Apple watch 3 vs 4 | Which One Should You Go For?

apple watch 3 vs apple watch 4

Apple Watch 3 vs 4 which one is better? What is the key difference between Apple watch 3 and 4? Apple once again revolutionized the world with its smartwatch series. Apple Watch 3, 4, and now even Apple watch 5 series are out. These are some of the most technically advanced smartwatches in the world. These watches have features and functions just like a smartphone.
People like the design, style, look, power, and performance of these watches. 

Many people want to know, what is the difference between apple watch series 3 and 4

That is why, in this article, we are going to discuss all the key differences between these two smartwatches by Apple. We are going to compare these two products based on their design, features, display, power, price/affordability etc. 

Design & Display (Apple Watch 3 Or Apple Watch 4)

The apple watch series 3 comes with a 38mm or 42mm case and a second-generation Retina OLED display with force touch, 1000nits. 

On the other hand, the apple watch series 4 comes with a 40mm or 44mm case and over 30% larger display. It has Retina LTPO OLED display with force touch 1000 nits. 

The display area of apple watch 3 is 563 sq mm or 740 sq mm and the case thickness is 11.4mm. 

The display area of apple watch 4 is 759 sq mm or 977 sq mm. And the case thickness is 10.7mm. 

With all these data we can say that the major difference is the size. Apple Watch 4 series has more space than apple watch 3 series. 

The width of apple watch 4 is 34mm while apple watch 3 has 33.3mm. 

The weight of apple watch 4 is 30.1g whereas apple watch 3 weighs in 26.7g. So you can see that the Apple Watch 3 is lighter than 4. 

what is the difference between apple watch 3 and 4

Power ( Apple Watch 3 vs 4)

Let’s check the power of these two watches. 

The apple watch 3 has dual-core S3 processor and W2 wireless chip. On the other hand, the apple watch 4 has S4 with 64-bit dual-core processor and W3 wireless chip. 

The processor of apple watch 4 is clearly better than apple watch 3. It has a W3 wireless chip which also boosts the power of your smartwatch. 

Now let’s check out the storage capacity of both of these watches. 

The apple watch 3 has 16GB GPS+ Cellular capacity, and 8GB capacity (GPS).

On the other hand apple watch, 4 has 16GB capacity. The storage capacity is the same as both of these watches. 

When it comes to processor apple Watch 4 wins the battle of power. It will give you a better and faster experience of a smartwatch. 

Sereis 3 vs series 4


The battery life of apple watch 3 and 4 are also similar. Both watches promise battery life for up to 18 hours. This is pretty impressive. This means you don’t have to charge them for 3/4the day. 

So if you are looking for a battery then there is no difference between these two watches. 

Better connectivity

The apple watch 3 has Wifi and Bluetooth 4.2 whereas apple 4 watch has wifi and Bluetooth 5.0. 

Wifi of both of these watches is identical. The only difference we can see is in the Bluetooth. 

The apple watch 4 has better Bluetooth connectivity than watch 3. It is more recent than apple Watch 3’s. So when we talk about better connectivity the apple watch 4 got a slight advantage overwatch 3. 

Other Features (Apple Watch 3 vs 4)

The water-resistance of both of these watches is similar to 50 meters. Apple Watch 4 has a digital crown with haptic feedback while watch 3 has only a digital crown.

The speakers of watch 4 are better than watch 3. Apple Watch 4 has a fall detection feature that watch 3 does not have. It also has an electric heart sensor which watches 3 don’t have. 

So, overall we can say that the apple watch 4 has some extra features than apple watch 3. 

But the real question is if these extra features are really worth the extra money. Some people may not need these extra features. And there some people that maybe buying apple watch series 4 because of these extra advanced features. 

apple watch series 3 or series 4

Health & Fitness Features

For health and fitness, these smartwatches have some advanced features. For example watch 3 has an optical heart sensor while watch 4 has an electric heart sensor and second-generation optical heart sensor. 

Both of these watches have high and heart rate, irregular rhythm notification features. 

The Apple Watch 4 has an ECG app that apple watch 3 does not have. So this is another difference between these two smartwatches. 

If we look at the fitness and health point of view the apple watch 4 wins again with its extra ECG app feature. 

Value For Money

The Apple watch series is one of the most popular in the world. You get these advanced watches that work even better than smartphones. And yet they cost more than normal smartphones. 

Not everyone can afford these watches in the world. And that’s why whenever you invest your money in it you must be aware of if it’s worth that price. 

Series 4 is newer and more advanced. However, series 3 is also very good and you do not miss out a lot with the apple watch 3. 

The price of the apple watch 3 is about 21 thousand rupees and the price of the apple watch 4 is about 41 thousand which is twice as much as the apple watch 3. 

So you have to make a smart choice and not to pay twice as money for only some extra features unless you have a lot of money in your bank. 

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Our Verdict (Apple Watch 3 vs 4)

So our verdict is that overall functions, features, and other aspects of the Apple Watch 4 are better than the Watch 3. However, these extra advanced features are limited and other features are the same in both watches. 

So we have discussed all the major differences between these two watches. 

If you have no money problem then you should go for apple watch 4 or even series 5. And if you are looking for a smartwatch with some good features and have less budget then grab the apple watch 3. 

Apple watch 3 vs 4 | Which One Should You Go For?
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