CCleaner Vs Avast Cleanup 2024 – Which PC Optimizer Is Better?

ccleaner vs Avast cleanup

It is noticeable that most of the devices begin to perform slowly because of the junk stored in the device and the cluttering of the disk. To abandon this problem, you may require device optimization software. Two of the most prominent device cleaners available in the market are Ccleaner and Avast cleanup. In this article, we will compare CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup on the basis of their basic features, performance, pricing, etc.

Introduction to CCleaner Vs Avast Cleanup

Ccleaner is the well-known device optimizing software developed by Piriform. This software contains some powerful tools that can help to improve the health of your device. It is safe software and is used by numerous users. There are various advantages of using this software, one of them is their capability to fix the error in your device in a short time. As a result, it will boost the speed of your device and hinder more errors from happening. It will clean out all kinds of errors from your device including cookies, caches along with corrupted files.

Avast Cleanup is one of the leading and among most rated as one of the great virus protection software. It is also considered as a prominent alternative to CCleaner. This software is extremely useful in eliminating viruses from the device. It is an outstanding program that can smoothly repair common issues that occur in your device. Avast Cleanup has various features including scanning options that instantly identify problems on your device and also fix them to improve the performance of your system. 

Here we will differentiate between Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner by discussing their various aspects. We will also try to find which one out of them is better.

Comparison Of CCleaner Vs Avast Cleanup Features

Avast Cleanup vs ccleaner features

Let’s discuss some of the best features of Avast Cleanup and Ccleaner to find which out of them is better:


In terms of cleaning, you will find both Avast Cleanup and CCleaner stood beside each other. Avast Cleanup consists of plenty of advanced features that will merely take 15 minutes for scanning and identifying the problems in your device and resolving them. Likewise, Ccleaner also has a bunch of tools that can improve the performance of your device. It scans various sections of your device and resolves the issues if it finds any.

Eliminates Bloatware

Avast Cleanup has proven a very useful and convenient tool in deleting unused apps. This tool lists all the unused apps and allows you to select and remove the unused apps with a single click. Ccleaner also supports bloatware removal. As this is an advanced tool, it finds out the third-party trial apps and removes them from your device. In terms of bloatware removal,  it is discovered that Avast has an edge over the CCleaner because Avast also can remove preinstalled apps in just one click.

Defragmentation Of Hard Drives And Registry Optimization

Disk defragmentation is one of the major reasons for the slow down of a device. You can find some tools in your device for getting basic protection from this problem.  Though for entirely resolving this query, you may need an external tool. Avast has a defragment tool that helps organize the files and clear some unnecessary space. Besides, it also offers a tool for optimizing registries. Though its registry cleaner is not considered that secure.

When it comes to the CCleaner, it does not provide any tool for disk defragmenting with its basic version. Though, in its premium version,  it offers you a tool called Defraggler that can clean the hard drives for you. In terms of cleaning registries, it is far better than Avast Cleanup premium.

So, both CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup is capable of defragging hard disks. Though in terms of optimizing registries, CCleaner provides to be better than Avast Cleanup.

Automatic Updates

In Avast Cleanup, the system automatically upgrades the app to the available latest version as well as it also automatically eliminates junk files, broken shortcuts, etc at regular intervals. You can also find the same kinds of features with the CCleaner. So, both Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner are capable of automatically maintaining the performance of your device.

Supported Devices & Concurrent Connections

Both CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup supports multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. You can use Avast Cleanup on up to 10 devices simultaneously with a single subscription. Whereas CCleaner limits your usage up to 3 devices only.

User Support And Money Back Guarantee

All the mainline Avast products are supported by 24/7 tickets. Moreover, you can also check out their FAQs category to solve the queries. All its plans are also supported with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CCleaner also doesn’t provide voice support as well as it does not have any ticket or email support. FAQs are the only way to solve queries. Its plans are also backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing And Money-Back Policy

In terms of pricing, there is a vast difference between Avast and Ccleaner. For a single-user license, Avast Cleanup will cost you around $29.99 whereas Ccleaner will cost you just $19.99 for the same plan. Also, if you buy CCleaner through the Black Friday sale CCleaner, you can also save huge bucks on it.

For Multi-users Ccleaner it will be priced at $34.95 for 3 user licenses whereas Avast Cleanup will cost you $34.99 for 10 licenses.

Wrapping Up: CCleaner Vs Avast Cleanup Premium

Above we have discussed the main difference between Ccleaner and Avast Cleanup. Across this, it is clear that both Avast Cleanup and Ccleaner are capable of improving your device. Both of them are also completely safe to use. So, you can go with any one of them without any worry. Though if you want the software to use on multiple devices then it is worth choosing Avast Cleanup Premium.

CCleaner Vs Avast Cleanup 2024 – Which PC Optimizer Is Better?
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