View Bots For YouTube 2024: Top 5 YouTube Views Bot

View Bots For YouTube

An automatic software that works silently in the background of YouTube and increases the likes, comments, shares, and subscribers of a user and grows the channel. 

These bots are helpful for those who gain popularity in a short time as it increase views in the video and put the content in front of the safe ones

Now we are going to discuss about the best view bots for YouTube that most YouTubers use to develop their channel. By using these amazing tricks they can earn money on YouTube and increase their profits.

Works Of YouTube Bots

Youtube view bots automatically increase the views on a video, likes, comments, and also subscribers. it works silently in the background and doesn’t need to maintain every time. It increases organic traffic in the video and grows the channel immensely. So, if you are a affiliate marketer then using view bot can definitely let you earn more money with affiliate marketing on YouTube. Also, these bots with increase views of your videos that will seem to be more authentic in front of your audience.

Most Used Views Bot By YouTubers In 2024

5 Best View Bots For YouTube that increase likes and views instantly

There are many view bots for YouTube like UseViral, SidesMedia, StromVideo, MediaMister, and Promolta, which are easily available in the market. Most of the users like Promolta for its amazing features and low price. It also provides good security.

Usually, bots are used to create mirage of false views, likes, comments, and subscribers. It is done by the software, not by the real audience. 

Best 5 View Bots For YouTube 2024

There are lots of bots available in the market but not all are the best. If a user wants to be famous in a short period can take help from these 5 best bots. Here Below, we mention the best view bots for the users that grow their channel and can help to reach at the trending position.

UseViral: #1 YouTube View Bot

The very first views bot for YouTube is UseViral. This is best and fast-working bot. It is easy to use and enough popular among YouTubers. It will uplift the social media of the user and always encourage the account. It provides its best service at the price of $3.


  • Works automatic
  •  Provides massive support of customers
  •  Does not support live streaming


  •  Not provides free trial

SidesMedia: Affordable View Bot For YouTube

This is one of the best view bots for YouTube for those who want to grow their channel very fast. It doesn’t only increase followers on YouTube, in fact, increases on other platforms also. To get organic followers on social media buyers can trust this. It provides its high service at just $10.99.


  • Quite reliable
  • Providing service within 72 hours
  • Favorable pricing

StromVideo: Safe YouTube View Bot

The next view bot for YouTube is StromVideo. It provides genuine views, likes, and followers to its user and also provides instant delivery. Users can get more likes and views on their videos just after buying the service. It offers choices to buy views, likes, and subscribers individually.


  • Highly secure
  • Massive support of customers
  • Favorable pricing


  • Not provides free trials

MediaMister: Fast View Bot Of YouTube

Another view bots for YouTube that provide the best feature is MediaMister. It comes up with a huge platform where anyone can use bots according to their need as it supports all platforms. A user can increase their followers on any account also, increase the views during the live stream.


  • Supply high retention view and google ads
  • Good pricing
  • Supports almost all platforms
  • Guarantee of money back


  • Works slow
  • No free trial

Promolta: View Bot For YouTube Accross Platforms

Promolta is one of the best view bots for YouTube that advertise and shares the content of users on different platforms to get more attraction through its self-service. The video will appear on the mobile app, website, social network, and blogs. But this is not automated so its outcomes are not always the same as a user expects. But all the same, it is the first choice of users. It brings a lot of views on the video from interested viewers.


  • Start at just $10
  • Always show the content in front of safe one


  • No guarantee of views
  • No free trial

So in the above, we discussed all the major view bots for YouTube and gives a basic idea to the users so that they can decide easily which one bot is better and suitable for them.

Can YouTube Take An Action Against Using View Bots?

Yes, YouTube can take big action opposing those who use views bots for YouTube as this is against the terms and conditions of YouTube. It can do many things opposed to them, like if YouTube found view bots on a video then it can remove the video, ban the channel, and many more.

Is It Safe To Use YouTube Bots In 2024?

Using view bots for YouTube isn’t completely safe. As YouTube has its own rules and regulation. If a video gets more likes and views rather than another video then YouTube can easily detect it and remove the video as YouTube disallow to use of view bots.

Are View Bots Work On YouTube Live Stream?

Not all the view bots support YouTube live streams but Promolta is the best for this. It can raise the number of viewers and likes during live streaming.

Is Any Free View Bot For YouTube?

No, there are no YouTube View Bots that is actually free. A user has to pay money to get organic followers. As we discussed above many bots and their Features, so users can make up their mind to buy the correct bot to increase their followers.

Is There Any Danger To Using View Bots For YouTube?

Yes, using bots for YouTube is a bit risky as we know these followers are not real and YouTube doesn’t allow to use of bots for channel growth. If YouTube finds someone using bots then it can delete the channel of a user. It can take action against the user. We mentioned below some significant Losses of using bots:

Removing the content: If YouTube finds someone to use bots in a particular video to get more views and likes then it can remove the content of a user.

Ban The Channel: If a user continuously uses bots to increase the views likes comments and subscribers and YouTube detects this, then it can ban the channel from YouTube.

Loss Of Money: If users earn money from their channel by uploading the videos. And for immense growth they use bots, then YouTube can seize the right to earn of a user. Basically, if users are found guilty then they lose the right to earn.

Down The Ranking: View bot’s views are counted as just a click not as watching the full content that’s why the content remains at the lower rank.

Conclusion To YouTube View Bots

This is obvious that everyone wants to be popular on social media but using view bots for it, isn’t good. And it is like a cheating. Good things take time so a user should have to do hard work always. Never chose the shortcut path as it looks very easy but is always dangerous.

View Bots For YouTube 2024: Top 5 YouTube Views Bot
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