Is CCleaner Safe?

Is CCleaner Safe

There had been a time where the use of a CCleaner was a mandate. The usage of CCleaner was really popular and trustworthy. Recommending someone a popular Windows software has been a trend since a long time ago.

But such a recommendation can be hazardous at times when one software that we use doesn’t perform up to the mark for someone else and might create unavoidable issues. Such problems are created by CCleaner in recent times as it is no longer trustworthy software. CCleaner also keeps offers amazing offers on an occasional basis like CCleaner Black Friday, due to which many users buy it. But is it really safe to use this software. That is why, here we tell you is CCleaner safe or not for your PC system.


Tracing back to the history of Ccleaner, it has no dark spots. It was once the best among all. 

But in recent times major problems have occurred hampering the image of this optimization software. 

This software once belonged to Piriform and was untouched by glitches back then. But right after Avast purchased it in the year 2017.


The recent talks about this software are the silent and forced updates. One of the users allegedly claimed about the forced update in his system by updating the software without the user’s permission. The user was a Piriform staff member. 

Barging into a user’s system and changing the setting without their permission is ironic. This might harm the privacy of a user. Transparency is also in danger as it is stated that the data collection option on the software is a default feature.


The controversial series began with the introduction of this version a feature namely “Active Monitoring. A genuinely standard element that gathers conceal data about your framework. You could debilitate it to wind down the component – or right? 

You can easily turn off this Active Monitoring feature but then what? 

Ccleaner, without your permission, will enable the feature all over again once you reopen it. Moreover, quitting that version was a difficult task, pressing X, will minimize the software rather than simply closing the tab.


The company Piriform found out that Ccleaner’s 32 –bit version was infected and attacked by a Trojan. That was conducting infringement of data on the PCs of its uses which was indeed dangerous. 

But the situation was under control before the damage was done. A top-notch company-like Avast having such a weak security measure is a surprising factor. 

Excess of advertisement pop-ups and conversion requests to the paid version can be termed as disgusting.

The users who want to get rid of the CCleaner would desperately want to uninstall it but how to do that is the question.


  1. Go to the Settings Menu.
  2. Click on Apps. Another folder opens.
  3. Click on App and Features.
  4. In the search box, type Ccleaner.
  5. Click on the Uninstall option. 

There are a few reports on the internet that claim this was the problem that prevailed in the year 2017. But even after the fixation of malware and other glitches the originality cannot be attained. 

But uninstalling CCleaner is not a permanent solution. Before utilizing ist services you need to focus on a few points. A few alternatives will lead to your PC’s safety. The basic job of CCleaner on your PC is to clean and get rid of junk files, cache cleaning, operating disk space functionalities, and other related works.


when you type disk cleanup in the search bar, Disk Cleanup appears in the search results.

  • Select it and allow the operations that would automatically observe the size of the number of files present in your PC. 
  • Choose the files you want to erase and then click on “clean up system files” to operate this function.


In addition to clearing unnecessary files, CCleaner cleans the cache from your browser and other programs too. 

You’re allowed to clear your browser history, cache moreover as other information is excellent inside the browser. 

Let’s assume Google Chrome as an example. Here, let’s show you ways to clear cache in Google Chrome.

  • 1: Press Ctrl, Shift, and Del keys at an identical time.
  • 2: You’ll be able to select the cache in certain periods among the last hour, last day, last week, last four weeks, all-time to delete by clicking the dropdown menu next to the Time range. 
  • 3. Click the Clear Data button as your next step.
  • 4: Refresh your site.


Not many of us know about this in-built feature of Windows, which was also a task undertaken by Ccleaner. 

If your system crashes, this system will allow you to enable your PC to retain the previous state and not suffer from losing your data.


So, the answer to this question is CCleaner safe? Have a look here, you’ll know the solution, but the important key point is that you simply should find an ideal replacement for it. 

The foremost direct and helpful way is to search out what CCleaner does, then seek respective tools to perform the tasks of CCleaner. 

The alternatives mentioned above would help answer the question. Therefore, you can consider downloading the mentioned software after uninstalling CCleaner to still clean your PC.

Is CCleaner Safe?
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