Free VPN For Hotstar 2024 – 4 Best VPN For Hotstar Free

Free vpn for hotstar

In today’s world, where entertainment has gained a lot of significance, the latest form of entertainment vests in online media streaming platforms. Especially in the difficult times of lockdown, where people were sitting at home pondering about what to do, Digital platforms like Hotstar came out as a big relief to their boredom.

Well, there might be some instances when you won’t be able to access your favorite shows. For tackling such kinds of situations, you can take the help of a Hotstar VPN. Here, we are gonna discuss what is the best free VPN for Hotstar 2024 or a VPN that can unblock Hotstar free.

But before that let’s know what is Hotstar and why do need a Hotstar VPN free for accessing it.

What is Hotstar?

Originated in India, Hotstar is a video-on-demand streaming service. It allows you to watch Television series, original shows, movies, and even live sports. Apart from India, currently, this app is also available in many other countries including the USA, Canada, UK, etc.

Why Do You Need A Hotstar VPN?

Hotstar allows you to stream various kinds of content or shows. But there are some instances where some episodes or series are banned by the government of some countries, making them inaccessible to all. Moreover, some shows are available for people residing in a specific area, but not for others.

So, for tackling all these situations, you might need a Hotstar VPN or if you are short of funds, you can consider using a free VPN for Hotstar. There are tons of VPNs available in the market that allows you to unblock Hotstar for free. Though all these VPNs for Hotstar free are not secure and can lead to many security threats.

Below we have provided a list of the best VPN for Hotstar free, using which a user can easily unblock Hotstar.

4 Best Free VPN For Hotstar 2024

We have comprised a list of Hotstar free VPNs on the basis of various factors including security, speed, bandwidth, and device compatibility. These VPNs are: 


Hotstar vpn tunnelbear

TunnelBear is the first Hotstar VPN free that we have picked on our list. This VPN service provider originated in Canada’s Toronto in 2011. Its founders and creators were Daniel Kaldor and Ryan Dochuk. Later on, it was acquired by MacAfee, in 2018. It can work on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux systems. TunnelBear VPN comes with a free version that you can use for as long as you want.

Key Features Of TunnelBear Free VPN

  • It is one of the easiest VPNs in order of usability.
  • It can unblock various Hotstar catalogs and can provide you access to all of the content on Hotstar, even if it is not available in your geographical location.
  • Even with the free version, the connection speed remains the same as paid users.
  • It also provides 5 connections simultaneously, so that you can stream Hotstar on 5 different devices at a time.
  • Its high-end encryption, maximum security, and exclusive feature make it a trustworthy service.

Drawback Of Using TunnelBear VPN Free To Unblock Hotstar

TunnelBear looks solid VPN for Hotstar free, though there is a major drawback that you might face with it. It provides a limited monthly bandwidth of 500 MB to 1500 MB. That means you will only be able to stream 2-3 episodes of a show using TunnelBear VPN free.


best free vpn for hotstar protonVPN

The second Hotstar VPN featured in this list of best VPNs for Hotstar free is ProtonVPN. It is based in Switzerland and is one of the best free VPN providers for android. It directs your network to pass through countries like Switzerland and Iceland which are supporters of the privacy of an individual and thus, it promotes anti-logging and keeps browsing history private. By using it, you can stream Hotstar on various devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Key Features Of ProtonVPN Free

  • The most crucial feature of ProtonVPN is its security guidelines. It keeps both your incoming and outgoing data safe.
  • One of the best features of ProtonVPN is that it provides you with unlimited data or no bandwidth restrictions. This means you can stream as many shows as you want.
  • It is also capable of unblocking some of the major libraries of Hotstar including Hotstar USA.
  • ProtonVPN allows you to use its 23 servers placed in 3 countries for unblocking Hotstar.

Drawback Of Using ProtonVPN Free To Unblock Hotstar

Overall ProtonVPN is the best free VPN for Hotstar or Hotstar VPN free. But, to promote its paid plans it compromises the speed of its free users. It provides amazing high speed of up to 10 Gbps to its paid users whereas it lowers down to Medium speed for its free users.


ExpressVPN Hotstar VPN free

ExpressVPN is a product of a British Virgin Islands-based company. It is a very famous name in the market and is used by a large number of people worldwide. It doesn’t provide any dedicated free version, but it operates with a 30 money-back guarantee that you can excise as a free version. With it, you can stream Hotstar on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, devices along with Smart TVs. Not only Hotstar, but you can also unblock pirated sites like JalshamoviezHD with this VPN and enjoy streaming the latest movies and shows with it.

Key Features Of ExpressVPN Free Version

  • It has advanced security provisions that make your data streaming safe and also doesn’t keep logs.
  • It has its servers in more than 94 countries, in about 160 locations, making it a wide network. This means you can unblock any Hotstar library by using it.
  • ExpressVPN is very fast in terms of speed, due to this it is considered one of the best VPN service providers.
  • It also provides you with unlimited data. This means you can stream as many shows as you want.

Drawback Of Using ProtonVPN Free To Unblock Hotstar

The only limitation that you may find with this best VPN for Hotstar is that it doesn’t provide any dedicated free version. For using it for free, you have to make a deposit and have to claim it back within 30 days.


Windscribe best vpn for Hotstar free

The last free VPN for Hotstar that we featured in this list is Windscribe. It is one of the powerful VPN services providers and is based in Canada. This VPN is also one of the best VPNs to unblock Hotstar. It provides a dedicated free version that you can use for as long as you want. Using it you can stream Hotstar on all the major devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, FireTV, etc.

Key Features Of Windscribe Free Version

  • This VPN service allows you to access the data available on Hotstar US, Hotstar UK, and Canada Hotstar library.
  • It allows you to access its multiple servers located in 10 countries.
  • It provides you with 10 GB of data per month. This is way more than the bandwidth provided by TunnelBear VPN.
  • Your speed is never compromised and you get the speed same as the Windscribe Pro users.

Drawback Of Using Windscribe Free VPN To Unblock Hotstar

Windscribe free VPN for Hotstar looks solid but we found two major problems with it. The first problem is that the Hotstar India library is blocked or inaccessible. Apart from this, it is based in Canada which can be a threat to your privacy.

Free VPN For Hotstar: The Bottom Line

These are the 4 best VPN for Hotstar free. If we make a comparison, we may find out that TunnelBear and ExpressVPN allow you to have access to all the media available on Hotstar. But TunnelBear has a cap on data usage whereas ExpressVPN can be used for 30 days only. On the other hand, ProtonVPN provides you with unlimited data, but it doesn’t let you access all Hotstar libraries. 

So, it totally depends upon the requirements of the user, which VPN service provider he/she should opt for. If a person wants to have access to media available in India, the best option is TunnelBear. But if a person desires to watch the media of Hotstar US or UK or Canada, he can go for the other VPNs to unblock Hotstar free.

Free VPN For Hotstar 2024 – 4 Best VPN For Hotstar Free
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