Smart Com Ph SIM Reg 2024 [How To Register SIM On Smart Com?]

Smart Com Ph SIM Reg

Smart Communications is a leading mobile network operator in the Philippines that requires all its subscribers to register their SIM cards by law. The process of Smart Com ph SIM reg (registration) is easy to do and necessary also. As this is mandated by the Philippine government to help authorities identify mobile users and curb crime and terrorism.

In this Smart Com ph SIM registration, customers must provide their personal information correctly and Valid ID proof to avoid further issues. That’s why today in this article we will tell you how to register a Smart com ph SIM card in just simple steps and some more information about this registration.

What Does Smart Com Ph SIM Reg Mean?

“Smart com ph SIM reg” refers to registering a new SIM card provided by the telecommunications company “Smart Com” in the Philippines. This SIM registration system allows Philippine authorities to maintain a registry of mobile users for national security purposes and helps law enforcement trace criminals using mobile phones. The registration process typically involves providing personal information and Valid documentation to verify the identity of the SIM user.

Although it’s no longer processed you can register your SIM card in just simple steps. By registering a SIM card on Smart Com users can access mobile network services, like making calls, sending text messages, and using data. It’s important to register SIM on Smart Com in the Philippines as it prevents unauthorized use of SIM cards for illegal activities. 

What Information Is Needed To Smart Com Ph SIM Reg (Registration)?

Information Is Needed To Smart Com Ph SIM Reg

For Smart Com ph SIM card registration, you typically need personal details like your name, birth date, gender, nationality, a valid government ID, and proof of address. Contact information, a passport-sized photo, and sometimes biometric data like fingerprints might also be required. These measures ensure compliance with regulations, enhance security and prevent unauthorized usage. It’s best to check Smart Com’s official website or contact their customer support for the latest and precise registration requirements.

How Can I Smart Com Ph SIM Reg (Registration)?

To register your SIM card on Smart Com, you just need to follow the below simple steps:

  • Visit the “Smart Com” official website.
  • Scroll down until the “Enter your Mobile Number” shows
  • There Enter the mobile number you want to register.
  • Tick on the “terms & conditions” box.
  • Tap on “Send OTP”.
  • Now enter the OTP received to your mobile phone.
  • After that a “Success” message will pop up.
  • Tap on “ok”.
  • Enter the all needed information.

With this process you have verified your mobile number successfully now for the Smart com ph SIM reg (registration) you need to fill out the form correctly. Below we’ve provided the complete detail about the form and the other requirements for registration.

Type Of Registration

In this column, you’ll need to fill out what type of registration you’re doing. There are four options available-

  • I’m registering a newly bought SIM.
  • I’m registering my old SIM.
  • I’m registering a newly bought SIM for a minor.
  • I’m registering an old SIM for a minor.

In this option, you need to select the one that you’re doing, select the first one if you have a new SIM card and want to register it.


In this option, you need to select where you belong if you’re doing this from the Philippines just select the “Philippines” option. Remember not to fill in other nationalities or it’ll create a problem for you in the future.

ID Card

In this ID card option, you need to select any one govt. ID that you’ll need in Smart com ph SIM reg (registration). Ensure that the selected ID is valid and not expired and you have that time as you’ll need to fill the ID number and attach a copy of that in further process.

Upload Valid ID

After selecting the ID card you need to upload it here. Ensure that the file size must be below 5 MB and the type: jpg.jpeg.png If your file doesn’t meet this criteria it won’t upload. Also, make sure that the uploaded ID is not blurred, especially the main number and the photo.

Upload Selfie

To verify that this ID belongs to you, you will need to upload a clear selfie of yours. Ensure that the uploaded selfie is not blurred, and take a selfie in a well-lit room. Make sure that the taken photo is clear and all pertinent details are clearly visible before submission. You need to upload it in Max of 5 MB in one of the file types: jpg.jpeg.png.

ID Card Number

Here now after uploading your ID and selfie, you need to enter your uploaded ID proof card number. Enter the correct information to avoid any problems in the future.

First Name

Enter your first name here which is mentioned in your ID proof. As right information will not create any issues in the future in Smart Com ph SIM reg (registration).

Middle Name

Here you need to enter your middle name if you have any for example – Orient Tayhon Devero the Orient if your first name, the Tayhon is your middle name, and the Devero is your last name. If you don’t carry any middle name then you can tick a box that says “I have no legal middle name”.

Last Name

Now enter your legal last name here, make sure you write the name that is in your uploaded ID proof. After that add your same birthday as in the uploaded ID proof. Later on, mention your identity as a male/female/other.

After filling in all these personal details tap on the “Next” button to go further. 

Address Information

Now you need to fill out your permanent/official home address information here. Fill in your house no, street no., village, unit, zip code, and all other information correctly. 

Alternate Contact Information

Mention your alternate contact number and email id. This is not compulsory to fill so you can skip it also. Although it’s beneficial, they need to further validate the information you provided.

After that tap on the “Next” button.


This summary is for you to know all information you have filled out in the application form. You can check the information you provided and if it is correct you can move further. 

Below your information, you’ll find two statements that must be checked for the application to proceed. You must confirm that all the information you have filled out is true and accurate in the first box. The second check box is optional which means that you allow the Smart Com to send you all the promotion and recommendation SMS. After that tap on the “Next” button and then the message will pop up saying that your application has been submitted or you have successfully registered to the Smart Com ph SIM.

So, this is the full guide on how you can Smart Com ph SIM reg (registration) in just simple steps.

How Can I Check My Smart Com Ph SIM Card Registration?

To check if your Smart Com ph SIM card is registered or not you just need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Smart Com ph.
  • Locate the “Enter Mobile Number” box.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Tick on the “terms & conditions” box.
  • Tap on “Send OTP”.
  • Now enter the received OTP to your mobile phone.
  • Then “SIM has been successfully registered” msg will pop up.

If you do not see this type of pop up then you need to register your sim card on http Smart Com ph SIM registration portal.

Who Should Do Smart Com Ph SIM Registration?

This Smart com ph SIM reg process is for all the users who have not yet registered their SIM cards. If you have newly bought the Smart SIM card then you must register your SIM on Smart Com ph. Also, if you’re an old user and haven’t registered your SIM card yet then you should also register your SIM card on Smart Com. By following simple steps you can do Smart com ph SIM registration.

How Long Does It Take To Register Smart SIM?

Smart Com ph SIM Reg (registration) takes around approx 24 hours to complete. You need to create a Smart account, submit details like SIM number, name, birthdate, address, and a valid ID for verification. After submission, wait for Smart’s review and approval which usually takes 24-48 hours. After that period you’ll receive an SMS of fully registered on http Smart Com ph.

Can I Register A Smart Com Ph SIM Card After Porting It From Other Networks?

Yes, you can register your Smart Com ph SIM card after porting it from other networks. Smart Com ph SIM reg (registration) is necessary because of rules, regulations, and continued service usage.

Smart Com Ph SIM Reg 2024 [How To Register SIM On Smart Com?]
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