How To Earn Money From Facebook Videos Live Streaming?

How To Earn Money From Facebook Videos Live Streaming

Hey Guys! Do you want to earn money on Facebook genuinely? I guess the answer will be YES. Everybody wants to know how to make money on Facebook. Who doesn’t want to make money online especially from social media?

Earn money on Facebook

You probably might have heard that Facebook is going to bring monetization facility on Videos. If you are a video creator then it will be very beneficial to you. So what are features are going to be added to it is going to be discussed in this post? How To Earn Money From Facebook Videos.

From April 2017 there will be no monetization on videos. But but but… If you do live stream and have more than 2000 fans on your page/account (profile) you are luckily eligible. It’s cool right.

But there is one condition

If you do a live stream for the first time or anytime then to put the ads (by Facebook) in your live session you should have a minimum of 300 people at a time must be watched. If it crosses the minimum user (i.e. 300 people) then you are eligible for the implementation of ads in the next live session. How amazing is that right?

Now you might be probably thinking that what kind of ads will be shown to us.

The ads will be like TV ads. The ads will be no skip-able ads. You must have to watch. The minimum length of the ads will vary from 5-20 seconds. The first ad you have to implement when you complete a minimum of 4 minutes of the live session. The subsequent adds you can put after every 5 minutes.

This system is under deployment and it is tested successfully. As per the leading newspaper of the US, it will be implemented from April.

Hmm…now coming to the most interesting part. That is PAYMENT.

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So how do you get paid and how to withdraw money from Facebook ads?

So, Facebook announced the payment will be paid in three ways: these are

1) Globally

2) Paypal

3) Wire transfer

And the most amazing part is that you need not to any Google Adsense account. You will be provided a Dashboard in your account.

The above-mentioned all the payment methods might be available for all the country. It depends from country to country.

So, guys, it’s a very amazing way to earn through Facebook. Think, realize the importance of the power of social media.

I recommend you to build a Facebook fan page if you have a blog, youtube channel. You can publish your youtube videos on Facebook too.

So start building your own Facebook fan page and tell them to like your page and make a strong community.

Hoping this article will be beneficial for you. Share this post and if you have any queries regarding this post then feel free to comment below.

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How To Earn Money From Facebook Videos Live Streaming?
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