Ubuntu Pros And Cons 2024- Everything You Want To Know About Linux

pros and cons of ubuntu

What are the pros and cons of Ubuntu? Why Use Ubuntu For Programing?

When it comes to talking about a decent operating system, Ubuntu Linux is always on the top. It is one of the most popular operating systems and is highly recommended for your workstation.

You may find many articles where you will be misguided that Windows is better than Ubuntu.

But, before trusting them blinding let’s just check out Ubuntu pros and cons. Also, find many reasons why Ubuntu is better than Windows operating system.

Ubuntu is a free open-source distribution available for cloud computing. Apart from this, you are completely free to customize and get a complete set of all apps at their software center.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of  Ubuntu?

The pros and cons of Ubuntu will help you in deciding why Ubuntu is better than Windows OS. Using this OS you can easily pick its codes and can invent unique projects.

So, without making any further delay let us get deep dive into Ubuntu pros and cons in brief:

Pros Of Ubuntu: The Advantages Of Linux Ubuntu Operating System

  1. A Free Operating System For Computing
  2. You Can Easily Customize The Software
  3. Excellent For Developing Unique Programs
  4. Updates Are Very Simple
  5. Great Options For Documentation
  6. Solid Interface With Command Line 
  7. Compare To Other Os, Ubuntu Is Secured
  8. Ubuntu’s Launchpad Is Good.
  9. Huge Options To Build A Great Community
  10.  Concern Usability

Cons Of Ubuntu: The Disadvantages Of Ubunutu Linux Operating System

  1. You Need Experts While Operating
  2. Difficult To Migrate
  3. Tough To Understand Operating
  4. Limited Functionality
  5. Hardware & Software Complications
  6. Not So Good For Gaming Purpose
  7. Customer Support Is Limited

So these are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ubuntu Linux operating system in brief. But it is recommended to know these pros and cons of Ubuntu in detail that is discussed in the next section.

Linux Ubuntu Pros And Cons: What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ubuntu? 

advantages & disadvantages of ubuntu

Let us first discuss what is the advantage of using the Ubuntu operating system at your workstation.

Advantage Of Linux Ubuntu

advantages of ubuntu

  • Free Operating System For Computing

This is one of the biggest advantages of Ubuntu that it is completely free to download. Linux is also an open-source operating system. By using this Linux Ubuntu operating system you can own or maintain the working computer without paying a single penny for a software license or any other third-party software.

  • Easy To Customize Software

The majority of developers preferred to use Ubuntu for programming their machines. With this OS you will get excellent customization levels to control as well as to manage your website. With Linux, you can also control all the backend processes of the whole software.

  • Excellent For Developing Unique Programs

You can easily install Ubuntu on your device without installing any external script like python, java, and so on. Linux operating system is designed in such a way that for programmers that it will be easy to use after installation. If you still have any issues while running this software use the apt-get command that will help in installing the software with single line code.

  • Updates Are Very Simple

Millions of developers are using Linux Ubuntu just because of their easy updating process. This is the best advantage of Ubuntu. Whenever you get a new software update you can easily do it without phasing any lag over your website.

  • Great Options For Documentation

If you are using WordPress for your website, then Ubuntu will benefit you. The Linux operating system is very well at its documentation. Ubuntu’s search engine will gonna help many programmers with their project. As they get easily what they might need.

  • Solid Interface With Command Line

Ubuntu has an excellent command-line interface that is reasonably simple to learn. Aside from that, it has other commands that make server management, using local files, and working in the development environment much easier.

  • Compare To Other OS Ubuntu Is Secured

Okay, so while designing a highly secured firewall for websites, Linux Ubuntu will provide frequent security updates to its software. You only need to do an initial setup after doing proper research and then after all this, you will be strongly protected. 

  • Ubuntu’s Launchpad Is Good

Since Launchpad focuses on Ubuntu development, most of the code hosted there can be downloaded as a package instead of having to be manually compiled. Even better, you can add a Launchpad site to your list of repositories and continue to update a piece of software you’re interested in with minimal effort by adding it to your list of repositories.

  • Huge Options To Build A Great Community

Bacon has not only organized these volunteer activities, but he has also written the book on community organizing, The Art of Community, which is one of the most comprehensive and realistic management books available. Ubuntu Accomplishes, a series of certificates for completing specific tasks.

  • Concern Usability

Ubuntu has always put usability their premium subject. The focus was unusual in 2004 when FOSS was still all about functionality than architecture and GNOME had only recently formulated its Human Interface Guidelines.

To say the least, the outcome has been mixed, with new users mostly being overshadowed by seasoned users. Even so, for the free desktop to achieve its modern maturity, such knowledge was needed. Without Ubuntu, usability would have gotten a lot less attention in the last decade.

These are the pros of Ubuntu or you can say the most important advantages of Ubuntu Linux OS.

Now let us check the disadvantages of Ubuntu to know the reason few people don’t consider Ubuntu is better than windows.

Disadvantages Of Ubuntu

disadvantages of ubuntu

While discussing the pros and cons of Ubuntu, it is important to know what are the genuine disadvantages. Since you will find many articles where they mention some worthless disadvantages. We have mentioned the important points due to which many people consider switching windows. 

  • You Need An Experts While Operating

While developing any website you will need to take help from some experts who are mastered in this field. They will simplify the codes, commands, and other important functions where you may be stuck. While using any complex operating system you may need some developers helping behind it. This may be a reason for some people as they don’t receive proper solutions for the same. 

  • Difficult To Migrate

If you are using a WordPress site and think to migrate it which is hosted on a shared hosting service then you may find some difficulties while migrating it to a server hosted by Ubuntu operating system. 

  • Tough To Understand Operating

Those users that might not have much knowledge about command-line programs may find difficulties while operating Ubuntu. They approach many YouTube tutorial videos for how to run a program in this operating system. Once they understand the whole game, then it will be much easy to use Linux Ubuntu on their workstation. 

  • Limited Functionality

The main disadvantage of Ubuntu that developers experience is the limited availability of resources. As it’s open-source and many apps are free to download but this option is much better in other Operating Systems like Windows and macOS.

  • Hardware & Software Complications

Many of the users have reported that they might experience driver issues. This problem is basically occurring on the software and hardware of the OS of their device. They see major trouble while connecting any wireless devices or printers because of hardware issues. 

  • Not So Good For Gaming Purpose

In this Ubuntu pros and cons guide, it is important to know how it works for our gamers. Well, Ubuntu is not that good as other Windows or macOS operating systems are.  Ubuntu does not support advanced games or lacks many graphical experiences.

Therefore, if you are a gamer then you may get disappointed with Linux Ubuntu because this a disadvantage of the Ubuntu operating system in the gaming section.

  • Customer Support Is Limited

While using Ubuntu operating system you may struggle for getting good customer support. Compared to another operating system like Microsoft Windows or any other you will get a decent response. 

Ubuntu service center may delay for one to two months for reverting reply that is quite a long period and no one likes to wait that long. Therefore, this is also one of the biggest disadvantages of the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

So these are the advantages and disadvantages of Ubuntu. Just like every coin has two sides, every product also has two sides positive or negative. In this Ubuntu pros and cons guide, we have discussed all the possible reasons why choose Ubuntu or why switched to another OS.

Related Questions: Pros and Cons Of Ubuntu 2024

Is Ubuntu Better Than Windows 10?

Since Ubuntu Linux is an open-source and free operating system.  Compared to Windows, it is quite expensive or paid OS available in the market. If you want a secured operating system then switched to Ubuntu Linux. 

Is Ubuntu Good For Home Use?

Yes. Ubuntu is very reliable for home use as compared to windows. Since it is quite complex but once you get to know how to operate this will be very to use.

Does Ubuntu Need A Firewall?

No. Ubuntu does not need any firewall. It is a safe and secure operating system on the internet. It has an inbuilt feature that will automatically detect major security issues. 

Is Ubuntu Best For Programming?

Indeed. Ubuntu is the best operating system for programming purposes. The main feature that stands it out over other operating systems is their default snap store feature. 

Ubuntu Pros And Cons 2024- Everything You Want To Know About Linux
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