Best data recovery Software in 2024

best data recovery software

Data loss is a moment when our important data get deleted due to some technical mistake or accidental deletion. And this is a very worst experience which we all might have experienced at some point in our life. 

As everything has gone digital the way we save our data has changed too, Now we save our data in digital form and this digital data is prone to get erased easily. 

Thankfully, we all are blessed with powerful tools to recover our data. To undo the deletion process and to recover the precious data. We have arranged the Best data recovery software for 2024 for you. 

                          Stellar data recovery

stella data recovery software

Stellar is a word-wide famous advanced data recovery software.  With stellar, You won’t be able to recover all of your data. But there is some possibility that you can easily recover some type of data files.  Like- images, video, and email data.  It is a top recovery software for lost data and this is operable in windows and mac too.  The DIY(Do it yourself)  tools of stellar help you to recover data in quick succession with simple easy steps. Does not matter how you lost your data, it is effective in every data loss situation. 

Features of stellar   

  • Recover eliminated data from every type of storage device 
  • Helps you to recover data from unbootable devices
  • This software will help you to recover different extension of files
  • You can also examine the recoverable files

Features and advantages of stellar software are very great, this is an award-winning software. The service and product range of stellar is genuine which starts at 38.27$/month and 47.85$/annually.

Pros of stellar data recovery software

  • Deep analysis and precise scan to find files from past
  • Recover data even from corrupted disk
  • Virtual drive support
  • Quick scanning system

Cons of stellar data recovery software

  • Some office document is unable to recover 
  • Scan speed is fast but data recovery speed is low
  • The free version regain  2 GB of data
  • Not always works for multimedia files.

EaseUs Data recover software

easeus data recovery software

Sometimes the Best advanced and best data recovery software will disappoint you. They do not recover your all lost files and data. But Easeus is among the best of all time, it has succeeded to recover all types of files easily without any interruption. It is functional on both mac and windows. This software can also recover all your lost partitions to know its better performance you can check the EaseUS partition master review. What I have found the most interesting thing about Easeus is you can restore small numbers of files for free. 

Features of EaseUs

  • Recover data from vacant recycle bin
  • Format disk recovery
  • Different scanning mode to recover files
  • Damaged Hard disk data recovery

The EaseUS is the best deal product, The area of functionality of EaseUs is very vast and advanced. The starting plan’s price of  EaseUs for window data recovery starts at 69.95$/month. And $99.95/year.

Pros of EaseUs data recovery software

  • Storage media recovery
  • Easy to regain virus affected files
  • Accidental system shutdown data recovery
  • Recover the files the moments it’s scanning

Cons of EaseUS data recovery software

  • Plans prices are Expensive higher than usual
  • Not able to scan the entire disk
  • Doesn’t contain an option to recover a particular device

Wondershare recoverit

recover it data recovery software

Recoverit has been recovering people’s lost data since 2003. It is helpful to recover your lost files like images, video, and email more. Recoverit prevents your important and personal files from getting deleted. It also offers the option to recover or simply backup your future data quickly and easily. Recoverit as its name suggests is helpful to regain every lost file or data. It contains every important feature which you would need to recover your lost files. 

Features of Wondershare recoverit

  • Best for business data recovery
  • Very fast scanning and quick results
  • Loaded with advanced data regaining tools
  • The ability to scan is totally fired up

The Wondershare recoverit pro costs $35.95/month and $59.95/yearly. You would truly be assured with the service of Wondershare recoverit, and regain your lost memory files too easily. To know in detail about this software you can check this on Wondershare recoverit review.

Pros of Wondershare recoverit

  • Allows you to recover huge or big GB files
  • Wide variety of backup option
  • Repair many files at the same times
  • Great mix up of basic and advanced features

Cons of Wondershare recoverit

  • The quality of output files is not good as original
  • The scanning process freeze sometimes
  • Need to improve the safety of data

So, these are some of the best data recovery software for 2024, that will help you to recover all lost/ deleted/ formatted data.

Best data recovery Software in 2024
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