Is Clip Studio Paint Good for Animation?

Clip Studio Good for Animation

Most of us heard about CSP because it is an industry-leading software for digital drawing and painting. However, various animation software programs are available on the internet that puzzles the customer when choosing the best suitable digital art software for them. 

Clip Studio Paint is one of the best animation software that comes with a bundle of multiple features and tools that enhance our art skills. But is Clip Studio Paint good for animation? How To use Clip Studio Paint for animation? How much is Clip Studio Paint animation? Let’s find out the answer to these questions.

About Clip Studio Paint Animation Tips

Celsys is a Japanese software development company that developed Clip Studio Paint and was released initially in 2001. Initially, it was known as a Comic studio in Western markets but later the company rebranded the software and introduced it as CSP or manga studio. Now, it is considered one of the best comic software.

This digital art software supports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Galaxy, and Chromebook devices. In this whole article, you will get many hidden CSP tips and tricks. 

Is Clip Studio Paint Is Good For Animation- Which Version Is Better?

Clip Studio Paint offers two versions that you can use for different purposes. The two programs are Clip Studio Paint Pro and Clip Studio Paint Ex.

Clip Studio Paint Pro enables its users to create Character art, Concept art, and illustration with its amazing features and tool. Many artists want to know what arr the clip studio paint pro animation limits for making professional artwork. 

On the other hand, Clip Studio Paint Ex comes with a bundle of effective yet easy-to-use tools and features to create Manga & comics, and many other options.

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Clip Studio Paint Ex Animation Tips

We will be limited to discussing the CSP Ex to check if CSP is good enough to create animation videos. We have below outlined some of the best features of CSP Ex that will help you make attractive video content:

  • Interface: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, You will find the interface of Clip Studio Paint is easy to learn and handle. Its simple timeline interface lets you rearrange or adjust the speed of your video cels.
Clip Studio Paint Vector Lines
  • Vector Lines: With the help of Clip Studio Paint Ex, You can use any pen and brush to draw animation and storyboards on vector layers. To get the perfect work done, you can resize and edit your work without compromising the actual quality. 
  • Smart Fill: This smart fill tool is smart enough to smartly assists you to fill the line art with small gaps and small unfilled areas.
Clip Studio Paint Camerawork
  • Camerawork: With the Ex version of Clip Studio, you can combine frame-by-frame animation to create dynamic scenes. Also, while editing you can turn on the camera view to check the camera movement.
  • Audio: Clip studio paint supports 8-bit and 16-bit uncompressed Wav, MP3, and Ogg files that you can import to add music, sound effects, and dialogues in your animation videos. 

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How Much Is Clip Studio Paint Ex Animation?

Clip Studio Paint EX is the advanced version of this software that provides you with advanced features to create manga, comics, and animating your artwork. You can purchase this software for $219 which is its one-time purchase fee.

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Clip Studio Paint Ex vs Debut

The main difference between Clip Studio Paint and Debut is their features. As discussed earlier, Ex comes with all the advanced features for animation, manga, and comic creating. Whereas, Clip Studio Paint Debut is the most basic version of Clip Studio. Similar to other versions, Debut is also a customizable software that lets you change the shortcut palette positions and even the window color.

By using Clip Studio Paint Ex, You can create everything from Short to GIFs to full-length animated videos. On the other hand, Clip Studio Paint Debut offers short creations and animated illustrations.

Is Clip Studio Paint Pro Good For Animation?

As mentioned earlier that CSP Ex has much better options compared to Pro versions. Still, if you prefer to having this then you have to experience some clip studio paint pro animation limits which include only a 24 frame by frame option.  Thus, if you only want to do some minor videos then go got the CSP pro version. This will help you in saving a huge amount of your.

Does Clip Studio Paint Free?

No, None of the versions of Clip Studio is free but it offers a free trial for up to 6 months to users. The free trial periods depend on the device you will be using for use of this software. For Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Chromebook, you will get up to a 3-month free trial. Galaxy users can get up to a 6-month free trial of this one of the best digital art software.

Using a free tail of this program is a great option to see if you really need its paid version or does it full all your requirements. There are many Clip Studio Paint Alternatives present in the market. You can also give them a try.

Conclusion: Is Clip Studio Paint Good For Animation?

In our opinion, Clip Studio Paint is one of the best software for digital painting and drawing. If tools give you a natural feeling while using them. Since it is developed to create Comics and manga art, you can try these different art types as well. It comes with all the required features to create a video.


Which Is Better Clip Studio Paint Pro Or Ex?

CSP Ex is much better than CSP Pro. In Ex, you have multiple options to modify your animations by using various vector tools and brushes. In the Pro version, you are restricted with some limited features for creating your art piece.

Which Version Of Clip Studio Paint Is The Best?

Our recommendation is to go with the Clip Studio Paint Pro version. It is the best option for all beginners who are just starting their careers from scratch.
Is Clip Studio Paint A Monthly Payment?
Yes. the company offers an excellent option for a one-time payment to their customers. You can also check their free trial versions that are available for three to six months depending on your active devices Windows, Android, and Mac.
Is Clip Studio Paint Good for Animation?
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