Which Is The Best Software To Clean Up Your PC?

Which Is The Best Software To Clean Up Your PC_

Your PC or system will perform better if you give regular maintenance of registry files. Every computer has a registry that will keep all the information related to your device configuration and settings. Now to know which is the best software to clean up your PC you might have a brief guide of what this utility software does to your device.

How System CleanUp Software Works?

Such Cleanup software will help to make free space on your hard drive and enhance your device performance.  It will search on your system and detect temporary files or folders, browsing caches, and unnecessary program data that you can securely remove.

5 Best CleanUp Software For Your PC in 2022

These are the software that you can use for your system cleanup and as per our recommendation, these all perform well to speed up your device.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare

Best For– With Secure Privacy And System Protection

Compatible With- Windows | Price Starts At- $19.99/year

Why Choose Advanced SystemCare?

IObit Advanced SystemCare comes with two versions i.e. free version and pro version. In the free version, the company provides some basic clean-up features. In the pro version, it offers system-speed boosting, privacy protection, real-time optimization, deep registry cleaning, and premium customer support.

Pros and Cons Of Advanced SystemCare


  • Easy to use system cleanup software with the free version
  • Auto cleanup with one-click
  • System Health Monitor
  • Low Subscription Price


  • Limited Installation
  • Few features need some extra third party software
  • Individual files or folders can’t be excluded

Piriform CCleaner

CCleaner Professional

Best For- Great Registry Cleaner, Remove Unnecessary Files, With App Management

Compatible With- Windows, Andriod, macOS | Price Starts At- $19.95/year

Why Choose Piriform CCleaner?

This software able to clears your browsing history, manage your device and manage all running programs in the system. CCleaner is the most popular software used by many users because it offers such features that other software won’t be able to provide for free.

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Pros and Cons Of Piriform CCleaner


  • Improve System Performance
  • Easy, Simple, And Straightforward
  • Advanced Protecting Features
  • Best For Desktop And Mobile Phones


  • Limited License Permission
  • External Downloads For Some Features

To know how which one is better to read IObit advanced SystemCare vs CCleaner a comprehensive comparison between the two software.

Iolo System Mechanics

iolo system mechanics

Best For– Fast PC cleaner with advanced system optimization tools

Compatible With- Windows  | Starts At- $49.95/year

Why Choose Iolo System Mechanics?

System Mechanics helps in removing unwanted programs and junk files from your PC. Also, detect and blocks bloatware, wipes unwanted logs, caches, and browsing history. This software offers a great tool kit with improvement for system performance. Iolo system mechanics is a complete all-in-one software for your system maintenance.

Pros and Cons of Iolo System Mechanics


  • Multiple Scanning Options
  • Great Guide For Pc Problems
  • Good For Windows 10 Backup Registry
  • Detailed And Clear Analysis


  • Some Features Required Premium Subscription
  • System repair is quite complicated

You can also check the comparison between piriform cleaner vs Iolo system mechanics for more details.

Norton Utility

Norton Utilities

Best For– Used by many Professionals for their PC optimization

Compatible With- Windows  | Starts At- $11.62/year

Why Choose Norton Utility?

Norton Utility software is good for your device cleanup if you work professionally. To keep your PC running smoothly, it does several activities in the background, such as optimizing resources for various tasks automatically, performing cleanup tasks while your machine is idle, and deleting confidential files safely.

Pros and Cons of Norton Utility Software


  • Straightforward User Interface
  • System Repair And Turnup
  • Tools For Performance Test
  • Compatibilities Of File Recovery And Shredding


  • Lacks In Specific Features Of Windows 10
  • Lacks In Community-Based Features

Avast CleanUp

Avast Cleanup

Best For- With Advanced tools offer by Avast Technologies

Compatible With- Windows, Mac, Android  | Starts At- $49.95/year

Why Choose Avast CleanUp?

For users who want a reliable and easy-to-use PC cleanup program, Avast Cleanup is a good option. This software from Avast Technologies, however, comes with a price tag. But you should take a trial run to see if it suits your requirements.

Pros and Cons Of Avast CleanUp


  • Advanced Driver update software
  • Enhance Device Performance
  • Good Cloud-based software


  • No free version available

These are the top-rated system utility software that helps increase your system performance. You can choose anyone out of these five well-known utility software.

Which Is The Best Software To Clean Up Your PC?
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