pCloud vs IDrive – Detailed & Updated Comparison 2023

pCloud vs IDrive

Every large and small business organization needs cloud storage. So it is important to choose a cloud storage platform that offers secure and affordable storage services. That’s why we have compared pCloud vs IDrive to help you pick the best cloud storage platform.

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Use the best pCloud storage services to save & share your important files.
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Since there are many cloud storage services in the market. But we have picked the two popular online storage services among them. In this article, we are going to give detailed information on the performance, support, and pricing of pCloud and IDrive.

Quick Comparison: pCloud vs IDrive

pCloud vs IDrive Quick Feature Comparison

Basic feature comparison between pCloud & IDrive cloud storage:

Supported PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, WebWindows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Unix, Web
EncryptionTLS/SSL, AES 256-bit, pCloud CryptoAES 256-bit
File Versioning30 Days + 365 Days Extended File History30 Days
Max File Size LimitNo Limit10GB
File SharingYesYes
Data Server LocationsDallas, Texas & LuxembourgUSA, California
Back-Up & RestoreContinuous BackupDaily/Weekly Backup
Customer SupportContact Form/Email SupportLive Chat/ Phone/Email Support
Free PlanYesYes
PricingStarts at $49.99/yrStarts at $59.62/yr

So this was the quick comparison guide for IDrive vs pCloud for reading in short. If you are in hurry to get the basic difference between pCloud and IDrive then it is helpful for you. You can also use the pCloud gutscheincode offer to save money if you decide to buy pCloud.

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Secure your data with pCloud premium storage features to protect against accidental data loss. Show Less

For those who want to read the detailed difference between pCloud vs IDrive, they can check it below.

Performance Difference Between IDrive & pCloud

When it comes to the pCloud vs IDrive performance test, both of the cloud storage services performed well. Your data will be secure and stored online safely without any risk of getting stolen or accidental loss.

Now talking about the speed performance of pCloud and IDrive, pCloud was slightly better than IDrive. When you back up files with pCloud, you can enjoy great upload speed which saves time. It also lets you restore files and documents at a pretty good speed.

IDrive sometimes faces speed throttling issues though it doesn’t happen so often but still, it matters. Though both of the storage services offer an upload bandwidth setting option. It is suggested to keep it 100% for fast uploading within less time.

Privacy Difference Between pCloud & IDrive

Security and privacy is the first concern when storing files and documents containing sensitive information online. When comparing pCloud vs IDrive, both follow the basic privacy standards so your personal information is safe with them.

Being a Swiss-based company, pCloud makes sure that your online data get total privacy. Though pCloud does collect your information like email, location, etc. on sign up. pCloud offers a pCloud Crypto service which ensures neither pCloud nor government officials can access your data.

IDrive is a California-based company so it meets US privacy standards. It also saves you information such as name, email, password, etc. but it is kept confidential. You will get military-grade encryption with IDrive but don’t forget that it is under Fives Eyes’ jurisdiction.

pCloud vs IDrive Security Encryption Difference

Encryption technology gives your data an additional layer of security when uploading and downloading cloud files. Both IDrive and pCloud start encrypting your files the moment you start transferring the files.

pCloud provides client-side encryption with 256-bit AES encryption technology so your files stay secure during transfer. It also uses TLS and SSL technology in addition to 256-bit for extra security during transfer. You can also use two-step authentication for secure access.

IDrive also used 256-bit encryption technology on the server side to make sure that your documents stay secure. Unlike other cloud storage services, you can create your own private 256-bit encryption keys. You will get two-factor authentication access with IDrive also.

Get Secure Cloud Storage With pCloud
Transfer your files & document to cloud storage with 256-bit secure anti-theft encryption.
Transfer your files & document to cloud storage with 256-bit secure anti-theft encryption. Show Less

Data Back-Up Differences Between IDrive And pCloud

If we talk about pCloud vs IDrive backup strategies then both cloud storage platforms have their own way. The backup method offered by pCloud is better for some businesses while others may prefer IDrive’s backup options.

pCloud provides real-time backup with no file size limit. The backup files are directly linked to the actual files on your device. If you delete the files from your pCloud backup, they will be deleted from your device also. There is no backup scheduling option with pCloud.

IDrive lets you take a real-time backup from all devices into one single account. You can also schedule backup with IDrive for daily/ weekly or even 10, 30, or 60-minute continuous backup. The only downside is that the IDrive has a 10GB backup file size limit.

IDrive vs pCloud Data Restoration Difference

The data restoration process of pCloud vs IDrive is quite similar and both offer up to 30 days of file versioning. If you accidentally delete or lose any important data then you can easily recover it with cloud storage services.

pCloud has the quickest data restoration method. You can drag and drop files to your computer from the pCloud drive. It also lets you download files if you are restoring data from pCloud web to your computer.

IDrive offers data restoration of files even if you delete them on your computer. So the files will stay in your IDrive cloud drive forever until you delete it yourself. When you use the free version of IDrive, the files will be deleted if you stay inactive for 90 days.

Get 30-Day File Versioning With pCloud
Restore accidentally deleted data on your device & rewind to file versions up to 30 days old.
Restore accidentally deleted data on your device & rewind to file versions up to 30 days old. Show Less

Account Setup Difference Between pCloud vs IDrive

Setting up an account on pCloud is very simple. If you are new to pCloud, all you have to do is enter your email, password and choose a region. You can also sign up with Google or Apple ID. Once you did this, you can simply start backing up your data to cloud storage.

The IDrive account creation process is a little complex for first-time users. While creating an account if you miss giving full access permission to IDrive and IDriveDaemon, your backup will be stuck. After granting permission, you are ready to schedule data backup with IDrive.

Customer Support Difference Between pCloud And IDrive

Customer support is an important part of any cloud service to resolve uploading and downloading issues. Between pCloud vs IDrive, the customer assistance provided by IDrive completely wins over pCloud.

pCloud has email support for its customers. So if you face any issues, just send an email and wait for an answer. You can also try to use the contact form to contact pCloud support. They offer support in English, German, French, Turkish and Spanish language.

IDrive offers more options for contacting customer support as compared to pCloud. You can reach the IDrive support executive via live chat, phone, or email. So if you select one with good customer support between IDrive & pCloud, then you should choose IDrive.

pCloud vs IDrive Basic Plan Pricing Difference

Both IDrive and pCloud offer a variety of plans for both individual and business purposes. You can analyze your need for backup and then choose a cloud platform with an affordable plan. 

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pCloud Plans 2023 For Cloud Storage:

pCloud PlansPricing
Premium PlanStarts at $49.99/yr
Premium Plus PlanStarts at $99.99/yr
Business PlanStarts at $7.99/User/Month
Business Pro PlanStarts at $15.98/User/Month

pCloud has individual plans with 500GB and 2 TB cloud storage which will cost you around $4/mo. If you want to opt for a business plan then you have to pay $7.99 per month for each user. pCloud business plans give you up to 180 days of file versioning. If you want a discount on storage plans then pCloud Christmas deals are active right now.

IDrive Plans 2023 For Cloud Storage:

IDrive PlansPricing
Personal PlanStarts at $59.62/yr
Team PlanStarts at $74.62/yr
Business PlanStarts at $74.62/yr

On comparing pCloud vs IDrive plans, IDrive offers personal plans at $59.62/yr with 5TB storage. The team plan of IDrive let you share cloud storage with 5 users by paying $74.62/year in total. If you choose the IDrive business plan then you get unlimited user access.


After reviewing pCloud vs IDrive, we would recommend going with pCloud because of its affordable individual & business plans. pCloud offers TLS & SSL security along with 256-bit encryption. Also, there are no file size restrictions with pCloud so you can upload the largest file possible. It provides customer support in various languages which is also a great feature.

Which Is Better Between pCloud vs IDrive?

pCloud is better because it has no file size limit and offers real-time backup with TLS/SSL/256-bit encryption. It also has affordable plans that start at just $49.99/yr for individual users.

Does pCloud Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, pCloud lets you enjoy a 10-day money-back guarantee on its cloud storage plans. So you can cancel your pCloud subscription anytime and get a full refund within 10 days.

pCloud vs IDrive – Detailed & Updated Comparison 2023
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