What Makes Apple So Valuable?


Apple held its number one position in the technology market for many years. It is one of the most valuable trade companies all over the world. In today’s date, the company has its market capitalization worth $1.4 trillion which is more than any other technology company like Amazon. The company’s growth depends on its innovations, creativity & its improvements. They launch excellent Apple pieces with advanced technology & features that are not present in any other model before. From iPod to iPad & Apple watches the company releases their products in a new way. 

Apple works in a very successful solution that generates the desired success. The company provides innovative & excellent Apple pieces every decade. As the demand for that product increases the price will also go up which leads to expanding the profit margins & also improves their cash flow. This is one of the main reasons that makes Apple So Valuable. 

According to the reports the company hit the shares at $664.74 in New York midday trading & probably it closed at $665.15. Apple keeps innovating its products & brings new advanced features to its mobile phones, laptops & watches. This attracts a number of people & that’s the reason why it is such a valuable brand all over the world. 

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Apple’s Innovations

Apple is the company that brings a number of Apple products like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Watches, Mac & many other items with new innovations. All the new Apple products have something different than the previous one. Steve Jobs is the main reason behind the innovations of Apple. Critics said that without Steve Jobs they will lose their innovative ideas. He is the main person behind every innovation of Apple. 

Previously the company was only dealing in Mobile Phones & Laptop but after some decades the company started releasing Smartwatches. They also added wireless charging to their smartphones. 

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Apple is the most valuable company & trading firm with a market value of approximately $623bn (£397bn) all over the world.

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What Makes Apple So Valuable?
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