8 Genius Ways To Increase Your Website and Blog Traffic


In this modern time, popularity is the most important thing, everybody wants to popular with any name like- whether it is in the name of his business, or in his own name, or from another cause. If you are also a website owner and run an online business. If you want in popularity this industry then you need lots of traffic for your website. You must also listen to traffic and how much it is important for us you know very well.

But it is not easy to maintain website traffic for maintaining this everyone needs hard work for the website. You know very well the world is nothing only rather than the competition. In this industry, you will meet many competitors every and every step. Now you will understand why web traffic is most important for a website. Here I will tell you the top 8 genius ways to increase your website and blog traffic.

Top 8 Genius ways

  1. Research What Your Competitors Are Using!
  2. Update New Content And Remove Expiry Content
  3. Write Your Content Helpful And Definitive
  4. Invest Your SEO Education
  5. Make Your Headlines Attractive
  6. keep your loading speed fast
  7. Make Your Website In All Device Friendly
  8. Social Media


Research What Your Competitors Are Using- This is the most helpful way because everyone does something different for their website. If you and your competitors doing the same pattern work then you can not achieve any success. That’s why everybody uses different strategies. By doing this, you may be missing something for traffic but your competitors is doing. And because of this, you are not able to gain traffic. Therefore, a strategy can never be worked out in SEO, we should make sure that what our competitor is doing to gain traffic. Maybe your competitor doing some advance for web traffic!

Update New Content And Remove Expiry Content- Our first goal is to give true and good information to the visitors and users, so we should give the same information on our website which is useful in the present. For expiry and old information, you can give a separate blog in it. You should keep updating your content and add more new information inside it.

Write Your Content Helpful And Definitive- All types of visitors come to a website, so you should properly define every information in your content that is helpful for the user. If you provide incomplete information through the content, then there will be no help for the user and he can reduce visiting this website. That will reduce your web traffic so always provide helpful and definitive information.

Invest Your SEO Education- If you know SEO knowledge then it very helps you gain traffic for your website. SEO is the first work,  without proper SEO techniques you can not get more traffic. Invest your full SEO knowledge and get your website’s towards success.

Make Your Headlines Attractive- Always choose a headline that is attractive to visitors for the content of your website. On seeing this, the visitor stops on your website and starts reading the content. Due to the attractiveness of the headline, the customer gets information at a glance. And they don’t have to go to another website.

keep your loading speed fast- If your website speed is slow then it is not good for you. Because any visitor does not wait for more than, If your website loading speed, opening speed, and image appearance speed does not open in 1-3 second. Make your website faster so that any visitor no go to another website.

Make Your Website In All Device Friendly- Always make all devices friendly websites, like mobile, desktop, tablets, note and etc. It is very important if your website opens on all devices same speed and the same pattern with the same structure then the website is great. Nowadays most people use mobile for searching on Google, if your website does not work well on mobile then you may have a lack of traffic from mobile users. Because of this, you will lose through getting large traffic.

Social Media- Social media is the second main factor for your website traffic. Social media help your website for a boost. If you share your content and links on your own social media accounts and also give on the website these social media icons options. then you can get a higher boost for your website because many people a full day active/online on social media rather than google. People who do not know about your website can access your website through social media and you can gain more traffic.

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8 Genius Ways To Increase Your Website and Blog Traffic
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