IPVanish Vs ProtonVPN 2024 [Detail Comparison]

IPVanish Vs ProtonVPN

IPVanish and Protonvpn same as Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio and bugatti chiron. It is very difficult to compare them because both have excellent VPN services. But here we are going to compare IPVanish vs ProtonVPN to know which one is better.

We differentiate ProtonVPN and IPVanish based on many factors such as features, price, streaming, and more. But before all these let’s have a quick introduction to both of these VPN service providers.

So, keep reading this guide and get the best among ProtonVPN vs IPVanish.

Quick Introduction To ProtonVPN Vs IPVanish

You know that before comparison we should have good knowledge about IPVanish vs ProtonVPN and what features it has and all and which is best for you in a short preview about this.

About IPVanish: Is IPVanish The Best VPN?

This is the best for secure and private connections and without it, you do not be able to stop encrypting your network service. it has well-advanced For your privacy concern. 

Use IPVanish For High Security
Grab huge discount with IPVanish to obtain high-speed servers & privacy & get 66% off on...Show More
Grab huge discount with IPVanish to obtain high-speed servers & privacy & get 66% off on IPVanish plan. Show Less

Support for more than servers 2000+ in 50 countries, allows for unlimited connections, gives fast speed for streaming, is the geo-restricted, affordable price, and pocket friendly. 

And we going to know about IPVanish vs ProtonVPN in this post. 

About ProtonVPN: Is ProtonVPN The Best?

This is also good for users and it gives you global connectivity. With this, you can get a free serval VPN where you want to use this. Dedicated to IP address and cover data in a shield.

It is always a high-bandwidth server there is no matter where you want to connect from.

ProtonVPN has providing a latency VPN connection for the best performance. 

ProtonVPN supports more than servers 1,924+ in 67 countries, and more than people know this is one of the top VPNs for Fast network concerns.

Features Comparison Of IPVanish VS ProtonVPN 2024

There are available features for Comparison IPVanish and ProtonVPN after this see you can able to compare which one is best for you. 

Features ProtonVPNIPVanish VPN
Number of servers 1700+ Servers 2,000+ Servers 
Number of Countries 60+ VPN Locations 75+ VPN Locations 
Protocols OpenVPN, IKEV2OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec
EncryptionAES-256- RSA-2048 key exchange- HMAC with SHA-256 authentication256-bit AES
Simultaneous ConnectionsConnect Up to 10 with Free Plan-1Unlimited
Logs PolicyNo- log No- log 
Dedicated IPYes Yes 
KillswitchYes Yes 
DNS Leak ProtectionYes Yes 
Supported DevicesUnlimited Unlimited 
Compare (Users) Ratings8/10 (Rating)9.5/10 (Rating)
Customer Support24/7 Live- chat 24/7 Live- Chat 
Streaming SupportYesYes
Money back guarantee30-Days 30-Days 

If you want to know which one is best so here is the winner of IPVanish VPN as compared to ProtonVPN in features. IPVanish VPN has more features as compatibility with ProtonVPN.

Price Comparison Between ProtonVPN Vs IPVanish

Here is the comparison between IPVanish vs ProtonVPN, we have shown a table below for your better understanding to know which VPN is good at an affordable price.

 IPVanish and ProtonVPN DurationIPVanish VPN ProtonVPN
One Month Plan$ 10.99/mo$ 9.99/mo
One Year Plan$ 3.99/mo$ 5.99/mo
Save Offers for One month N/AN/A
Save Offers for One Year 66%48%

When you find for best service at an affordable price and within your budget then you can choose IPVanish which has given you more features compared to ProtonVPN.

Get IPVanish Within Your Budget
Use IPVanish with your pocket money with big discount to access anything in restricted countries...Show More
Use IPVanish with your pocket money with big discount to access anything in restricted countries with a secure connection. Show Less

If you want to purchase a one-year plan when we will suggest you also IPVanish VPN because ProtonVPN’s one-year plan will cost more than $2 as compared to the IPVanish VPN.

ProtonVPN Vs IPVanish, Which Is Better For Streaming?

For Streaming, If you to compare IPVanish vs ProtonVPN for streaming then you should choose IPVanish because this VPN gives us advanced features for every work. Besides this, you can also unblock Hulu in Philippines and access all the content without any hassle.

By IPVanish get fast speed and access blocked content, and it helps to hide your IP address where you need to hide it. No log policy and geo-restriction, and also it has easy to use for every user they are available for your support 24/7 live chat.

Many Types Of VPN Comparision

If you want to know more articles on comparison VPNs then we showing a list of differentiation where you can better understand which VPN is good in their services. You must go with these all pages to visit if you are interested no more in the comparison.

IPVanish Vs ProtonVPN Comparison Table For Streaming And Unblocking 

There is providing a table for comparison to streaming, we all know that if anyone including me compares both VPNs for watching anything, anywhere, accessing content, or securing data, and which VPN helps to hide your IP address from hackers and also with others block IP government who blocked this.

Use IPVanish VPN For Streaming & Unblocking
With IPVanish offer, you can unlock any streaming content at an affordable price in a blocked...Show More
With IPVanish offer, you can unlock any streaming content at an affordable price in a blocked location. Show Less
IPVanish and ProtonVPN For Streaming PlatformsProtonVPNIPVanish 
Unblocks Netflix (locations)UK, US, Japan, CanadaUS, Japan
Unblocks Sky Go – Supported N/AYes
Unblocks CBS – Supported N/AYes
Unblocks NBC – SupportedN/AYes
Unblocks ITV – SupportedN/AYes
Unblocks Channel 4 – Supported N/AYes
Unblocks Hulu – Supported N/AYes

So, we know well from this table IPVanish is best for streaming as compared to ProtonVPN.

IPVanish vs ProtonVPN- (Security)

Compare ProtonVPN vs IPVanish when talking about security because both are reliable service providers for securing data on the internet and blocking hackers’ IP addresses.

You should use IPVanish since when you need it for privacy and speed concerns it offers the highest level of security and privacy for all of your data when connected to public Wi-Fi.

Then, in comparison to ProtonVPN, it is necessary to select the finest VPN for privacy. When compared to ProtonVPN, IPVansh offers more sophisticated tools to safeguard your data, which is advantageous.

IPVanish VS ProtonVPN – Which Is Best For Gaming?

I can not wait to tell you which is the VPN greatest for gaming. You can connect with many gamers using IPVanish, and you can access international gaming servers.

You need the best VPN for fast speed when playing a game to play efficiently and without encountering any issues. We Can say that ProtonVPN and IPVanish are more Impressive for gaming. Finally, both these VPN have capable for support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. By using the IPVanish 3-year deal you can able save your money up to 73% on the subscription plan.

They also have one more opportunity to give you its router compatibility which more helping with gaming and connectivity from a blocked IP address or protecting your IP address also you can play well with IPVanish as compared to both for gaming so we can suggest for gaming IPVanish VPN.

IPVanish Vs ProtonVPN- Which One VPN Is Worth And Best 

If you’re wondering which VPN is the best value for money, we have to tell you that they’re both reliable and solid choices; all of their users are happy with them.

However, there are differences between IPVanish and ProtonVPN, and when comparing the two, we believe that IPVanish is superior to ProtonVPN.

Because IPVanish has advanced features more than ProtonVPN that’s why we able to tell IPVanish is the best and most worthy for all users who can apply the IPVanish Coupon Code to get more IPVanish Lifetime Deal at the time of subscription.

Can I Trust Both IPVanish VPN And ProtonVPN?

Yes, You can trust VPNs to be reliable and safe to use. My personal experience with IPVanish VPN and ProtonVPN is positive, but we recommend IPVanish. Because it can provide you with more features and faster speed. And simple enough for users of all types.

Is ProtonVPN Better Than IPVanish VPN?

If you’re wondering which VPN is better, we’d suggest IPvanih is the top choice because it offers more features and faster speeds than ProtonVPN. Additionally, this shows that IPVanish offers the most servers at the most competitive costs.

Which One Is Faster IPVanish VPN Or ProtonVPN

If we’re going to compare better speeds between IPVanish VPN and ProtonVPN, it’s important to understand that IPVanish has speed capability as comparison ProtonVPN. It gives you faster speed.


I hope you better understand which one is best by this blog, and also we have suggested for IPVanish. This is best as compared to ProtonVPN. It’s because they have advanced features and give faster speed also available at an affordable price to make your budget-friendly.

IPVanish Vs ProtonVPN 2024 [Detail Comparison]
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