What is www? Discussed All Its Important Features


What is the World Wide Web?

The World Wide Web is WWW and commonly known as the Web. WWW launched CERN in 1989 (European Atomic Research Library).


One project was for Timothy Berners Lee in 1989, with researchers working together effectively at CERN. There is an organization for the World Wide Web, which was developed for further development of the web called the Consortium (W3C). Web father, led by the Tim Berners Lee organization.

System Architecture:

From a user point of view, there is a huge, global access to documents or web pages on the web. Each page may contain links to other pages in the world. The pages of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, have been taken using Google browser, Chrome, etc., and as you can see they are very popular. The browser requests pages that have the text and formatting commands and a description of properly formatted pages on the screen.

How www works?

Web browser, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and HTTP (Hypertext Transfer): The World Wide Web offers various technologies.

To access pages used a web browser. Web browsers can be defined as programs that display text, data, images, animation, and video over the Internet. With the worldwide usage software interface that is provided by web browser resources, hyperlinks can be accessed on the web. Initially using a web browser was the surf web, but now they have become more universal. Using a web browser can be used for many tasks, including search, mail, transfer files, and more. Typically, some browsers use Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, and Google Chrome.


Why web important?

The World Wide Web has opened the Internet to everyone, not just scientists. It is a world that is connected in a way not possible before and is much easier for people to get information to share and communicate. It allows people to share ideas of work and their social networking sites through sharing blogs and videos.

Evolution of the World Wide Web

Once you create your first web a lot has changed. The first site is made up of simple words just like online words and pictures, books, or magazines. Most people cannot make their own web pages. Next, you will write HTML code manually to create a web page.

What is www mention its important features

  • Hypertext Information System
  • Cross-Platform
  • Distributed
  • Open Standards and Open Source
  • Uses Web Browsers to provide a single interface for many services
  • Dynamic, Interactive, and Evolving.

Web 2.0

We started to develop the web, started communicating and sharing with people. He used social networking sites and blogs. Create your content on the web and easy to share. This new type of web known as Web 2.0.

Although how people are supposed to use the web has changed, not technology. Many techniques are still used today as the site’s first race.

The modern web

The web is changing today. Read, understand, and treat information has become a better engine search. We need to find material that simple way and we can show other things that we might like.

Web components

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) format for web publishing. This includes the ability to connect to the format of documents and other documents and resources.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a type of ‘address’ web unique to each resource. It may be aware of sites or image files.

HTTP (provides hypertext transfer protocol) allows HTML documents to request and transmit between the browser and the web server via the Internet.

The web server is a computer where the file is stored, which can be accessed through the Internet using HTTP.

What is www? Discussed All Its Important Features
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