How To Check The Current WordPress PHP Version Online

How To Check The Current WordPress PHP Version Online

In this article, I’m going to demonstrate how to check the current WordPress PHP version online of your hosting.

PHP 7 was launched in December 2015 and most of the hosting providers like SiteGroung, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. upgraded to PHP7. The benefit of upgrading to PHP 7 is somewhat it increases the page load up speed and performance.

Therefore, it will be much beneficial for you if you upgrade to PHP 7 (if compatible with your hosting).

How To Check The Current PHP Version

For the WordPress Php version check for your WordPress blog, all you need to search for a plugin called “Display PHP Version” by David Gwyer.

The official link of the plugin Display PHP Version.

After the successful activation of the plugin go to your Admin dashboard. Here you can see your current PHP version.

You can see the above screenshot which is currently run by PHP version 5.4.45 in HostGator.

Alright, we have done our first part.

Now, come to the second part…

Before you update to PHP Version 7, you must ensure that your existing plugins, themes, etc. are compatible with PHP Version 7. If you don’t check whether it is compatible or not, your site may not work.

For that, you can shift back to PHP 5.6 & it should work fine (probably).

I recommend you take a backup by using a plugin.

How To Check PHP Compatibility

To check whether your current PHP Version is compatible with PHP Version 7 or not, use a  plugin called “PHP Compatibility Checker”PHP Compatibility Checker

To access this plugin Goto Tools –>> PHP Compatibility.

Use the following settings to check the compatibility as in the screenshot. The click om “Scan site“.

Here the result is shown in my site scan.

Unfortunately, I have got 1 error message regarding the Authority Theme.

I hope in your case the plugins and themes work properly to upgrade to PHP 7. You can run the same test on your site and check if all of your plugins & themes are compatible or not.

I recommend if anything is not compatible, you should definitely drop it before updating to PHP 7. It may cost you somewhere.

In final words, by updating to PHP 7 you can definitely experience the speed improvements compared to the previous version of PHP. As you can see my hosting provider Hostgator is providing an update option. But due to my Authority Theme by MyThemeShop error, I’ll fix it first and update it to PHP 7.

Leave a comment below – I would love to hear your thoughts!

How To Check The Current WordPress PHP Version Online
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