PowerDirector Lifetime License 2024

PowerDirector Lifetime License

Video and Photo editing software have a different roles in today’s digital world. However, it plays an important role in making a video good, editing it, or customizing it as per your wish. To work seamlessly with one of the best editing software to integrate edited photographs, graphics, or animated images. So here we introduce CyberLink PowerDirector to any video editing for all creators as well. In this article, we will know about the CyberLink PowerDirector and PowerDirector Lifetime License. So let’s start this right now with the question of that why should you need it?

Why Should You Choose PowerDirector Lifetime Subscription?

Many peoples are choosing PowerDirector lifetime plans over the monthly or regular subscriptions because of the following reasons:

  • Cheaper than Monthly and Annual Plans.
  • No hassle of paying on monthly basis.
  • Enjoy unstoppable video editing without any interferons.
  • No burden for paying regularly.
  • Extra Features with PowerDirector Lifetime Price.

That’s it, there are some benefits if you choose Lifetime Premium of PowerDirector CyberLink.

PowerDirector Lifetime License 2024 – An Complete Guide

In order to know about the PowerDirector Lifetime Premium, here we will know about PowerDirector firstly. In this, you will get the best features that help you to create a mesmerizing video.

PowerDirector – An Award-Winning Video Editing Software 

CyberLink PowerDirector is an advanced video editing software with unbeatable video effects powered by AI. In this, you can easily cut, refine, and add effects with first-class editing tools for an intuitive workflow. In PowerDirector compiling the content with powerful new effects, a fabulous interface, and ever-growing libraries. However, there are some featured tools like intuitive motion tracking, dynamic keyframe controls, and mask designer.

With PowerDirector, easily edit photographs, graphics, or animated images. In addition, here you can refine your assets in PhotoDirector and add them to your project PowerDirector. Here, all this work you can do in PowerDirector Lifetime License.

Features Of PowerDirector Editing Software

Here are some of the features of CyberLink PowerDirector that make it unique editing software. These are all features you will get on the Lifetime Licence of PowerDirector.

  • Mask & Blend: With this, you can create layers, shapes, and blends in scenes.
  • Keyframing: It helps in creating dynamics and some real energy with animated effects.
  • Chroma Key: To apply impossible scenes with a green effect.
  • AI Motion Tracking: For enhancing your videos by adding text and graphics to affect the motion automatically.
  • Sky Replacement: Easy to replace or transform the sky that looks bad in the scene.
  • Object Detection: In PowerDirector Lifetime License, you can apply masks to remove unwanted objects or backgrounds.
  • Wind Remover: Get crisp and clear voice or audio in any weather conditions.
  • Speech Enhancement: Refine vocals to reduce distracting background noise.
  • Royalty-Free Stock Library: Here, you can access 8,00,000+ videos, images, and music tracks from Shutterstock and iStock.
  • Title Customize: Create unique titles with tools and animated templates.
  • LUTs & Color Match: Add colors to match or balance the video.
  • Video Effects: Edit or modify the effect of your video.
  • Smart Background Music: Customize background music to fit the footage length.
  • Screen Recording: Easily capture, edit and share your videos.
  • Live Streaming: Here, directly watch twitch, youtube, and other sites by recording with Chroma key and overlay objects.

Here are all features that you can get by purchasing PowerDirector 20 Lifetime Plan.

PowerDirector Lifetime License Subscription 2024

Here is the PowerDirector one time license price for a new user in an easy way which is for the lifetime license of PowerDirector.

  • Get PowerDirector 20 Ultra Lifetime License for up to $ 108.74.
  • Buy PowerDirector 20 Ultimate Lifetime License at up to $ 150.67.

The above-mentioned plan is for the new users that want to buy the lifetime plan of PowerDirector.

Here is also an old user plan that wants to upgrade your PowerDirector.

  • Upgrade PowerDirector Onetime Licence at $ 96.95 only for old users.

Note: In the above PowerDirector Lifetime License plan, this is only for the person upgrading their version from 18-19. Therefore, this line is kept in your mind while purchasing a lifetime license of PowerDirector. For purchasing other software you can use Cyberlink Coupon Code.

There are some extra monthly & yearly plans for that user who doesn’t like the Lifetime subscription of PowerDirector. In these plans, you can get up to 50% off using our PowerDirector 365 coupon code.

PowerDirector Monthly Plan At Discount:

ProductOriginal PriceDiscount OfferDiscount Price
PowerDirector 365$ 74.67Up to 30% Off$ 52.27
Director Suite 365$ 140.19Up to 30% Off$ 96.95
PowerDirector 365 Business$ 324.94Up to 50% Off$ 162.47

Currently, these offers are available on the official site of PowerDirector for a lifetime plan of CyberLink PowerDirector. So make sure to grab these monthly plans at up to 50% discount at the end of 11 May. If the time runs out, then you can buy PowerDirector Lifetime License to enjoy an unstoppable video editing experience.

If you have missed amazing chance to save money so don’t worry. There is another live deal and you can get massive discount by applying Media Composer voucher, so use as soon as possible.


In CyberLink PowerDirector, there are many plans and offers which are lifetime monthly, or annually as well. However, its choice is up to you whether you choose a lifetime or Monthly plan which is suitable for you. In this article, we discuss the PowerDirector Lifetime Licence plan and its price. Not only that, but we also know some other monthly plans for those people who do not like Lifetime subscription plans. I hoped that you have gotten what you want to know about the PowerDirector one-time plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the top queries of users related to the PowerDirector Lifetime License Subscription Plan.

Is PowerDirector Onetime Purchase?

Yes, you can purchase the PowerDirector one-time Subscription plan of PowerDirector at $ 108.74 for the lifetime Subscription. 

Is PowerDirector completely free?

No, PowerDirector is not completely free but you can take its free version to use as a trial.

How Much Does Lifetime Price Of PowerDirector?

The PowerDirector one-time price is $ 108.74. On the other hand, its ultimate plan is about $ 150.67.

PowerDirector Lifetime License 2024
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