How To Remove Backblaze From Mac

How To Remove BackBlaze From Mac

Backblaze is a cloud storage software company, that provides regardless of storage for your files and important data. So if you are not interested in using this software. We can help you to remove Backblaze. In this article, we discuss How to remove Backblaze from Mac and also we help you with two types remove Backblaze from Mac with the easy steps.

How Do I Remove Backblaze From My Mac?

In the beginning, if you aren’t interested in using an external program to remove Backblaze then follow these three steps: end the program, remove Backblaze on your Mac and delete any remainder of the program.

1. Quit Backblaze

Uninstall BackBlaze
  • It is important to confirm that the application is running earlier to perform the normal removal. If it is make sure you disable the program and stop any related processes.
  • Usually, you can end an app by right-clicking its Crop icon and choosing Quit. If the program is stuck or stops responding, use it with the Command to Option or Esc keystrokes to start the Leave Applications window. Next, choose the application from the list, then select Force Quit, then in the pop-up window, Force Quit again in the pop-up window.

If you’re unsure whether any of the associated processes remain active, try these steps:

  • Launch Activity Monitor from the Dock, Launchpad, or Spotlight.
  • In the search box, type Backblaze and then select the method that involves the word.
  • In the pop-up dialogue Click the (Force) Quit after pressing its X symbol in the upper left corner.

After that, using one of the alternatives given below, you’ll be able to remove Backblaze from Mac.

2. Remove Backblaze On Mac

Backblaze is simple to eliminate, as all you need to do is delete Backblaze out of the Applications directory in Finder and then the Trash. It is as the following:

  • By using the sidebar, go to the directory /Applications in Finder.
  • Search and select Backblaze and drag and drop the icon of the app onto The Trash area in your Dock (or you can right-click Backblaze and choose Move to Trash)
  • To turn off the removal, enter your administrator password if asked and then select OK.
  • You can go to Finder in the Menu Bar and choose Clean Trash in the dropdown menu.
  • Then, open the System Preferences and then click on the right-click icon Backblaze Backup then select the Remove Backblaze Backup Preference window, and then enter your password a second time.

It is important to remember that cleaning out the Trash is a complete deletion of the files placed there. Be sure that everything that is in the Trash will no longer be required previous to the procedure. To reduce the risk at this phase, open Trash and right-click on Backblaze Select delete permanently, and then click delete in the pop-up windows. if you go with these steps you can easily remove Backblaze from Mac.

3. Erasre All Remnants

In most instances, build and save certain components out of their bundle files. These components will not be removed automatically once Backblaze is deleted. It is recommended to clean them on your own if truly want to create an easy uninstall.

To completely remove Backblaze from Mac follow the steps below to locate and eliminate the remaining program files:

  • Check out the Menu Go’s menu in the Finder Then, select”Go to Folder.
  • Enter the word /Library in the window and then press Enter to go to the desired location.
  • Find things that have”Backblaze” Backblaze in their names in these areas:
  • When you are in the search box located in the Library you can type in Backblaze as well as Seriflab (the name of the vendor). To view the results inside an additional folder, choose “Library” under the block.
  • Select the items in the list of results that correspond to the description, then remove the rest.
  • Repeat the steps to eliminate any Backblaze remnants that remain in The Library directory.
  • Clean the trash to get rid of any remnants.

Automatically Remove Backblaze From Mac

Are you fed up with trying to determine how to uninstall something that is difficult? You may want to consider using specialist software to aid you with these problems by uninstalling them. Which program is most efficient in getting rid of unwanted applications easily and efficiently? Some software Uninstaller stands as a simple but efficient Mac uninstaller, as it is able to completely remove Backblaze from Mac as well as all the other items of the application in a matter of just a few minutes.

  1. Install, download, and start the application third party.
  2. Press Scan when you select Uninstaller. Allow it to finish scanning, and then scan all of the installed applications on your system in the event that you need to.
  3. All applications installed will show on the left when scanning is complete. You can either browse and select Backblaze or enter the name in the search box. After that, all the folders and files that are associated with Backblaze will be displayed on the right-hand side of your screen.
  4. Make a list of all items you’d like to delete. After you’ve selected the files click the Clean button located in the lower right corner of the screen and let the process be completed.
  5. A pop-up window will show “Cleanup Completed” after the entire process is completed. Automatically Backblaze remove from Mac. 


This article provided specific instructions on how to remove Backblaze from Mac using two different methods. Although manually uninstalling the program allows you to add the leftovers when deleting, there is nothing quicker than using a professional application. With the third-party software application, you can not just guarantee a quick and complete uninstallation, but also an uninstallation that is safe for your device too.

FAQ For How To Remove Backblaze From Mac

Here we provide questions and answers all about Uninstall Backblaze.

Why Is Backblaze Not Backing Up?

If your Backblaze is not backing up your data and it’s offline for a long time so is that mean your firewall blocks your Backblaze. You have to do one thing that is blocking your Backblaze and start up again your Backblaze.

How To Remove Backblaze From Mac
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