Best Way to Write A Killer Product Review For More Affiliate Sale

how to write a killer product review for more affiliate sale

Today I will be talking about some extraordinary points regarding how to write a killer product review for more affiliate sales.

Writing a product review is good for making money but do you really think that you are getting the result as much as you wanted. Well, I think in most of the cases NO.

Generally, I recommend people if you want to post an article of a product review then you must be experienced with that product by yourself. You must know by yourself what are the pros and cons of using that product. Never promote or recommend a product that is not beneficial for you as well as for your readers.

Recommending the product that you actually don’t familiar with is horrible. I suggest you promote/review only that product that you’ve experienced with most.

Now come to the point.

How to write affiliate product reviews

Most of the newbie bloggers do not have a clear idea about how to write affiliate product reviews for more sales. Most bloggers write product reviews but the reviews are not well best enough to make its conversion into a sale.

The rules remain the same whether you are a fashion blogger, gadget blogger, real-estate blogger. You have to make sure by yourself that the review post is properly researched, well-structured and merge all the necessary information related to that product. Don’t bias your targeted audience.

Analyze your Audience

The first and foremost thing before writing a killer product review post is to observe your audience. You have to analyze whom you are writing for. You have to ask yourself why the people are going to buy the product and what they would use it for.

For example, if you are a gadget blogger the definitely your targeted audience should be gadget enthusiasts or gadgets lovers.

Other scenarios may also consider, such as:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Social status
  4. Interests
  5. Behavior on purchasing

Doing a lot of Researchhow to write affiliate product reviews

A successful product review comes under a lot of research. Write product reviews only when you are very much familiar with that product. You have to make sure that your targeted audience should not get confused and biased.

Some more professional important tips:

  1. Contact the creator/advertiser/manufacturer to get more detailed information about the product.
  2. Check the testimonial of that product.
  3. Check the reviews (both bad and good) of the product that you want to promote.


It is the art of promoting. A well-structured post often grabs the attention of readers. And a good structure also helps you how to write a killer product review. You can follow a famous review site or you can come up with your own idea (a unique one). A killer product review should have the following points:

  1. Must write a Best Headline that readers going to click on it.
  2. Introduction to the product
  3. Links related to the product
  4. Use Sub-headlines
  5. Images of the product
  6. Key points mentioning the product
  7. Links related to the product review
  8. A good summary
  9. Pros and cons
  10. A brief conclusion with your product recommendation

The Tone of writing

The tone of writing also plays a crucial role in write a good review of product promotion. You must have to grab the audience’s interest and attention.

Don’t force them to buy the product that you are promoting. Instead, you recommend them for it. Maintain a good conversational tone. Use the most frequently words like ‘you’ and ‘your’. Avoid meaningless talk or writing.


Writing a killer review is great for making more sales. Use the tips that I mentioned here and definitely it will help in boosting more affiliate sales.

I hope you would love this article. If you have any suggestions regarding this post do share in the comment below.

Happy Blogging!

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Best Way to Write A Killer Product Review For More Affiliate Sale
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