How to transfer domain to Godaddy (from other hosting providers)?

How to Transfer Domain to GoDaddy

The domain transfer is a process of changing the hosting service provider from the original registrar(might be any hosting service provider apart from Godaddy) to another registrar party. However registrant still the owner of the domain name.  A domain name transfer just a procedure of transferring your domain from one hosting provider to another. Let’s discuss how to transfer domain to GoDaddy. Transferring a domain name from the original registrar to another registrar is Not as hard as it sounds.  But it requires some of your time and a bit of technical knowledge about hosting and Cpanel. Here are the steps that are to be followed :

What are the conditions required for domain name transfer?

  • The domain name which you registered must be 60 days old.
  • An authorization transfer code which registrars call as EPP code or transfer key.
  • Admins (Your) domain contacts information has to be up to date because during the transferring process the original registrar contacts admin for Verification.

Step1: Login or signup to GoDaddy account

Login or Sigup GoDaddy account

Step2: Find the domain transfer tool on the GoDaddy website.

Find Domain Transfer Tool

Step3: Enter the domain name which you want to be transferred in the text box. And click on get started.

transfer your domain to Godaddy

Step4: You receive the Authorization Code in the email from the original registrar. Enter it in the Get authorize code and click continue.

Get authorization code

These steps complete the domain transfer purchase. Further, confirm the domain transfer by following these steps:

Step1: Login to your Godaddy account and click on admin.

Login or Sigup GoDaddy account

Step2: Visit my account.

Visit my account

Step3: In the Domain, section click Manage.

manage domain

Step4: In the main menu select domain then select in the sub-menu transfer.

DOmain select transfer

Step5: Processing transfer status will show on display for the domain you have applied transfer for.

Processing transfer domain

The processing transfer takes from 3 to 7 days normally. After that, your domain name transfer is done.  Now you can set up your domain in your Godaddy hosting as per your preference. 

How to transfer domain to Godaddy (from other hosting providers)?
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