5 Hack That Makes Work From Home Easy

The Global epidemic of COVID-19 pressurizes all the people for self-quarantine or isolation. During this session, all the companies have announced their employees to work from home also known as mobile work or flexible work.

What is Work From Home?

“In Work from home, an employee does all its office work while staying at home”. Many big companies offer these benefits to their employees almost every month as per their performance.

Some Common Problem That Employee are Facing While Working from Home

We know that there are millions of different types of companies around the world. But not all companies give their employees work-at-home benefits. Just because of this reason, many employees are facing problems while mobile work or flexible work.

So, which types of problems that many employees are facing during the period of self-quarantine. Let’s have a quick overview because some of them are maybe related to you too:

Lack of Knowledge

Millions of employees globally have never experienced mobile work in their life. This is the most common reason why there is a lack of knowledge about tools and apps.

Also, those people who barely use the internet for their work are facing a lot of problems. 

Not Having Work From Home Tools

Having a replacement for useful tools always proved very beneficial for you. Many employees do not have a proper replacement for their daily work tools and that’s a very bad thing.

While working at the office they don’t have even a chance to explore more options.

Internet Connectivity

Not all areas have a proper internet network because of the unavailability of connections. A company employee may exist in a place where an internet connection is superb or also could be worse.

These are some problems that employees are facing while working-at-home. The reasons could be more as per the employee’s condition but we got some kickass solution to this problem too.

Using these solutions will surely help you to improve your efficiency and also working performance.

5 Kickass Hack to Improve Your Work From Home Performance

The old phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention” sounds perfect during the time of self-quarantine. Whether you are struggling or not while doing your office job from home, this hack will help you a lot.

You can either share these tips with your family members who are doing remote work or with your friends too. Also, these hacks will help you in the future too if things get worse.

Take Use of Google Apps

Google is one of the best and top companies that provides so many useful tools that you can use while doing a job from home.

Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Sheets are some amazing tools you can use 

for your official work free of cost.

For example, if you have a team of 20 employees and you have to assign their daily work somewhere then Google sheets are very useful. Just make a sheet with all your employee details and give access to that sheet to your employees.

When you update work on the sheet, they could easily see it and you don’t have to update all working person by person.

The same concept goes with content writers too, who are working from home currently. Content writers could easily write content on Google docs daily and send the article to their seniors.

But to access Google drive, you must have a google account. Create an account if you don’t have one and make use of 15GB storage absolutely free.

Offline Tools Are Very Beneficial

What do you do if the internet is currently on the lowest connectivity? Would you stop doing the work? What if the internet is unavailable for more than 1 week?

These above circumstances could happen with anyone because of many reasons and that’s why you should start using some offline tools too.

For example, you are a content writer and work on Google Docs daily. But suddenly because of some reason the internet is unavailable in your location then you can use offline tools at that time.

MS Office is one of the oldest and most popular offline tools used by billions of people worldwide. It is a hub of MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more other tools that are used for different purposes.

In the place of Google Docs, you can use MS Word to write content. When the internet is unavailable in your location, just write the article and save it into your local drive. When the Internet facility is available then you can send it to your owners.

Use Free Tools If You Don’t Have Money

Many office employees use VPN and some other paid tools for their work. But when you have to work while staying at home and the employer is currently unavailable than what would you do?

Well, at that time you can use free tools to work for a limited duration. Many companies offer a trial version of paid software, which you can use to work.

Let’s assume you want VPN software to explore the products and services available at a particular location. There are hundreds of VPN companies available that offer 30 days or a limited usage of free VPN to their customers.

Just register yourself into these companies’ websites and download the VPN software. If your work consumes a lot of VPN data then register at multiple VPN websites for smooth work.

Shift Rotation If You Have a Single Device

The situation gets worst when you have a single device to work but users are multiple. Just because of the lack of money you are unable to purchase necessary devices or due to self-quarantine, you cannot buy the device you want. 

What will you do in such a situation?

Well, device rotation is a simple hack that you can use to complete your office work. You just have to inform your senior about the current situation and then they will surely permit you to work at the desired time. 

For example, you are two brothers and one must have to work from 9 AM to 5 PM exactly. Then you can take permission to complete the work on our night shift or in the early morning. Because of this simple hack, you both can do your work from home and neither one has to stop their work.

Enjoy The Working Period With Music or Other Activity

Self-Isolation of the Quarantine period could be very frustrating for most people, which lowers the performance for sure. During this time you have to focus to improve your work and give the best you can.

Depressed or Sad employees cannot give a quality of work in this period and you have to understand this. Maybe you are struggling with an internet connection, lack of device, family issue, or some more reasons that could lower your performance. At this time making yourself happy and 

There are so many things you can do to keep yourself happy during this lockdown session. And your happiness could improve your work from performance for sure.

If you are frustrated because of the current situation, not spending time with your friends and some other reasons. Then listening to music and doing some other stuff could bring a smile to your face. This will boost your work performance during work from home sessions.

5 Hack That Makes Work From Home Easy
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