Webroot vs Avast [2024]- A Shootout Comparison Guide!

webroot versus avast

Which is better Avast or Webroot Antivirus 2024 for your PC? Here, we are pilling out Webroot vs Avast head-to-head comparison to answer this question. 

It is quite important to use well-reputed antivirus software while using the internet. Avast and Webroot both antivirus software are top-rated brands in the antivirus market. 

Nowadays malware or cybercriminals become smart that become difficult to defend your data from them.

Therefore, our recommendation is to invest in strong antivirus suites like Webroot and Avast. These programs will provide great protection against phishing sites, malware, or ransomware attack, and secure from online hackers.

Overview To Webroot And Avast Antivirus

Webroot Highlight Avast Highlights
Malware Detection (Cloud-Based) And Elimination Strong Level Of Security And Protection
Available For All Type Of Operating Systems All Devices Are Compatible With Antivirus
Decent Feature For Malware Protection Easily Disclose Phishing Harmful Websites Or Content
Very Compatible Pricing Plans Available Comes With A Plug-In That Auto Identifies Suspicious Sites

Head To Head Comparison-Webroot Vs Avast 2024

webroot versus avast which is better

This is a brief result shown as per our research to know which antivirus software is best between webroot and avast. Take a wise look and then move to the in-depth of this article.

  • User Interface
  • Protection against Malware
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Device availability
  • Pricing Plans
  • Customer Support

These are the main points that we are going to cover in this comparison guide. Since Avast antivirus software has a good reputation among its users. Compared to Webroot, it also gives good customer satisfaction. 

It will be difficult to decide to subscribe to single antivirus software. Therefore, this shootout webroot vs avast comparison will help you in making a strong decision.

What Is The Main Difference Between Webroot And Avast Antivirus Software 2024?

The main difference between Avast and Webroot, Webroot does not allow automatic updates whereas avast has this advanced feature. The other two main difference between Webroot vs Avast are mentioned below:

  • Avast Antivirus does not show any impact on your system performance and provides solid malware protection. Whereas, Webroot will slightly show an impact on device performance. 
  • While doing the independent test, Avast Antivirus usually earn excellent score as compared to webroot software.

Webroot versus Avast 2024- Which is better?

Now, compare the above-mentioned key points for both Avast and webroot software in detail. It is important to compare the major factors before purchasing any security software. Both companies provide decent tools and feature so compare them carefully. 

Webroot Vs Avast- Feature Comparison

Features Of Webroot Feature Of Avast
Protect Against Ransomware Malware protection
Password Management Wi-fi security scans
25 GB Cloud Secure Storage Safe online transactions
Ransomware Protection Firewall with an extra layer of protection
Antivirus Protection Against Harmful Viruses Password Management
Tools For PC Optimization Ransomware or anti-phishing protection
ID theft and data protection Tools For PC Optimization
Sandbox for running the suspicious file

As compared to webroot, Avast antivirus has the more advanced option in its features. Webroot offers some decent tools with their free pack that is sufficient for getting protection against threats. But you are looking for an advanced level of security plus protection, then our recommendation is to go for Avast Antivirus.

Webroot Verses Avast- Protection against Malware

This is the most important aspect of this webroot vs avast comparison guide. Malware protection is given by both Avast and webroot software but which provides better? 

Any antivirus must have a short detection time frame so that the code does not affect further files. Avast’s detection rate is higher than Webroot’s, making it a good choice in terms of security. The antivirus also introduces additional firewall guidelines, reducing the chances of unauthorized entry. 

As per the AV-test that is a reputed site for test various well-known Antivirus or other tech software. According to their test report, Avast performs well at protecting your device from harmful malware or threats as compared to the webroot.

Avast vs Webroot- System Performance

Many evaluation tests are conducted by many software testing sites. Avast actively participate in all such test whereas webroot does not. According to AV-test, both the software score 5.5 out of 6 for their system performance test. But Avast antivirus frequently scores well as compared to webroot on their advanced performance evaluation tests.

Therefore, Avast has an edge over webroot in comparison to their system performance.

Webroot Or Avast- Which Offers Better Usability?

It is the most important factor in determining whether or not an individual can use any program. User experience ensures that every program is simple to use and achieves its goals quickly. The better the user interface, the more convenient it is. Avast is simple to use, and all of the features are available. 

Talking about webroot, it has a decent user interface. Obviously, Avast antivirus has more tools but that doesn’t mean webroot is under-rated. You might consider if you are accessing a PC that does not support heavy software.

Webroot vs Avast- Device Availability

Both antivirus programs are available for web, tablet, and iPad use, making it simple to purchase a single package that protects all of your devices. As the number of people using the Internet on their phones and iPads grows, it’s more important than ever to keep them safe. Therefore, both software equally provides decent device availability.

Webroot And Avast- Compare Customer Services

This is also an important aspect that many users consider before purchasing any software. If the company does not offer good technical support then users might avoid the same. In this Webroot vs avast customer support comparison, webroot has an edge over avast.

Webroot provides three options to their customer these are email, phone, and also tickets. Compared to Avast, it only provides a ticketing option to get connected with their team.

Compare Avast Vs Webroot Pricing Plans

Okay, so pricing is also a very critical metric that is important to consider while subscribing to any program. Let us compare webroot and avast pricing suites:

Webroot comes for a single PC or Mac suite at the cost of $29.99 per year. It also comes with four more pricing plans such as

  • Webroot Antivirus- starts at $39.99 per year.
  • Webroot Internet Security Plus:- $59.99 yearly
  • Webroot Internet Security Complete- $79.99 per year.
  • Webroot Business Products- $150.00 per year

These are the plan offered by webroot company. 

Compared to Avast, let us know how it cost?

Avast company also have various option for their customers to get it subscription as 

  • Avast Internet Security: cost starts at $49.99 per year.
  • Avast Premium Security( for a single device) starts at $69.99 per year
  • Avast Premium security for multiple devices- $89.99 per year
  • Avast Ultimate- $99.99 per year
  • Avast Business Antivirus- this could be varied by the company

Comparing webroot vs avast pricing plans it clear that avast antivirus is quite expensive. This is because it provides some more advanced level of security suites. For a non-IT background person who does not know much about these malware or viruses Webroot is sufficient to buy.

Who Wins Shootout Battle- Avast Or Webroot?

Both software is great in their own place. Webroot is a very simple and decent suite for satisfying basic security needs. Whilst Avast antivirus has some additional tools that provide high-level security to your device. 

Therefore, in this Avast vs Webroot comparison guide, Avast antivirus has won the battle. It does not mean that Webroot is not capable it does have good features and very budget-friendly for an individual whose only concern is to get protection against harmful viruses. 

Webroot vs Avast [2024]- A Shootout Comparison Guide!
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