Gimp Vs Photoshop For Drawing 2024

Photoshop Vs GImp Comparison

Gimp and Photoshop are the best Digital Art Software For Drawing, Painting, or Editing Pictures. Both Digital Art Softwares are useful for the users according to their need.

But if you are in confusion that which is best suitable for you from Gimp and Photoshop. So, the comparison list of Gimp vs Photoshop for Drawing is useful to choose the best software to create digital art.

Now, the comparison can clear the doubt that which software is best for which Feature.

Summary of Gimp vs Photoshop For Drawing

In this article, we will compare Gimp and Photoshop based on different Features. You can see the difference between Gimp and Photoshop for Drawing

We are also comparing both these software according to the user’s need. Gimp is best for the Learner while Photoshop is most suitable for the Specialist. 

Gimp has one benefit because it is an open-source Digital Art Software. While Photoshop provides unlimited Features to Draw and Paint. 

Gimp vs Photoshop for Drawing – Feature Comparison

Comparison Features of Gimp and Photoshop for Drawing are useful for the users which is better for them. It helps them make effective and efficient decisions. 

                                        Gimp                                   Photoshop
Gimp is Free Image editing or Drawing Software Photoshop is a Paid Drawing and Retouching Software
Gimp does not store more space  Photoshop needs much space to store in Ram
It cannot be installed in the Mobile  It supports the Mobile
This software has limited Tools This software has Unlimited Tools
It is not easy to use  Photoshop can be easily used with the help of tutorials.
Gimp is mainly for the Beginners Photoshop is specialized for the Professionals as well as for Beginners
Users of Gimp can develop their creativity in a limited way This software has a variety of Features to explore their creativity in less time. 
You can download this into the Mac, Windows, and Linux Install this into the Windows and Linux
Gimp does not bring valuable updates  This software brings high-quality features in the up-gradation. 
This is a light-weight storage software This is a heavy-weight storage software
This software does not provide standardized Tools Photoshop offers high quality and standard tool
Gimp offers limited effects to paint the drawing You can give the effect of watercolor or oil pastel in your painting

Gimp vs Photoshop – Meaning

Gimp – Gimp is useful to edit the Pictures into the images. This software is also helpful for Retouching and for the easy way of Drawing.

Photoshop – Photoshop has unlimited Features to Edit Real Pictures into drawing. Photoshop contains Pencil and Pen which is useful to make the drawing natural and attractive.

Do Gimp And Photoshop Are Both Useful For Beginners

Gimp is mostly used by Beginners. This software is easy to use, you can learn it very quickly. While Photoshop can also be used by Both Beginners but it is specialized for Professionals. 

Which Digital Art Software Offers More Tools – Gimp vs Photoshop

Gimp has limited Tools because it does not charge any amount for the Tools. It provides limited services to its users. Whereas, Photoshop brings different types of tools to give an attractive effect to the Art. 

Does Photoshop Need More Storage Capacity Than Gimp?

Yes, Photoshop requires more Storage up to 2GB in RAM to install. It is because this software is heavy Digital Art software. But, you should have RAM of up to 8GB to store more Apps on your device. 

On the other hand, Gimp does not contain more Tools means it is lightweight storage. Gimp does not need storage of more than 25MB. So, the use of RAM(Random Access Memory) up to 2GB is also efficient. 

Which Digital Art Software Is Easy To Use – Gimp Vs Photoshop

Gimp and Photoshop are the best Digital Software to create a masterpiece. Gimp is not easy to use as compared to Photoshop. But to learn in less time, you can take the help of the Tutorials. Tutorials are provided by Gimp and Photoshop or it is also available on YouTube.

Does Photoshop Provide More Plugins Than Gimp?

Photoshop provides more Plugins than Gimp. As you know, Gimp is Free Software that’s why it has limited plugins. Whereas, Photoshop is a Paid Digital Art Software so it has unlimited Plugins to make attractive Art.

How Gimp Is Different From Photoshop According To Brushes?

Gimp has limited types of Brushes for painting the Drawing. While Photoshop has many kinds of brushes like Customize Brush, Sparkle effect Brush and Ink Wash effect. 

Which Digital Software Is Useful To Provide Amazing Effects?

Photoshop Digital Art Software effects. It is useful to give the natural effect to your drawing i.e, the effect of Pen, Pencil, Charcoal, etc. On the other hand, Gimp has limited effects which you can apply on the Art. 

Which Software You Can Use Anywhere?

You can use Photoshop anywhere or in any corner of the world. It is because Photoshop can also be installed on Android which is a handy Device. Whereas, 

Which Are The Supported Platforms Of Gimp And Photoshop?

There is a Huge Difference between Gimp and Photoshop according to the Platforms they support. In this comparison, Gimp Software is best because it supports many devices. While Photoshop can be installed on fewer Devices. 

                                      Gimp                                         Photoshop
GNU/Linux Windows 10
Microsoft Windows (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8) macOS
macOS (10.6 and Newer) Android
Sun OpenSolaris iOS
Free BSD

Is Gimp As Good As Photoshop For Drawing?

Gimp is mostly used for Editing or Painting purposes while Photoshop is a multi-tasking Digital Art Software. The Old Version of Gimp is less competitive than Photoshop for Drawing. 

But the latest version of Gimp has brought out the quality features to Draw digitally on Canvas. For Drawing, Photoshop is the best choice for the users. 

It has many Editing effects, Photoshop contains Pen, Pencil which are useful to show your creativity as a natural work. Now also use the Feature of Charcoal to provide a new look to your Art.

Is Gimp Good For Digital Painting?

If you are on a learning stage then, Gimp is suitable for you. Gimp is Free and offers basics features to learn Drawing, Painting, Editing, Illustrations, etc. 

But to get the high-level Features of Digital Painting for the Professional Level. Photoshop can fulfill the requirements of the users. Photoshop has many features and saves less time for the users. 


Does Photoshop Provide Free Trial?

Yes, Photoshop also offers service as a free trial for up to 7 Days.

Can Gimp Be Used Professionally?

Gimp is best for Beginners but Professionals need more variety to create a unique masterpiece. So, Gimp does not satisfy their need because it has limited Brushes or Features.

What Is The Best Photo Editing Software For Beginners?

Gimp and Photoshop both are best for Beginners. With the help of Photoshop, they can learn more. while using Gimp they can learn in a limited way and save money.

Gimp Vs Photoshop For Drawing 2024
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