CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare – Which Is Better PC Cleaner?

CCleaner vs advanced systemcare difference

There is numerous device-optimizing tools available in the market, out of them to major ones are IObit Advanced SystemCare and CCleaner. Both of these tools are equipped with features that can boost the performance of a device to a great extent. So, choosing either CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare can be a tricky task for anyone.

Here, we are going to do a detailed comparison of these two PC tuneup software for finding which one can be a better buy.

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CCleaner or Advanced Systemcare: Overview

CCleaner is a very popular device optimizing software and was founded by Piriform. Later on, Piriform was acquired by Avast in 2017. Whereas, Advanced SystemCare is a product of IObit which is popular for its antimalware software. It was founded in 2004.

Features of Advanced SystemCare and CCleaner

CCleaner vs advanced systemcare features

Both CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare offers some amazing features for improving PC health. These features are:

Features of Advanced SystemCare:

IObit Advanced SystemCare comes with some amazing features for enhancing PC performance like:

  1. Removing junk and unnecessary files for optimizing PC.
  2. Cleaning of the Registry with AI technology.
  3. One-click disk error resolution plus defragmentation of disks.
  4. Monitoring PC heath in real-time.
  5. Clearing and optimizing unused RAM.
  6. Auto-updating of software and programs.
  7. Boosting both PC and internet speed.

Besides this, it also provides features like spyware removal, removing malicious programs, blocking suspicious traffic, enabled antivirus and firewall, etc. for maintaining the privacy of a user  

Features of CCleaner:

CCleaner also provides lots of amazing features for improving PC health like:

  1. Real-time health monitoring and optimizing.
  2. Improved system speed.
  3. One-click software updating.
  4. Scheduled cleaning.
  5. Defragmentation of disks and cleaning cluttered registries.

Apart from improving PC health, CCleaner also provides a tool that can be used for recovering the lost data. Although, unlike IObit Advanced SystemCare, CCleaner doesn’t provide many features for privacy.

Comparison of CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare

Compare CCleaner vs advanced systemcare

Now, for finding which is better between CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare, we are going to compare them on the basis of several major aspects.


The UI of both these software is nice. IObit Advanced SystemCare comes with an attractive-looking interface having all the major tools on the top bar of the main dashboard. It is also very easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. The interface of CCleaner is also quite good having all the essential tools on the sidebar.

Although, in terms of looks, CCleaner seems to be a bit ordinary in comparison to Advanced SystemCare.


In terms of performance, you will find this software stood beside each other. Both of them are capable of improving the performance of your device. They can also be used thoroughly used in the background without impacting the device’s performance.

Although Advanced SystemCare is one step ahead of CCleaner as it works with AI and has a turbo-boosting feature for better optimization. Additionally, the deep scanning mode of Advanced SystemCare is time efficient in comparison to the deep scanning mode of the CCleaner.

In Apps ads

No one wants to watch third-party apps, especially when you have paid for a service. But, both CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare advertise third-party products on their web app which seems to be annoying. 

Although, the best part about CCleaner is that it provides you an option to disable these ads, whereas Advanced SystemCare lacks this option. This means if you are using Advanced SystemCare then you are bound to watch these ads.

Devices Supported

CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare, both the software can be used in a maximum of 3 devices simultaneously with one subscription. Although Advanced SystemCare is only available for Windows devices whereas CCleaner can be used on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices.

User Support

Both the platforms don’t offer any live support to their users.

With CCleaner, you are supplied with some video and written documents for solving queries. And the only way to get in touch with their support staff is through ticket-based support. 

The user-supported of IObit is rated higher than CCleaner and allows you to get in touch with them through mails. Besides this, you can also refer to their FAQs and forums for solving most of the queries.

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Advanced SystemCare vs CCleaner: Free version

Both this software are also available in the free version named Advanced SystemCare Free and CCleaner Free. Both of these software provides you an option to improve your device health to great extent. Although, the Advanced SystemCare Free is rated higher than the CCleaner free because it provides some additional features like real-time monitoring, spyware removal, enabled firewall, mobile testing, and antivirus, etc.

Advanced SystemCare or CCleaner, Which is price efficient?

The CCleaner free comes with two paid plans and these are: 

  1. CCleaner Professional: This plan is listed at a price of $19.95 and provides features like system optimization, health check, auto-updating, real-time monitoring, etc.
  2. CCleaner Professional Bundle: This plan includes all the features of the former one. Additionally, it includes Disk defragmentation, file recovery, hardware inventory. The price of this plan is $34.95.

So, these were the plans offered by CCleaner. Advanced SystemCare offers only one paid plan having all the above-mentioned features. The starting pricing of that plan is just $19.99.

CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare: Which one is better to choose?

From this comparison between Advanced SystemCare vs CCleaner, we can elaborate that this software is great for improving the performance of a device. Both offer amazing features and also helps in maintaining privacy. 

But it is better to choose Advanced SystemCare as in some aspects it stood ahead of CCleaner. However, SystemCare only supports Windows, so if are looking for software for multiple OSes then you should go for CCleaner.

CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare – Which Is Better PC Cleaner?
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