pCloud vs Degoo: A Comparative Analysis

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When it comes to storage services, you have a lot of choices to choose from. Which is the best one for you, Degoo or pCloud? You might be asking yourself this question because you’re looking to cut your costs, but they’re essentially the same service. 

Degoo and pCloud are both storage services, and they’re head to head when it comes to price, so you’ll want to look for other factors that could sway you one way or the other. pCloud vs Degoo is a comparison between pCloud and Degoo, which will help you decide whether or not to use the one that’s right for you.

Comparison between Degoo And pCloud On Different Factors

If we are comparing pCloud vs Degoo Both are cloud storage solutions that allow you to store and access your information from any device. Both Degoo and pCloud offer an unlimited amount of storage space, but they differ in price to store data. 

pCloud charges per gigabyte, while Degoo charges per month. Even though pCloud is more expensive on a monthly basis, it can be cheaper if you are storing less than 5 GB of data on the service because the cost will be the same as what Degoo charges for 1 GB of data, but that we’ll discuss later on. 

UI and In Use: Degoo vs pCloud

If we look at pCloud vs Degoo then Degoo’s UI is always basic and straightforward. Even the components are large and chunky, and it’s always obvious how to complete tasks. Degoo’s lack of versatility in this area will frustrate users who prefer advanced customization, filtering, and automated workflows. 

To those users who prefer their program to perform what it needs to do without superfluous frills and lights, Degoo will be a treat. 

With so many cloud storage alternatives available, suppliers without a well-known brand, such as pCloud, must focus on one task. Especially when they want Corporate America to adhere: ease of use. Fortunately, pCloud does not let you down, albeit there are a few things that could be better. So the first point goes to pCloud. 

Features Offered:  Difference Between Degoo and pCloud 

In comparison between pCloud and Degoo storage, Degoo has a limited feature set. For starters, there are no native desktop apps for Windows or macOS. In this case, you’ll have to manually upload and download files through the website. The phone applications are handier, and it’s evident that the service is aimed mostly at photographers who use their smartphones to capture photos.

If we are talking about the difference between Degoo and pCloud, Degoo is available on the Samsung Galaxy Store and Huawei AppGallery. In addition to this, iOS and Android app shops. 

While comparing pCloud vs Degoo we got Degoo may be configured to constantly upload files from a folder. Other file kinds beyond images can be used with this tool, but you’ll need a subscription plan to do so.

As previously said, pCloud outperforms Degoo in terms of features, such as Fair Share for public folders and Crypto share. The most important element of any cloud storage service is file synchronization, which pCloud excels at. Overall, pCloud is the clear winner in terms of features.

Is pCloud Reliable and Trustworthy?

One of the major concerns of cloud storage is Privacy. We know it is not very difficult to find the difference between pCloud and Degoo. pCloud is based in Switzerland and must respect strong privacy regulations, it is a highly reliable service. It also claims not to sell user data to third parties. 

As it makes a more secure alternative for people who are concerned about their privacy. After comparing pCloud vs Degoo, We can say pCloud is a secure platform. You may use pCloud Crypto to ensure that only you have access to your files. In addition to the industry-standard AES, 256-bit protection is also provided by pCloud. 

Is Degoo Cloud Reliable and Trustworthy?

Degoo is a great option if you care about the protection of your images. All options have 256-bit end-to-end security, making it very difficult for others to monitor your data while it’s in transmission. If you sign in with a Google account, you can use two-factor authentication.

The zero-knowledge storage system available on subscription plans is much more intriguing. Information is encrypted to the point where no one at Degoo cloud can access them without knowing your password. Even if they were forced to do so by law. All paid plans also store your files in various storage centers, ensuring that they are never lost. So we have a tie for the security section. 

Pricing Comparison:  pCloud vs Degoo 

We all want the best service at a low price, so let’s check out the pricing options of both Degoo and pCloud. Both Degoo and pCloud offer free trial and subscription plans.

Pricing Structure Of Degoo

Degoo offers 3 plans, Free, Pro, and Ultimate. 

Free Plan

  • 100 GB cloud space
  • 3 devices
  • Access to web app
  • 500 GB referral bonus
  • 5 GB per referred friend
  • End-to-end encryption
  • 90 days account inactivity
  • Basic storage replication

Pro Plan

  • $3 /Month
  • Features
  • 300 GB cloud space10 devices
  • Access to web app
  • 1000 GB referral bonus10 GB per referred friend
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Files stored forever
  • Enhanced storage replication
  • No ads and Zero-knowledge encryption

Ultimate Plan

  • $9.99 /Month
  • 10 TB cloud space
  • Unlimited devices
  • Access to web app
  • 1000 GB referral bonus
  • 10 GB per referred friend
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Files stored forever
  • Enhanced storage replication
  • No ads
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Photo storage maximizer

Pricing Structure Of pCloud 

pCloud offers Free, Premium, Premium Plus, and Business plans.

Free Plan

100GB Storage

Premium Plan

  • $4.99/M
  • 500GB Storage 

Premium Plus Plan

  • $8/M
  • 2TB storage 

For businesses and Family plans, they have a different segment, you can contact their support team and tell them your requirements to get the best deals.

Customer Support:  Degoo vs pCloud

Degoo’s support, like the product itself, is quite simple. There’s a body of knowledge with about 25 FAQs that walk you through the software’s most important functions. Unfortunately, there isn’t a bunch to go over. 

Although we’ve given pCloud a lot of recognition in this analysis, customer service is one aspect where the film falls short. Unlike many of its competitors, pCloud does not provide a live chat option, and waiting times to queries were inconsistent in our opinion. But, we’ve to choose a winner! And that’s pCloud.

Pros and Cons:  pCloud vs Degoo

Degoo Advantages And Disadvantages 

PROS Of Degoo

  • Free 100 GB storage
  • Cheap plans
  • The decent web browser experience
  • Okay mobile apps
  • Zero-knowledge system

CONS Of Degoo

  • No desktop applications & no file synchronization
  • Very limited sharing capabilities
  • No file versioning system
  • Has a record of not responding to emails/tickets
  • No two-factor authentication

Advantages And Disadvantages pCloud 

Pros Of pCloud

  • You never lost a file with the help of pClouds Rewind System
  • Top-Notch Security To Protect Sensitive Files
  • Convenient File Management On The Go
  • Easily Store Your Files From Other Online Platforms.
  • Smooth User-Friendly Mobile App
  • PCloud provides an Online Virtual Hard Drive
  • PCloud As Data Vault
  • Easy Access To Your Files
  • Collaborate On Your Files Easily With Others

Cons Of pCloud

  • Extra Cost charged by  PCloud on Extended File History (EFH)& crypto
  • pCloud doesn’t provide an online file editor and Google Drive together.
  • The file download is slow sometimes
  • Limited support options, Encryption costs extra

Final Note:  Degoo vs pCloud 

We’ve completed our comparison of pCloud and Degoo. With that, we’ve arrived at the end of our comparison. In most ways, Degoo and pCloud are essentially identical. pCloud, on the other hand, provides somewhat better performance at a fraction of the expense. 

In terms of functionalities, this provides pCloud a significant advantage over Degoo. With lower costs, a lot more to provide, and slightly better quality measures, pCloud takes the win.

Why is pCloud better than Degoo?

  • pCloud is a low-cost cloud service that is quick and secure.
  • Because it’s situated in Switzerland, it’s bound by strong Swiss privacy rules, which means your data is more protected.
  • Customer service is lacking, and this is the key area where the service falls short.
  • For most personal and corporate users, this cloud storage service is an excellent choice.

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