Hola VPN Free vs Premium 2024- Which Is Better?

Hola VPN Free vs Premium

Hola VPN is an emerging VPN service provider that offers a promising VPN service to bypass geographical restrictions. Unlike other VPN service providers, Hola VPN offers virtual private network service through the peer-to-peer network.

Hola VPN offers free as well as premium service. Premium service is the paid plan of Hola VPN. But which one we should choose to use VPN service. Here we will have a detailed comparison of Hola VPN free vs Premium to see which offers the best VPN service.

Overview To Hola VPN Free And Premium Plans 2024

Features Hola VPN Free Hola VPN Premium Hola VPN Ultra
Servers 500 1000 1500
Bandwidth Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Device Connectivity 1 10 20
No-Log Policy No Yes Yes
Video Streaming Quality SD HD 4K
Best-in-class Encryption No Yes Yes
Customer Support FAQs Email Support 24/7 Email Support

However, we will compare only features and other aspects of HolaVPN free and Hola VPN Premium.

About Hola VPN

Hola VPN is an Isarial based VPN service founded by Ofer Vilenski and Derry Shribman in 2007. Both the founders designed Hola VPN to let users use the internet user without any restriction by using advanced routing technology.

Hola VPN is available for Android, ioS, Huawei, Windows, and macOS. Hola VPN has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Along with browser extensions, Hola VPN also supports Xbox, Playstation, certain consoles, routers, Apple TV, and Smart TV.

Hola VPN Plan and Price

Hola VPN offers three plans along with the free plan. Below we have outlined all the plans along with the price of the 3-year plan:

  1. Hola VPN Free: $0/Month
  2. Hola VPN Premium: $2.99/Month
  3. Hola VPN Ultra: $7.99/Month

You can also get a premium subscription with a discount of up to 80% off by using Hola VPN Coupons.

Hola VPN Free vs Premium Comparison 2024 Key Features

Hola VPN free and Hola VPN Premium has some similarities as well as the difference which we will be discussing below. Let’s have a look at the detailed comparison around of Hola VPN Premium vs Free:

Hola VPN Free Or Premium: Who Provide More Servers?

Hola VPN has worldwide availability of servers but it offers less number of servers for its free VPN plan. you get only 500 worldwide servers if you choose its free plan.

On the other side, You will be provided with around 1000 worldwide servers in the Hola VPN premium plan.

Hola VPN Premium vs Free: Compare Secure Encryption

Encryption is a method that encodes all the data that you share while using the internet into an alternative form known as ciphertext. Only authorized users can decipher a ciphertext to plaintext to get access to original data. Now VPN service providers provide encryption to users to secure their data.

As mentioned on the official website of Hola VPN, the free version doesn’t offer encryption. However, Hola VPN Premium comes with the best-in-class encryption to protect your data while using its service.

Which Has Strong No-Log Policy- Hola Free Vs Premium

These days almost all VPN service providers provide you with a no-log policy. By providing this policy they ensure that they won’t keep any online activity logs of yours so your privacy will remain unaffected.

Hola VPN free doesn’t offer you a no-log policy and Premium comes with a no-log policy that ensures your privacy. However, If you through the privacy policy of Hola VPN then you can clearly see that Hola VPN has mentioned that it does collect some information of users.

Hola VPN collects users’ information such as Browser type, visited page, time spent on a page, access date, and time. It does collect some personal details of a user such as IP Address, name,  email address, payment and billing information, and screen name. Also, it also confirms that it does share users’ data with their subsidiaries and affiliate partners.

In our opinion. Hola VPN doesn’t have a promising no-log policy as it collects the user’s data and shares it with third parties.

Compare Multiple Device Connectivity- Hola VPN Free or Premium

You get connectivity for only one device if you choose Hola VPN for free. On the other side, You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously with one account by purchasing the Hola VPN premium.

Who offers Good Video Streaming- Hola VPN Premium or Free?

Most users use a VPN to stream the OTT platform to stream movies and web series that are restricted in their region. Hola VPN also offers users to unblock the geo-restricted content but if you take Hola VPN free, You will get only SD quality to watch the video. By purchasing Hola VPN Premium, You can stream videos in HD quality.

Hola VPN Free And Premium- A Better Customer Support

Customer support is something every customer looks forward to getting help if they are stuck somewhere using the product. Hola VPN also provides you with customer support to help you while using their VPN service.

However, Hola VPN free only offers FAQs to help users and on the other side, You get E-mail support if you choose the premium version of Hola VPN.

How Hola VPN works?

As mentioned earlier, unlike other VPN service providers Hola VPN works on a peer-to-peer network and this is the first VPN service provider to use this type of network. It means Hola VPN enables you to share your bandwidth with other users. Hola VPN doesn’t actually hide your IP but it shares your IP with others and you use someone else’s IP of the country server you connected to.

Read this detailed guide Hola Free VPN Review for getting further information related to this VPN.

Is Hola VPN Safe To Use?

Hola VPN boasts to provide you with a secured VPN service but it is actually not like that. It actually doesn’t give you an anonymous identity. It just switches your IP with other Hola VPN users as it uses a peer-to-peer network to provide you VPN service. This can lead a user into deep trouble if the other user uses your IP for illegal activities. However, The Hola VPN Premium might help you securing yourself while using the VPN service.

Final Verdict: Hola VPN Free vs Premium

Hola VPN enables you to unblock geo-restricted content and let you access the internet without any interruption. Hola VPN free provides you with the basic features with limited bandwidth and Hola VPN Premium provides you premium service.

On the other side, Hola VPN Premium lets you use the Internet without any limit and allow you to connect up to 10 devices at the same time. In our opinion, Hola VPN free doesn’t provide you with a secured environment to surf the internet but the Hola VPN premium gives better security to protect your online identity and privacy.

Hola VPN Free vs Premium 2024- Which Is Better?
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