Twitch Rivals Review

Twitch Rivals Review

People are getting engaged in online gaming too much. Many amazing platforms are utilizing the benefits of online gaming to earn money. Twitch is one of them. Twitch introduced a battle among the users called Twitch Rivals. Here you will read Twitch rivals review to get more familiar with this term and its benefits and losses.

Online gaming has become more famous in recent years. Online games are easy to access, which is why these are preferred by most people. And you can play it anywhere anytime with your phone or gaming console. These games make your life more entertaining and people want to build careers in this field. 

What Are Twitch Rivals?

Twitch Rival is the platform where you can grow your gaming skills as a passion. An online competitive event that features streamers and pro players. It is a kind of sports tournament. It is a yearly tournament in which the biggest streamers fight against each other for a huge prize pool. 

Twitch Rivals is one of the best competing formats for streamers. It is a sanctioned series of tournaments where players get together and compete with one another. It’s a very new concept to gather its users in one place. Twitch has hosted plenty of tournaments at various events over the years. It is a LAN-focused event where players can compete from home. Twitch Rivals competitions can take place in any form, sometimes it has mainstream games such as Call of duty or league of legends. Sometimes it has fallen guys or even chess. 

Many of the Twitch events get streamed on the official Twitch Rival Channels with different languages such as Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, and more. But the main Twitch Rival Channel has English commentary. There are a lot of opportunities to take part in the Twitch Rivals events. You can do it just by getting an invitation or just by tuning into the stream. These events happen the whole year with huge prizes for the streamers.

When Is Twitch Rivals Begins?

The biggest online gaming event is going to happen this year very soon. To get involved in this event, get to know about it in brief.

Currently, It Is Happening

In 2021, The Twitch Rivals events were rebooted; it has 200+ days of gaming with over 100 events. Only Twitch Partners and Twitch Affiliates are eligible as long as they are invited. You can only join if you were invited to the program. None of the major streamers participated in October month. Still, the games played had plenty of action going on. Players rarely participate for the prize pool money, instead, they participate to grow their channels. 

The upcoming events of Twitch Rivals will be held on December 6,2021. Hearthstone, League of Legends, Call of Duty and Golf with your Friends will be streaming. Formats will change according to every game, but all games will award points. Squads of players will take part in the tournament who will compete in 5 games to determine the Final Champion. 

Who won twitch rivals 2021 warzone?

Seth Scump Abner took the first position in the final world series of the warzone tournament of the Twitch Rivals. The streamer was overjoyed after making the final shot that will make him win. He shot the entire moment in his webcam. His achievement makes everyone shocked as throughout 2021 he mainly participated in Call of Duty. Seth Scump Abner is known as a legendary player because of his performance in Call of Duty. The esports player is currently the captain of OpTic Texas, previously known as OpTic Gaming. He played a major part in the history of esports that is why he has been praised a lot. Seth Scump Abner achieved first place in the Solo Yolo bracket of the World Series of Warzone tournament and assured him with a prize of $100k.

When is Twitch Rivals League of Legends? 

The upcoming events of December are:

  • Tetris effect, December 3,2021.
  • Golf with your friends, December6,2021.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone, December 6,2021.
  • League of Legends, December 6,2021.
  • Hearthstone, December 6,2021.
  •  Call of Duty: Warzone, December 6,2021.

These are the upcoming events which are going to be held this month with lots of prizes to win.

When does Twitch Rival start?

As you know it is an e-sport tournament and online competitive event. It was first held on 28th February,2018. At that time, it had 800 Twitch affiliates and partners and 38 events included in it.

After that Twitchcon 2019 was held as a LAN (local area network) based tournament for professional players, streamers, and attendees. Many celebrities participated in the tournament. Twitch Rivals 2019 event featured two competitions: the NA vs EU show match and the Rumble on The Rift Tournament. Both tournaments have a cash prize of $20000 for first place and $5000 for second place. After that in 2020 Twitch Rival was held multiple times throughout the year. Its showdown will take place from February 18th-20th 2020.

Bottom line: Twitch Rivals Review

So, now we can easily understand what Twitch Rival was when it was started and who can take part in this league. As an online gaming platform, it offers many perks like cash prizes too. And one more important thing is that your age must be 18+ to take part in Twitch Rival and you must be twitch affiliated.

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Twitch Rivals Review
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