Helo app alternative Indian app.


Helo app alternative Indian app

Recently the Indian government has banned 59 chines apps that include some of the most useful and popular apps like TikTok, UC browsers, Clash of Kings, and ShareIt which used on high demand and potential in India. On the face of 15 June at Ladakh in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred and because of this Indian government decide against china to ban all these 59 apps right now. These all the apps have a great in worth in India and there are lots of users of these apps in India. In this 59 app, the Helo app is one of the great apps for sharing video in very fast mode. These people share many kinds of videos and you can also earn by the Helo app.

These 59 apps which are ban now Indian government also decide to make an alternative app for every chines app which is called the Indian app. And right now in this relevant post, we are talking about the Alternative Indian app of Helo app. You will get to know which app is now people of India use as an alternative to the Helo app and how it is best and good for you.

The alternative of helo app

The alternative of the helo app is now Share chat which offers the best content in 15 best regional languages.  Helo is a social networking platform founded by Chinese company ByteDance.  But ShareChat is now an alternative of the helo app in India and this is good for all the users who use the helo app. So that now they can easily and freely use ShareChat for fun.  This app has millions of users there are over 60 million users active monthly in the helo app and they can easily check and use the alternative of the helo app which is ShareChat. This step is taken by the government to offense benefit to ShareChat and all its users.

Best use of ShareChat which is now alternative of helo app

The helo app alternative in India which is now ShareChat is usually used for sharing files of videos, audios, images, and many more things. You can easily follow any of your friends but this app doesn’t allow you to chat any of your friends. And you can easily share any video, image, or audio through WhatsApp also but ShareChat provides some best features to you which you can use though. Also join a different kind of friends groups which includes, pubg gang, English speaking group, food lover, and many of them.  You can also make friends via chat rooms and talk with strangers and make the best of your friends. You can also download and created more funny and lovely videos through ShareChat and share it with your friends also.

Now it also offers a more exciting offer from which you can earn money also. ShareChat offer Rs 15 through every payment application through Paytm, for every new user. ShareChat users will also get a scratch card with a chance to win more money, while the helo app is only promising to give only additional cash.  So these are the best uses of ShareChat which is entertaining for you.


Helo app alternative Indian app.
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