5 Top Video conferencing Apps to use During Quarantine

top video conferencing apps

The companies and organizations are shut due to Covid-19. However, the work goes on as usual. How? The reason is these top video conferencing apps that companies and organizations can use during the quarantine. Work from home has been made easy. 

These apps or software allow you to hold video conferencing and meetings online. You don’t need an office when you can access one from home. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best video meeting apps that professionals use for conducting official meetings, etc. 

Zoom Meetings

Zoom is the perfect platform to hold professional meetings at this time of quarantine. It’s a free app to hold online video conferencing, webinars, meetings, chats, etc. However, there’s also a paid version of it with some additional features. 

This software allows you to hold video conferencing and meeting across many devices without any problem. You can record videos and share them easily. 

One of the most important features of this app is that it gives full security and protection so your credible information doesn’t go into too wrong hands. 

You can use this app on the desktop as well as on mobile and tabs. This feature makes it easy to use. 

This app gives you HD videos and audio. The capacity of the user at the same time is up to 1000. You can share files and screens on this app. Corona has shut the world but Zoom has technology. 


BlueJeans provide cloud-based meetings. It is a simple, smart, and secure platform for conducting HD video conferencing and online meetings. 

It is the perfect app for modernizing your meetings. This app software allows web, audio, and video conferences from anywhere in the world on any device. You can join and host these videos instantly. This app provides HD Videos and Dobly voice audio. This cancels all the background noises and gives a better video meeting experience to users. 

You can join the meeting from your browser. You don’t have to download or install anything extra for this.

Some other features of this app are screen sharing, room system compatibility, cloud sharing, and streaming, seamless integration of apps like Facebook, etc.  

The security system of BlueJeans is also very good. Overall, this is one of the top video conferencing apps. 

The popular price and plan are BlueJeans Pro which starts at $13.99 m/o. 

top 5 video conferencing apps

Hangout Meets

Hangout Meets is also one of the top apps when it comes to video conferencing and official meetings for your business. Moreover, you can use this app on windows, macs, android, etc. 

By using this app you can easily connect with your team from anywhere. This app makes it very easy to join video calls and face-to-face meetings for users. 

All you have to do is to share a link with your teammates and you’re connected online. Google hangout meets is designed for any business. It doesn’t matter if you’re running an IT company or an online store. You can easily use this app especially at this time when everything is locked down to coordinate with your team. 

One more key feature of this app is that you can join the meeting on Hangout Meets from Skype via the Pexip Infinity platform. This makes the external members participate in the meetings.  

All the videos and audios are encrypted and fully secure. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. 


Skype is the most popular app for video meetings and chats. It is totally free to hold joint meetings and chat. It can be used on Windows, Macs, Osx, and Linux. 

SKype gives you HD video calls and videos. You can even make phone calls from it. You can even share mobile screens on this app. 

Skype allows up to 50 participants in video calling at one time. That is great for video conferencing in a medium-size office. 

Skype has this amazing features that also show subtitles. And also you can even record videos on this app. 

This is a top video conferencing app that professional companies and organizations use to coordinate with their team from anywhere in the world.  

The value and usage of this app also increase at this tragic time when everything is shut and lock-down. This is a very easy and simple application that you can use.

You can get more features and better security by getting its paid version.  


WebEx is the perfect app for work from home right now. It is one of the most secure platforms for holding joint video meetings. 

It is known as one of the best business apps by Fobes. 

In this period of quarantine, this is the app every office, company, or other organization should go for. 

This app has made it so simple to join the online video meeting. You can schedule your meetings beforehand. 

This application allows you to share screens or show people your screen easily. You can get your own personalized rooms here. 

You don’t even need a desktop or laptop to use it. And also, you can use this app from your mobile anytime anywhere with ease. 

If you are worried about security then not anymore. WebEx has Cisco with it. This app is Cisco cloud security so you don’t have to worry about protection anymore. 

When the question comes, work from home? WebEx is the right answer. 

Final Thoughts 

These 5 top video conferencing apps came out as messiah during this lockdown and quarantine. Corona may have shut down all the business but we will not give up. These apps are what have made work from home possible. 

You’re working from home but you’re connected to your office via these top video conferencing apps. In this article, we have discussed the top 5 video meeting apps that you can use to work from home. We have discussed their main features and qualities which make the online meeting more simple and easy. 

These are the best applications you can use during quarantine to coordinate with your team and not let anything stop you from contributing your skills. 

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5 Top Video conferencing Apps to use During Quarantine
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