Benefits Of Using VPN On Public Wifi – Why You Should Use A VPN On Public WiFi?

benefits of using VPN on public wifi

In today’s time, we humans are constantly moving from one place to another. We need to travel for work, to meet friends, to shop, etc. And in all this, we somehow start using the Public Wifi connections.

Public Internet Connections are being set up in public areas mainly by the government for providing free internet access to its citizens. Apart from this, you may also find public internet connections at airports, restaurants, clubs, etc. These networks are established by the governing body or owners of that here.

Public Wifi connections are free to use, but are they safe? Through this article, we will tell you the benefits of using VPN on public Wifi 2021. We will also check does a VPN protect you on a public Network. But before that, let’s know what are the threats linked to the use of public Wifi connections.

Why Public Wifi Is Dangerous?

public wifi threats

Public Internet connections are offered for the convenience of the public and are freely available. But such connections are usually not secure. And the absence of online security directly leads to loss of privacy and important information. Here, we are going to know why public Wifi is not safe:

  • Unencrypted Public Wi-Fi: With advanced technologies, computer malware is increasingly becoming stronger and harmful. Countering these malware requires updated anti-malware and updated standards of data encryption. These costs a lot of money. This is not economically viable for most public Wi-Fi providers. So, they do not invest in securing their free internet offerings. This makes public Wi-Fi potentially dangerous
  • Man In The Middle Attacks: Validating a Wi-Fi with its name is not possible. This allows for the creation of fake Wi-Fi or hotspots by hackers. Once a fake Wi-Fi is joined, the hacker can do cybercrimes. Hackers can do man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. They can come in the middle of all internet communications. They can also intercept the communications to their advantage.
  • Packet Sniffing: Also, hackers can do packet sniffing. Packet sniffing is the recording of data exchanges that happen between you and the internet provider. All these can cause an increased risk of private data loss, and much more.

So, these are the potential threats linked to the use of public Wi-Fi networks. All these can lead to serious cybercrimes. In the further pars, we have mentioned the benefits of using VPN on Public Wifi or why you should use a VPN on Public Wifi.

Benefits Of Using VPN On Public WiFi

publich wifi vpn features

Does a VPN protect you on a public Network? This is one of the questions that most users ask. Well yes, using a VPN protects you over a public connection. There are a lot more reasons why should I use VPN on public Wifi. The major ones out of them are:

  • Provides Anonymity: The very first advantage of using VPN on Public Wifi is that it will make you anonymous. Hackers will still know that you are there. But they will not know who you are, what you are doing on the internet, where you are located, etc.
  • Encrypted Data: Once you are connected to a VPN all your data routed through an encrypted tunnel. This tunnel converts both the incoming and outgoing data into gibberish. Somehow, if a hacker even gets access to your traffic, he won’t be able to understand all this data.
  • Restricts Wifi Provider From Snooping: Using a VPN will also restrict the Wifi provider from watching your activities. Also, the public Wi-Fi provider will not be able to create a link between your browsing history and you. They will link the browsing history with an IP address assigned to you by your VPN client, but not with you.
  • DNS Leakage Prevention: There are also chances of leakage of DNS. In that scenario, you can try using some of the best VPNs available in the market.  These VPN providers offer a smart feature called Internet Kill Switch. This switch turns off traffic between user and internet until VPN connection is again established. This can prevent your DNS from leakage.

These are the major benefits of using VPN on Public Wifi. Using a VPN will surely help you in protecting your identity while using any kind of public network. Moreover, you can torrent safely by using a VPN even while on a public Wi-Fi network. 

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The Bottom Line: Benefits Of Using VPN On Public Wifi

Security is a very important factor yet many people neglect it. As you secure yourself online with a VPN, you gain better control over your data. You protect it from hackers, authorities, and internet providers. Additionally, you should be vigilant of any suspicious behavior apart from following some simple practices. Examples of good practices are turning off automatic Wi-Fi connectivity, turning off file sharing, and connecting to Wi-Fi with the exact name.

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Benefits Of Using VPN On Public Wifi – Why You Should Use A VPN On Public WiFi?
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