
  • Visualizes Traces History of the Activities which is done by you
  • Make Space Available on Hard disk
  • Performance of the PC becomes much better

pro-con-neural-network-thumbsCons of PrivaZer

  • Do Not Fully Clean due to Free Service
  • Less user Interference which does not Satisfy its Users

Supported Platforms of PrivaZer

Supported Platforms of Avira which you can use as an Instead of Ccleaner for Windows and Browser.

Best 5 Free Ccleaner Alternative

If you don’t have money to pay for the Software to Clean Up Space or Remove Errors. Then, you can also download the Software from Free Ccleaner Alternative 2024. We have discussed the Paid Competitor of Ccleaner. Out of this list, we have sorted out some Companies that also Offer Free Versions.

  1. Advanced SystemCare
  2. PrivaZer
  3. Glary Utilities
  4. Clean Master
  5. Avira

It can solve your basic problems to Clean Up and make space in your RAM. These Tools can also be helpful to Identify the Errors which arise due to Viruses or the Installation of Some Files. But, as they are Free Ccleaner Competitors for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc do not Fight with Malware. This Software is not fully reliable to give you Online Privacy.

Which Is The Best Alternative For Ccleaner?

Advanced SystemCare and Bleachbit both are the Best Alternative or Competitors of Ccleaner. Advanced SystemCare is Easy to Use while Bleachbit Features are not Deeply described. But, Bleachbit is an Open Source and Free Ccleaner Alternative while Advanced SystemCare. Advanced SystemCare is one of the Tool if you used instead of Ccleaner.

Is Bleachbit Better Than Ccleaner?

Bleachbit is a Free Software and Cleans Up the Device to make Space available for other Apps. While CCleaner does this process after charging for its Service. Bleachbit cannot be used by Beginners. On the other hand, Ccleaner is can be used by Beginners because this Tool is Easy to Use. 

Ccleaner also has Free Version but this does not Fully Clean your Apps. Free Ccleaner cannot Update the Software as the Paid Version do. According to this data, Ccleaner is Best if you pay for its Service.

Why Ccleaner Is Bad?

Ccleaner removes unused Files and even Logs of Browsing or old activities. But, Ccleaner Software is bad because it does not work against Malware or any other Viruses.

With the help of Malware, Hackers can easily control the activities of the device which is done by you. It is harmful because your data gets affected by Cyber Threats. Avira and Restoro are the Ccleaner Competitor because they have the capabilities to Even Remove the Malware. Ccleaner only makes Space Improves Device Performance and Internet Speed. Both these impact due to the Storage of Tons of Files and Apps. 

Is Ccleaner Safe In 2024?

Ccleaner is the Best and Safe in 2024 because of the latest Ccleaner Professional Bundle for the 3PCs. This Version Cleans Up and Removes Unwanted Data from your Device. 

It comes with the facility of deleting History and Logs. It is useful to Hide or Secure Data from the Prying Eyes. Ccleaner Professional Bundle can Back-Up your File which incidentally gets deleted. Now, get the Defraggler Feature which is useful for Hard Disk to work Effectively.


What Is The Best Free Windows Cleaner?

Advanced SystemCare is the Best Free Cleaner for Windows 10, 8, and 7.

Is There A Better Free Cleaner Than Ccleaner?

Yes, Avira and Advanced SystemCare is one of the Best Free Cleaners and can be described as Ccleaner Alternative 2024.

Should I Remove Ccleaner?

Ccleaner can be Remove or you can also use Avira, Restoro, Advanced SystemCare Tool instead of Ccleaner.

Final Verdict

In the battle of Ccleaner Alternatives 2024, Different Tools are Best for different purposes so, choose wisely. If you are looking for software that can remove the Malware. Then, Avira, Malwarebytes, and Restoro are best because they can fight with Malware or can Remove Malware. Avira is also the Best choice because it is suitable for almost all Devices.

Glary Utilities can be used because it is Open Source CCleaner Alternative. Deeply Clean your Softwares and Maintain Privacy by Deleting Logs. 

AVG Tune-up and Advanced SystemCare are the Best Tools to Save the Battery of the Device. Advanced SystemCare is also in demand because it Boosts Internet Speed up to 300%. Use of this Tool in a Device can also lead to Effective work and Improves up to 200% Performance. 

10 Best CCleaner Alternatives 2024 – Boost Your PC Performance
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