What Is Black Hat SEO, Techniques & Why You Should Avoid It?

What Is Black Hat SEO

In this tutorial, I’m going to tell you all the details related to Black Hat SEO. By the word Black Hat, you probably get an idea about what it is. Black Hat SEO is illegal or unethical. It is similar to Black Hat Hacker in Hacking who hacks illegal ways for only personal gain. Black hat SEO techniques avoid.

You will get detailed information about the followings:

  1. What is black hat SEO?
  2. How can you rank your site using black hat SEO?
  3. Its advantages & disadvantages

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is an illegal technique to rank your site. What is Black Hat SEO? and techniques to avoid it.

Before going to start the tutorial, you must have sound knowledge about the keyword. Basically, keywords are the words/phrases that you search in search in the search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


Let’s assume that you need information about something and you search in search engine. The words/phrases that you type in the search bar in the search engine is generally called Keyword.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is completely based on keywords. That is why you should use that popular keyword on your blog or website which is currently searched by a lot of people.

By doing this, the organic traffic will increase on your blog and which is quite beneficial for you. Because you are using that keyword that people are looking for in the search engine the organic traffic will definitely increase.

The keyword is most currently searched by a lot of people and if that keyword is present on your blog then obviously a lot of people will come to your blog to read it.

Benefits Of Traffic

There are many advantages to increasing your blog traffic. One of the most common advantages is that you can earn a lot of money (if you have monetized your blog). You can earn a good amount of money by displaying ads on your blog. You can grow your business, promote things, and so on.

There is a legal way to increase your traffic and it is called White Hat SEO. Most of the bloggers use this legal method (White Hat SEO) and also good for you.

I highly recommend you follow the White Hat SEO method.

How to find those legal keywords?

Now, one big question arises. How to find those legal keywords? For that, Google is providing a fantastic tool.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

You probably might have heard about the Google Keyword Planner Tool. You can type any keyword and it will tell you all the details about that keyword. Such as how many people searched for that keyword in a particular month.

The planner tool also tells you about the keyword competitions. It will tell you about how many people are currently using that keyword on their blog or website. Therefore, in common sense, the competition rises when a lot of people are using that keyword.

Note: It is easier to rank in the search engine when the keyword competition is low.

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Search Engine Ranking

When a person searches that particular keyword and if the result is shown on the first page then definitely you will get a good rank. However, it also determines the first page in which position.

These all rankings are decided by Google.

Now, how Google decides which website to give a higher rank? Which website to show on the first page as well as in the first position? Which website to give lower rank or show on the last page?

All those things depend on the basis of your website. The factors are

  1. How old your website?
  2. Is there any quality content?
  3. Backlinks in your website?

Backlinks mean how other websites are connected with your website. If a link to your website is present on other websites, then Google will understand that your website is famous. If your website does not have any backlinks then Google will assume that your website is poor.

Other people or bloggers will recommend your content by placing a link to their website. In this way, you can get the backlink. Google observes this kind of activity.

To get a single backlink is very hard (not so much). People used to get those backlinks by illegal method.

Black Hat SEO

Generally, what happens in black hat SEO is that people hack other websites and place a link on that website or blog. Assume that you have a small enterprise and you want to get your product to be sold. In the same way, you can see that there are a lot of people in this current competition. You have a new enterprise and there is another one which is very old. The demand of that old enterprise is very good.

Then what you will do is hack that website and keep backlinks on that website. Now Google will probably assume that you have a famous site since you have a link on that other famous website.

If you do this (completely illegal) Google will automatically start sending visitors to your site. There is no doubt that your site will definitely rank but it totally illegal.

Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO?Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO

  • It affects the website ranking by decrease the ranking from the search engine.
  • Due to the excess black hat practice, the website disperses from the search engine.
  • It is beneficial for the short term, not long-term basis.
  • These tactics create spammy brand value and a bad user experience.

These are the major points why you should avoid black hat SEO.

Well, this is the normal definition of Black Hat SEO. There are different ways of black hat SEO.

People used to buy a huge number of backlinks. But it is completely unethical and that is why it is so named Black Hat SEO.

Finally, you have learned about ranking in Google, keywords and their competitions, depending on competition ranking in Google is easy or hard.

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What Is Black Hat SEO, Techniques & Why You Should Avoid It?
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