8 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC

8 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC

Hi guys! In this article, I’m going to discuss 8 reasons why one should build your own gaming PC.

Why building a Gaming PC? Why not pre-build a Gaming PC?

#1 Price

The very first thing we somewhat come across worrying about money/price/cost. I have picked up all the components to build your Gaming PC step by step and compared them with a pre-build Gaming PC. I compared the prices in both cases and I came to know that the components which I bought from Amazon are less than the pre-build Gaming PC. The parts which I choose are top of the International Brands. I literally realized that I could choose better parts compared to a pre-build Gaming PC. Many of us have limitations regarding money. If you too have the limitations the Gaming PC building is for you.

#2 What Actually You Want

First, you have to decide what features you want on your PC. You may be targeting the Resolution and Frame Rate. It’s your choice what kind of Gaming you want. You can set the budget according to your choice of Gaming.

Let’s assume that you have very little money and you want to build a good Gaming PC, then you may target the HD resolution at 1280×720P and frame rate 30-60 fps (low or medium settings).

If you are in the medium range, then you may opt for Full HD at 1920×1080P and frame rate 60fps (medium or ultra settings).

Finally, if you are a PC Gaming enthusiast then you can focus on 4K Gaming at Ultra HD 3840×2160P frame rate 30-60fps (Ultra Settings). If you want a frame rate of more than 60 fps (which wasn’t possible with a single card) then you can opt for a Dual card such as TITAN (at least two cards). In addition to that Windows 10 Home is the most liked and popular version to run any compatible gaming. As it has all the required specifications need to run the game on PC. So, the best version of Windows 10 for gaming is Windows 10 Home.

#3 Upgrading

What you will want in the future? Wait, you have an upgradeable option. You may upgrade your Graphics Card and CPU depending upon your Motherboard. Choose a CPU that performs well with your system including a graphics card. But, in the future, if you place a graphics card then you might need power from the CPU. In this case, you can overclock your CPU (not all CPUs are overclocked able).

You can increase your RAM, graphics, and more. You can even change the settings from Full HD to Ultra settings with that same system. To do this you should have sound knowledge about the upgrading.

#4 It’s a Hobby

PC building is not homework. It’s a Hobby. If you are a PC enthusiast then you would love to discuss the specifications of different kinds of PC. If you somehow met another cheap gaming PC enthusiast then you would really love to discuss with them. There are a lot of topics to discuss. It’s only possible if one knows PC building. This is one of the reasons that you should build your own PC.

#5 Community

If you reach a PC building forum of any site and ask about the PC building then definitely they will give their opinions. They will also recommend building your own PC. They will also help you with a better understanding of PC building. It’s really awesome guys. Try it.

#6 No Experience Needed

There are very few jobs or work where experience is not needed. Well, PC building is one of them. You might be worried about the damage to the components but, in reality, it doesn’t happen.

#7 Why not Gaming Laptops

There are also pre-built gaming laptops. These are very costly as compared to pre-build PCs. You can imagine that the power components are minimized to small sizes and put together and packed. There is a lot of space in the Gaming rig in your PC for air blow in the cabinet. But in the case of the laptop, the performance degrades.

The battery life of Gaming Laptops is less (average 45-60 minutes). You have to do power-up in the socket and too heavy. The power brick of Gaming Laptops is also too big and heavy.

The choice is yours. I’m not trying to bias anyone. You may go to Gaming Laptop too.

#8 Victory

When you first turned on your custom PC then you’ll feel a sense of glory, pride, and awesomeness.

Please share your views and suggest ideas or ask questions in the comment box.

8 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC
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