How to Become a Blogger in 2024?

How To Become A Blogger

Nowadays Blogging is the latest way to voice your ideas, thoughts, and experience. Whether your passion is in business, politics, fashion, cooking, blogging gives you the chance to connect with a number of people who share the same passion.

“Blog” is the abbreviation of the word “web-log”. The platform where you can share your content and any sort of visual and information which you want to outreach to the people all over the web world. The blog will help you to share your information or your point of view regarding specific topics. Being a blogger is like sharing your content and your ideas with people. There are lots of benefits of blogging as you can-

  • Share your Knowledge
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Learn How to make money
  • Build your professional network
  • Market your Business

In this article, I have shared complete steps on How to Become a Blogger? Let’s see the steps below.

How to Start a Blog in 2024 – Complete Steps For Beginners

How To Start A Blog?

Choose a niche for your blog

You can write a blog on any topic you want.  So, the first and foremost step is to decide the main topic for your blog which you want to focus on. Select a topic for your blog which defines your niche. Select something which you are passionate about or something which is of your interest to. Your niche might belong to your hobbies or professions.

Choose your blogging platform:

There is a various platform which you can choose to start your blog. For example, you can start your blog on or WordPress or Weebly, etc. These platforms are mostly free and are a good choice to start off. However, if you want you can also start your own website/blog( For this you will need to purchase the domain name of your choice along with the hosting plan. There are many budget-friendly plans available for beginners. You can select any one of them. WordPress hosting plans are some of the most popular plans. 

Which blogging platform is best for Startup?

Which blogging platform is best for Startup?

Starting with the wrong platform makes it very difficult to switch later. As your blog grows then you need to change the look of your site.  This simply means that you need to go with a blogging platform that is flexible and reliable. Here are some of the best blogging platforms which will help you to get started easily.

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Wix

Choose your Blog’s Name

After selecting a niche for your blog the second step is to choose a blog name. Select a blog name that resonates with your niche. Try to select a unique name that is easy to remember. You can also select unconventional names ( for example Unwedhousewifeblog is a food blog) 

Get Set Go

Try to update your blog daily. The more you update the more people will get to know about it. Try to share interesting and informative content. Let me be very clear with one thing: if you want your blog to be successful if you have to provide value to your users. Write about “How to’s” in your niche. Write about things which people search a lot in your field. 

Research a bit about the content you are going to write about. It is quite important that you update your blog from time to time. 

Create an Editorial Calendar

A blog Editorial Calendar includes the dates and the name of the posts.  In the previous step, you have decided the title for your blog post, Now, you need to decide at what quantity you are going to post at a particular time period. The most important thing is to be scheduled and consistent as well.

Write Your posts

How to write a blog? This is the question that mostly arises while writing a blog. Before writing, do research on the topic which you are going to write. Take your time to write a blog that is interesting, informative, & entertaining. Include the images, videos, and other graphics where needed. This makes your blog more interesting and attractive.

Publish Your posts

After writing the blog post the next step is to publish it. Make sure that you have optimized your article, that means you have used the graphics and images. After publishing, the blog post will be visible to everyone.

Maintain Your Blog

As you continue to post on your blogs- traffic, links, and other metrics will increase day-by-day. With publishing articles on a daily basis, you also need to interact with your visitors via comments, post updates on social media or create content that answers the questions.

Monetize our Blog

There are several ways through which you can earn from your blog. You can monetize your blog using ads, and affiliate advertising. Also if your blog is quite popular different companies may approach to place their product on your websites(also called influencer marketing). 

Do Bloggers make money?

Bloggers do make money but to earn a substantial amount of income through your blog you need to make sure that your blog is having high traffic. One of the commonly used way blogger makes money is by placing sponsored advertisements on their blogs. They can also use various third-party ad platforms such as Google Ads, Taboola, etc.   

Affiliate marketing is another great tool for earning money. There are various affiliate marketing platforms available such as Share A Sale etc where you can sign up and market different products through your website. If the company whom you are promoting will get any sale through your promotion then you will get a percentage of that sale of the product. There are lots of tools that you can use to earn money by blogging.

Final Words

In today’s highly competitive world there are hundreds of blogs already available for every niche. That should not discourage you from starting your own. If you are really passionate and give a sufficient amount of time and energy to your blog then there are great chances that your blog may shine. Always try to provide informative and useful content to your users. People appreciate and promote great content and website. 

How to Become a Blogger in 2024?
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