HP vs Dell – Which Brand Is Better In 2022?

HP vs Dell

HP and Dell are the two most popular laptop brands. In recent years, both of these laptop companies have consistently created some well-designed machines that you can buy. Therefore, it is understandable if you’re looking to buy a new laptop and are having problems choosing between these two well-known, highly-rated brands.

However, many people have used these brands for many years. But if you’re looking to purchase a Dell vs HP laptop, which is going to be the best option for you?

Here, we’ll be going through a brief comparison of Dell vs HP with different aspects.

So, in the end, here is one question that arises, HP vs Dell desktop which is better? First, of all, let’s start with a quick overview of Dell vs HP laptops.

Dell Vs HP An Overview

Before heading towards the detailed comparison of both of these laptop brands, let’s first have a look at the background:

History Of HP

Hewlett Packard popular called HP is a company that provides technology solutions for consumers, businesses, and all forms of institutions throughout the world. This company is one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world. It is offered in the computer area including hardware, ranging from palmtops to personal computers to supercomputers, software, network products, printers, scanners, and support & maintenance services. In 1998, HP received 84 percent of its income from its computer sector.

In 1996, HP entered the computer industry with the HP 2100 Hewlett Packard computer. It was made to control HP’s extensive range of test & measurement instruments.

HP – Pros & Cons

Here are the basic benefits and limitations of HP that help you to use it wisely. We have discussed these two aspects one by one in the next section:

Pros of HP

  • Well-constructed
  • HP products are famous for their sturdy built quality. Reliable and strong laptops are available at almost all price points. HP is a reliable brand that has built its name on quality.
  • Cost
  • HP computers provide options for both the high-end market and those on a budget. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your new computer, then the HP is the right one. They have different models and prices that are in accordance with any budget range.
  • Accessibility
  • HP has grown into brands around the world as a result of history, durability, price points, and other benefits. His global presence makes it easy to find an HP laptop, and if you need to fix it, it also makes it simpler to get a replacement component. 
  • Well-Built
  • Computers from HP are built from solid construction. You can get a reliable and strong computer in almost any price range. HP is a trusted brand that has built its reputation for quality.
  • Security
  • HP computers are designed with the most recent technology for privacy protection & it keeps your data safe & secure. Encryption is used to secure data on your device or cloud. 

They also include HP Sure Start, HP Sure Run, HP Sure Recover, HP Sure Click, and HP Sure View for the best security.

Cons of HP

  • Efficiency
  • Although the price of laptops on the market is significantly greater, laptop performance is below standard. This laptop has many extra capabilities that are only useful for professional use & not for regular use. A user must have to remove and re-install the software in order to utilize it again smoothly. 
  • Sensitivity
  • HP computers have problems with sensitivity on their touch screen. As a result, if you can use your fingers to move icons or scroll content, the screen will not record that seems intentional and lose responsiveness when typing. 
  • Battery
  • The battery installed on the laptop can also be demanded because it’s not permanent and thus must be treated carefully. In addition, many users are accustomed to turning on a laptop and stationary PC, which is the main source of battery damage.
  • Slower Processor
  • The most basic HP laptop only has a core i3 processor, which can slow down its performance during multitasking.

History Of Dell

Dell Technologies is one of the leading PC suppliers in the world. The company operates through three segments: Infrastructure Solutions Groups (ISG), Client Solution Groups (CSG), and VMware.

In 1985, the company released a Turbo PC, the first computer that featured Dell’s own design. Founded on the premise to make and sell PCs made specifically to consumers, the company initially sells its products through advertising and a catalog of letter orders.

The company has a business presence throughout America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Dell has a central office in Round Rock, Texas, USA.

Dell – Pros & Cons

These are the important pros and cons of Dell that one should definitely know. In the next section of this guide, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Dell in detail.

Pros of Dell

  • Budget-friendly
  • Dell computers are famous for their low prices and their market reach. Whether you need a basic computer, medium level, or upper class, you can find something in the Dell product ranks. Whether you’re looking for a Budget laptop, Business, or Game Model, Dell has everything. Dell has a model in every price range that suits consumer needs.
  • Technical Support
  • Dell offers a variety of online technical support options to help you find the solution uou need. Dell has direct chat, email, or telephone services available for customers who are looking for help with their laptop issues.
  • Innovation
  • Dell is considered a laptop brand that is advanced and consistently pushes their products to the next level. Dell continues to follow technology and produce quality products for its customers.

Their laptop collection is very difficult to count and most of their notebooks have all the latest features discussed including touch screens, keyboard backlit, strong processor, and durable batteries.

  • Customized
  • Dell laptops are tailored to the needs of the buyer. When it comes to attacking the proper configuration balance, Dell’s laptop stands on its competitors. Configuration balance helps users continue to use laptops without issues.

Cons of Dell

  • Display Screens
  • Computer users spend more time in front of their screens. Unfortunately, too much time can harm their vision unless the screen is equipped with a coat that protects the eyes that emit less blue light. Along with display quality features as well as the size of the display is also kept in mind when you’re searching for HP vs Dell.

The Dell XPS model has a beautiful appearance and is justice in image quality, but their standard laptop screen doesn’t match the sign.

  • Battery Life
  • The amount of work & life that depends on a laptop requires a stable and reliable power supply. While Dell has an extraordinary battery life for its upper-class range, such as Dell Latitude, which has a 16 to 18 hours battery life, many Dells have poor battery life compared to other manufacturing devices. In pursuing lower costs, Dell users lower quality batteries for some of its laptops.
  • Design & Build Quality
  • With his pressure having the lowest price in all ranges of products, Dell finally compromised a little on the build quality. Low-end products usually use plastic builds rather than metal ones.

Thick laptops can also put pressure on your shoulders, arms, and backs if you need to carry them often.

HP Vs Dell – Which Is A Better Laptop?

When you go to the market to buy a new laptop, you can see many options to choose from. Among them, the two demanded brands are- HP and Dell laptops. From their early years, both of them have become large competitors. Both of these are established and provide the best quality products for their customers. So, generally creates confusion for customers about which laptops they ought to purchase- Dell Vs HP.

When buying a laptop, there are a number of things that customers must remember and choose laptops according to their needs, so they don’t regret their decision later. Things to remember someone buying a laptop are specifications, durability, maintenance, price processor, RAM, design, customer support, and more.

HP Vs Dell – Performance

HP’s performance is considered better than Dell because for the following reasons:

HP Vs Dell - Performance
  • HP laptops are designed by remembering that a laptop is a device that is fully oriented to entertainment.
  • HP laptops contain a number of features that Dell laptops don’t have for the same budget.
  • HP doesn’t do pre-installed complementary software.
  • HP laptop has a better backup & life than its Dell counterpart.

But if you talk about performance without sacrificing quality, the Dell laptops easily beats the HP laptop. Although, you might finally pay a little more, every extra penny will be worth it. As a result, while cell phones produce some of the best laptops, they also have some of the worst.


Both HP vs Dell uses a thin LED touch and non-touch display that covers most screen bezels, which make their laptops look slim d high-tech. Their screen is generally crispy and bright, although only certain models can display high dynamic range content (HDR). Dell vs HP offer HD and 4K displays, as well as touch screens on their 2-in-1 convertible models. Dell uses Corning Gorilla Glass and promises 100% Adobe RGB color accuracy.


Every Dell vs HP laptops that we review comes with at least 8 GB of memory. Dell offers an increase in factory memory to 32 GB on XPS 13 and XPS 13 2-in-1, while HP only offers up to 16 GB at IRI X360 and Spector X360. Memory in XPS 13 2-in-1 can’t be increased by customers. XPS 17 comes up to 64 GB and can be increased.


Dell’s laptop price is proportional to other manufacturers. Namely, the company provides a variety of products at various prices. However, most of them are affordable. So, if you have a limited budget, Dell is the best choice. 

Also, Dell is one of the companies that allow you to design your laptop and personalize its specifications. If you need high performance at a time of video editing, so you can go with the best laptop for video editing under $500 to get great performance at a reasonable price.

Usually, HP laptops are more pricey than competitor models. However, there is a reason for this. First, customers must pay for the use of components and materials that are more expensive than HP. In addition, HP laptops can only be purchased through official shops and you can say that HP laptops all-in-one. As a result, they can’t be purchased on the company’s website.

HP Vs Dell – Processor

HP Vs Dell - Processor

Dell Vs HP laptops use Intel and AMD processors, depending on the model. All Dell and HP laptops in our ranking use the Intel Core i5 or Core i7 11th generation, the best of which can reach peak speeds of more than 4.0 GHz. All are multicore processors, and some EVO-certified intelligence models reduce battery life and provide a more consistent performance when the laptop uses batteries versus AC power. AMD Ryzen 5 Ryzen 7 processors offer the same performance.


Dell is a good choice for individuals who are looking for long-lasting laptops. Most Dells laptops come with a comprehensive warranty along with excellent customer support, but this is usually not necessary for most users.

On the other hand, HP gets some concerns about durability. There are several online reports from people who buy an HP laptop and make it jam in the first or two years. However, most customers are satisfied with Hewlett Packard laptops for daily use.


Battery life is one of the important features of a laptop that needs to be considered when searching for HP vs Dell laptops. If you need a portable laptop, then checking the battery range is the most important.

  • HP laptop battery capacity is more than a Dell laptop.
  • Dell’s laptop holds a 4-cells battery on its engine whose life span is great but you have to fill it quite often.
  • HP laptops use 4-cell batteries and 6-cells on their reliable engine.
  • HP laptops barries can work efficiently from 6 hours to 12 hours.

So, if you’re looking for a laptop with a better backup, then from the HP vs Dell battery life, the HP laptop is the best choice.


One of the most important elements in the comparison of Dell vs HP is innovation, and Dell leads in this category. They continue to work on new technology and design concepts for their laptops. In addition, Dell continues to improve its products, trying to make each model better and faster than before. To achieve extra performance, they increase their specifications and software.

Meanwhile, the HP brand remains the leader in hardware development, and the company continues to produce unique and attractive products. HP is famous for its breakthrough in laptops, desktop computers, scanners & printers. Although HP doesn’t devote its innovative efforts to developing a notebook, the latest laptop has advanced features.


Dell’s laptop pays attention to ventilation to ensure that the laptop is not too hot. HP laptop, on the other hand, heat is much faster than before. The cooling fan is usually not needed with a Dell computer. However, it is always needed with HP laptops.

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In the comparison of Dell vs HP desktops, we see that Dell is the way to go if you need an affordable but reliable laptop. Their laptops are often cheaper, but the quality is still very good. Also, if you want a laptop game or a business laptop, use this brand. So, you can say that from HP vs Dell laptop reliability is Dell.

So, when you to go the market to buy a laptop, always look for a laptop that can meet your best need and can fall under your budget without reducing quality.

Frequently Asked Questions- HP vs Dell

Some of the top queries of users related to Dell Vs HP:

Is HP better or Dell better?

Dell laptops have advantages when coming to components such as CPUs and money capacity. If we compare the HP computer with the same features, Dell CPU is faster and of higher quality. However, HP continues to produce long-lasting devices, which indicates that they will have a better battery.

How long does an HP laptop last?

The estimated age of the average HP laptop is between 5 and 6 years when it comes to high-class devices. However, a budget-friendly and cheap HP model lasts an average of 3 to 4 years. This laptop will last longer than expected if you can handle HP devices with proper maintenance.

Is HP better than Lenovo?

Both brands offer large grades for your money and offer extraordinary and quality laptops, but basically, Lenovo laptops are much cheaper, lighter, and look elegant. However, if money is not a problem, the HP game laptop is almost impossible to defeat.

HP vs Dell – Which Brand Is Better In 2022?
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